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[Afterpay] iPhone 12 Pro 128GB $1395.99 | iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB $1549.99 Shipped @ Mobileciti eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Biggest discount I've seen on iPhone 12 Pro's and Pro Max's. Maxes out the $300 limit of the 20% coupon on all models.

12 Pro from $1395.99 Delivered Link

12 Pro Max from $1549.99 Delivered Link

Mix of capacities and colours currently available.

Further discounts using discounted GC's

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • +1

    didnt work for me.
    I only got the paypal and credit card option.
    Maybe it is because I have used the Afterpay option on 2 other orders already?

    • You should be able to use the coupon for 5 transactions

      • Yeh added the Dell monitor and that worked.
        The iPhone 12 Pro Max doesn’t work.

        • Check a different listing from this seller.

          • @Mi2: I think it is because I tried the 256GB one. And the amount as over $2000?

            • @congo: It can be. But this happened for an $70 item when I was about to purchase it.

  • +2

    I just checked the Afterpay info and saw this:

    Excluded categories
    These are the eBay categories where Afterpay isn't available:

    Phones & Accessories
    Mobile Phones

    …so has anyone been able to get 20% off the price of an iPhone 12 Pro using this coupon?

    • +1

      Works for me…

      • thanks for the confirmation :)

      • Worked for me also on iPhone 12 Pro Max!

        • Are you an eBay Plus member by any chance?
          Trying to figure out why it isn't working for my account.

          • @DoctorCalculon: yeah, I am with Plus.
            the coupon worked for me, but then I was not able to complete the purchase because my Afterpay limit was too low.
            I signed up to Afterpay just to take advantage of this deal, but no luck for me here. I only want to make the payments using the Amex Essential card, because it has free screen insurance.

            • @picogary:

              Afterpay limit was too low

              Is this limit configured by Afterpay based on your credit rating?

              • @DoctorCalculon: I was pretty sure my credit is good… I think it is just the default from Afterpay, the support docs say it could be determined by the store you are buying from setting their own limits. Comments here also state that continually using Afterpay bumps your limit up.
                That doesn’t help much for now though!

                • @picogary: I'm plus member and has same issue that mobile is an excluded category. I did purchase a laptop earlier in the days with after pay.

      • -1

        How? I see no Afterpay option for me

      • It works for you since you are buying the 12 Pro.
        You will see that it does not work for 12 Pro Max since the original price is > $2K.

    • +1

      Listed in category: Computers/Tablets & Networking>Laptops & Netbooks>PC Laptops & Netbooks

  • +1

    Yes I actually just posted this ad in the comments here : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611160. I managed to purchase the 256gb iPhone Pro for $1565.

  • Dosent work now they probably changed it?
    edit. the code works thanks OP

    • Still works on my account

  • +1

    Wow that’s crazy

  • Maybe everyone has different afterpay limit? I just register today and my ad say my limit is only $600

    • Use discounted gift cards instead

    • It goes up with use. Mine is $1700 at the moment. Don’t know what the max is.

      • Make sense, that’s probably why I can’t see the after pay option for this but can see on other smaller purchase

      • Pretty sure it's $2000

    • Same here, just had to make a higher upfront payment. Which I don't mind considering I'm using the Afterpay service just for the discount aspect lol. Asked to move the repayments forward so I can pay it all off to avoid the hassle/late fees.

      • You should keep using it to bump up your limit in case it’ll help you qualify for future discounts. Afterpay is here to stay and they can afford big discounts.

  • Where is the best place to buy the gift cards from?

    • Shopback 5% choice

      • +1

        Shopback 5% swap
        Cash rewards choice seems to reduce to 1.5% now

        • Unfortunately yes, this morning was 5% and now 1.5%:(((

  • +1

    I haven't even used AfterPay for any purchase yet.
    However, the option does not show up for this deal.

    • Same

  • Worked for me, thanks!

  • -1

    Thank you Op! I actually just bought an iPhone 12 Pro so I will return it and buy this one instead and save $300! Thanks!!

    • +1

      Do they accept if it's a change of mind? They refused to do so for my iPad.

  • +2

    deal is good but the iPhone price……………….i will pass

    • -2

      You get a lot worth it, but can turn some away

  • Any afterpay referrals bonus of someone can share

    • Looks like your PM is turned off

      • Could you try now please

  • Thanks for the deal but I am more into Samsung Galaxy and particularly waiting for the flip 3, which I probably won't get as I it's just worth keeping my current S10 another year or two.

    • Samsung is good only if they cared more about their old customers and only used 1 chip worldwide. Big discounts and great build quality but that's not enough. Lots of gimmicks. They need to be more like pixel at least in their camera department. Pixel used the same lenses for 3 years and Samsung just caught them this year. Not good enough.

      • I never understood the multiple chips tbh. Maybe as the Galaxy is the only series of phones I have used for 10 years I don't know what I am missing out on by looking elsewhere.

  • I need help!
    I've never used Afterpay before, and it won't let me check out - the payment screen from eBay says that the first payment is above my spending limit.
    I just signed up to Afterpay, and wanted to use my Amex Essential card to make the payments because this gives me free screen insurance. So I added the card to my new Afterpay account, and then went to check out on eBay. It gave me a warning that the first payment would be higher but then wouldn't accept the payment.
    Any tips how to get past this?

    • What's your Afterpay limit? Click on the In-Store tab in the App and it should show you at the top. I'm guessing it will be like $200 or so if you are new.

      Afterpay Support is the worst, no point emailing them.

      • Limit upon signup is $600, and the checkout on eBay using Afterpay wanted to make the first payment over $1k.
        I have no issue with the amount, my funds are there (and it's a credit card that is connected to the account anyway) but it looks like I'm going to miss out, given the limit from Afterpay is lower than the first payment on eBay.
        This was meant to be for my wife… she's not going to be happy!

  • Can anyone confirm if you get a proper tax invoice on mobileciti letterhead for the iPhone purchased through there eBay store ??

    • Proper from mobile Citi with full price

    • Confirm they do. Bought iPhone 12 pro 128 gb yesterday for $1330. Tax invoice for full price 1698.

  • damn it 128gb gone :(

  • +1

    How to get afterrpay option?
    I am trying to buy but there is no afterpay option im payment

    • I think you need to use giftcards to get the remaining amount lower than your afterpay limit "initially" $600. That is unless you have already used afterpay and then you will have a higher limit.

    • Same :(

  • So is this broken for the Max now? Afterpay doesn’t seem to be a visible option for transactions over $2000, and the code can’t work without selecting afterpay?

    • The coupon say up to $2,000 only so that’s why

  • Waiting for 13 …

    Choice gift card 1.5%…..killed it
    Blue 256 seems to be popular

    • Yeah I’ll be waiting for 13

    • I was worried the 13 world remove ports haha

      • Not possible so soon yet

        • With the new MagSafe wireless….. they are pushing it hard.

    • shopback still gets you 5% through swap

  • Can someone tell me how to get Iphone Pro Max 256GB

    • The code only applies to items under 2000 dollars unfortunately

  • Shit! Have been looking for an iPhone Pro Max 128GB deal for so long and missed this one :-(

  • Looks like AHUANG or Lyl going to have to spank someone for mistakenly listing iPhones in the Laptop category.

    • Why? They're not paying the $300.

    • It is under the Mobile phone category?

      • Was originally listed in the laptop category https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611462#comment-10225613, It is now rectified as of this morning.

        They also listed Samsung S20 FE phones in the "tablet and e-reader" category but they haven't updated the category.

        The code does not work on Mobile Phone categories (see the terms and conditions of the code) so it possible that they have deliberately listed the items in the wrong category to enable use of the coupon.

    • eBay/Afterpay is covering entire discount

  • +3

    Lucky i no longer upgrade my phone every year. Maybe I am too old, feel tired.

  • If only they had the mini

  • -1

    Careful with these guys not authorised apple reseller

    • 119k sales with 99.7% positive feedback, I don't think there's much to worry about. Any issues with the phone itself and you can go straight to Apple

    • Bought from these guys for years and haven’t encountered any issues.

  • Thanks for the post OP. I had managed to order one (IPhone 12 Pro 128 GB) . Got a call from Mobileciti just now saying the box is not sealed. They have also verbally confirmed that it is not a demo phone and hasn't been activated comes with a 24 months Australian manufacturer warranty. Is it safe to say yes to it? Anyone had sumilar experiences with them? Please help.

    • Im sure it will be fine if its not activated.

      • Agreed. The warranty does not start until the first user activates the device.

        But the question remains as to why the Apple seal was broken for a brand new device.

        • Their albi is that it broke in handling.

          • @radicalhaqer: More likely it’s a return item. Depends on how much you need the phone now.
            If you could wait, I would wait.

            • +1

              @congo: Well that's dishonest of them to do that. Not declaring the facts.

  • Anyone?

  • Same they call me too
    What to do?? Any idea?

    • So, you have received the device as per the photo you have uploaded?

      • No i ask for pic and they text me pic

        Saying top plastic is damaged in transit
        But its look like its open
        Becus plastic is broken from where we open the seal🤪🤣

    • Did you remove the pic? Getting a 404 error.

  • Yeah i am on hold now
    Waitng for other comment

    • Yes, I have asked them to hold it as well.

    • Same here, but I still take the device and will arrive on Monday

      • -1

        Ya.. as soon as u received unit, make sure u upload the receipt on apple website and seek for full warranty

        • +2

          I will update here on Monday once I received the device, then you guys can decided to take or refund it.

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