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[Afterpay] AOC Q27G2S 27" 1440p IPS 155hz 1ms Freesync Premium Monitor $319.20 Delivered + $50 Steam Code @ gg.tech365 eBay


Original Coupon Deal

I know there have been a flood of monitor deals today, but this seems like another good one.

Decent alternative to the Dell S2721DGF with pretty similar specs and priced 20% lower than the all-time low for the Dell, plus says it eligible for a $50 Steam code - details here.

For those that don't know, you can use giftcards after selecting Afterpay and still get the promo price, so load up through your preferred supplier.

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • What are benefits of freesync?

    • Lack of tearing when within the VRR range. Also Freesync Premium guarantees Low Frame Rate compensation.

  • no usb hub, damn

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    This or Alienware 25" 240hz for $349?

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    Just for reference you can't redeem the $50 gift card anymore because the promotion ended in Feb. Might want to remove that from the title. Either way this is a really good price

    • +2

      Promotion starts from 13 Mar 2021 to 10 Apr 2021. Complete the claim by 18 Apr 2021.

      (from the AOC promo page linked in the OP)

      Haven't redeemed anything personally, but the top of the page suggests otherwise. I think there was an old promo which expired and they have started another one.

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        oh? wow that's my bad, i didn't check the link that you sent and i checked the one on the product page. that makes this an absolute bargain then! i might pick one up!

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    Wow could have saved 50 on the dell, but this is even more amazing.

  • What about this model , eligible for the steam code as well? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611421

    • +1

      I guess so, but may depend on supplier? Given this one shows it in the pics and says they are an 'authorised dealer' to me gives a bit more confidence in getting it.

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    Bruh I bought this monitor for like $430 earlier I hate life 😭😭

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    Just sign up Afterpay to buy this deal. Thanks OP

  • Where are people getting the discount eBay gift cards?! lol

    • Cashrewards and Shopback (CR is only 1.5% atm though, Shopback still 5%).

      • Thanks I’ll check it out. :)

      • Looks like ShopBack is 3% :(

        • +1

          It’s 5% you need to get the swap gift card and swap for eBay

  • Nice find!

  • +5

    Was checking up on 1440p monitors for my 3070 gaming x Trio so many great deals but pulled the trigger on this one.
    It uses the famous LG Nano IPS panel like Dell and is slightly better than Dell at 170 Hz for $375.
    plus its eligible for $100 Steam code instead of $50 so there's that.

    • +1

      Thanks! bought one 🀬.. don't need one.

      • LoL This is the Way!!!

    • +1

      nano-IPS and the USB hub for a fiddy more? Damn, sounds good to me!

      Edit: Gah, out of stock! :(

    • And it got OZB'd!!!! OOS HAHA

    • +1

      All gone πŸ˜”

      • +2

        Scoptec still has this for $515 so after the discount, it's around $412, which in combination with the steam gift card still makes this a deal, especially when it's retailing for 469 right now.

    • Saw this on the 18th and was surprised it was still in stock. Nice find!

  • What is the actual cost of using Afterpay?

    • Sorry not sure, I don't have Afterpay. As noted in the OP, you can just select it and then enter gift cards for the whole amount and should still work.

    • +1

      I've used it a few times in the past but not super recently. I believe it's still the same.

      You don't pay any fees or interest at all, unless you're late to make a payment. They automatically take payment (every two weeks?), so the only way you could get in trouble is if there's insufficient funds in your card/account. They need to make money somehow, and it's through penalties for late payment.

  • Any advice on whether to buy this or the one from Gigabyte https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611206 ?

    • Do you like curved screens?

      • There is a flat IPS one as well which is more comparable, but is $350 with discount.

      • I'm good with anything really. Just looking for a 1440P high refresh rate monitor for gaming.

  • good monitor, I bought this one for $350 through a back order from PLE late last year and quite happy with the value for money this monitor provides.

  • I've bought 5 monitors in the last few months. Tempted to buy another one…

    • You creating a new NASA launch centre?

      • You can NEVER have too many monitors!

      • +1

        Haha. Updating monitors around the house which were last purchased 10 years ago.

  • Double post.

  • +1

    Not quite as good as the DELL it seems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWJbyggbFmo
    Response times are must better on the DELL, but the Contrast is better on the AOC.

    • That is a curved VA monitor, so bit different. Depends on personal preferences, but generally IPS is preferred.

      Also that is a factory second.

  • has anyone received shipping confirmation yet?

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