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[Afterpay] Britax Graphene $383.20, Millenia $399.20 Delivered (Free C&C) @ Baby Bunting eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Been waiting for a decent deal for the Graphene since it rarely ever gets discounted in their catalogues. Gave the Afterpay coupon code a try and it worked. Still plenty of stock for both colours.

Also works for their Millenia range (which also rarely gets discounted in their catalogues) @ $399.20 after discount: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Britax-Safe-N-Sound-Millenia-SIC...

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • Does this hunk of junk come with a expiry date?
    Funny that adult car seats never expire.

    • It only expires if it’s been in a crash or if there is a significant change in the safety standards of car seats. Britax will swap your seat for you if you have been in an accident.

    • It's 10 years from manufacture date

  • The millenia plus was $500 the other day down from $799 whereas the millenia normal rrp is $500.
    Surely that $300rrp difference isn't just from the microfibre fabric.

    • +1

      Not completely. You also get an extra "+" embroidered on it.

      In all seriousness, that's pretty much what the salesperson at Baby Bunting said when we went in and asked in person.

      • Yeah fair enough
        Ah well, already got it

        • I think it's really just the memory foam, both versions seem to have the thermo fabric

  • -2

    All Australian car seats are crap. Why we don't have rigid isofix seats is beyond me. Ezy Switch for $100 is no better, nor no worse than the other rubbish out there.

    • Can you show me what you mean by a rigid isofix?

      • Here's one being installed in my Mitsi (go to the 50 second mark).


        No BS fiddling with belts and straps (which U could forget to tighten), take it out / putting it back in seconds (no BS paying someone to have it fitted…what a joke that is), swap it between cars easily, a lot safer with solid rods giving a lot more lateral strength for side impacts.

        How many does Australia sell …. Zero!

        • Yeah that looks alot better, at least we have isofix now

          • +1

            @teacherer: Our isofix offering is the same as a seat belt (they are both belts). It introduces variables, such as incorrect tightening of the belt, forgetting to tighten the tether… Save your money, just buy a seatbelt car seat. The cars here have isofix sockets, we should use them properly. At least don't ban the use of them!!

            • +1

              @tunzafun001: I was confused by your comments @tunzafun001 because I thought if the child seats said they were compatible with ISOFIX that they would be using the solid rods I've seen in install videos on youtube.

              Are you saying there's no child seats sold in Australia with the solid rods? I'm looking at the manual for the Britax Graphene and you're totally right, it uses seat-belt-like straps to connect to the ISOFIX low anchor points

              • +1

                @squigglz: Correct. Our use of 'isofix' is to attach to the connectors with small belts. No different than using the seatbelt. Total waste of a safety system. The rods are called "rigid isofix".

                I riged up a system that runs criss cross behind the seat to hold it more solid from lateral movement. However, was told I would be fined/ be liable if anything happened in an accident. Shit position to be in. My old man (engineer) summarised it well. Would you feel worse if your kids were paralysed (from a T-bone / lateral impact) because you did nothing, or get fined because some goose's think this system is 'safe'.

                Volvo only endorse rigid isofix…enough said.

                Nuna do a capsule with rigid isofix, that's all there is. There are no rigid child seats.

                • @tunzafun001: Thanks for the info, I had no idea. Looks like rigid Isofix models used to be available in Australia but have all been taken off the market (Britax had one)

                  • +1

                    @squigglz: I think that generation didn't have the top tether (which is an Aussie requirement).

            • @tunzafun001: Wow you really want to make it out as the hardest thing in the world, huh?

              Isofix on these seats is a piece of piss. If you can't use it then you probably also shouldn't be trusted to use an adult seatbelt on yourself.

              I have the Millenia - first time we paid $30 to our local child car safety charity and they showed us how to install it for our piece of mind. Since then we've moved it between cars / in and out of our main car multiple times easily enough:

              1) Clip on isofix clips, pull straps until green indicator is visible.

              2) Clip tether strap on behind seat, pull end until tight after baby is installed in seat. Done.

              • @Polt: Nah, it's more about safety. You can't forget, or do up wrong (by getting the seat angles wrong) a solid metal rod.

                Have a look at child restraints Facebook group. People stuff up the installs all the time (which is an artifact of the seat sitting at 45 degrees). If its a rigid frame that only goes in one way, and one way only it can't be stuffed up. Additionally, twisted belts through a metal tether connector creates a pinch point and may tear/ cut. Some people have mice nibble on the belts, mould grows in the belts (kids are messy) Metal rods..none of these issues exist.

                The second issue is, give your seat a good shove in the side (pushing from the top where your childs head would be). The location of the isofix belts means the head will sway. With a rigid system, it's solid.

                I really don't know what the Aussie regulators have against the superior Euro safety standards. But if you import a safer seat, your not allowed to use it.

    • Actually, our car seats are among the safest in the world.

      • Couldn't disagree more. Again, I'll back the research done by Volvo. It's very simple. A slack, or even worse, a forgot to be done up belt allows the head to accelerate in a lateral impact. Once the belt reaches full tension, a whiplash effect occurs. This doesn't happen with solid rods. You also cant forget to do up a solid rod.

  • Thx op. Bought one

  • I keep getting this code cannot be applied to your order :(

    • Same is the deal over?

      • +1

        It worked for me i just tried it out, did you select afterpay as payment?

        • +1

          I just tested and it is still working

          • @nafe: Yep i'm definitely selecting afterpay as the payment option.

            • @fraid knot: try incognito mode in your browser maybe? Could be some weird thing going on with cookies etc.
              I just tested again and it's working for me.

              • +2

                @nafe: Just tried it using my business eBay account and it worked. Beats me?

                Guess i just hired my son as a codriver lol

                • @fraid knot: As long as you scored the deal!
                  I am tossing up picking up a Maxi Guard Pro…..

                  • @nafe: My ute has a tiny backseat so I had to go the Graphene so that people could still sit in the front passenger seat.

                    Once he's front facing i'll be selling the Graphene as their safety rating drops down a fair bit from rear to front facing.

                    • @fraid knot: I've got the Graphene too, will swap Bub#2 into it from the capsule, and take out the Capsule and put the Maxi Guard Pro in for #1…it's like musical chairs…

                      • @nafe: I was looking at the Infrasecure Rover once he's over 1 year and forward facing. It gets a 4.7 star protection rating on childcarseats.com.au and only costs $150.

                        I figure I can sell the Graphene for $300-350 when i'm finished with it and get the Rover and come out ahead.

                        The Safe-N-Sound Maxi Guard Pro+ BS8300A-020133 only gets a 1.9 star protection rating forward facing FYI. You're probably better off with the Platinum Pro SICT if you want to stick with Britax that at least gets a 4.3

                        • +1

                          @fraid knot: I also wouldn't go forward facing before 2 years old personally. I try and stay rear facing for as long as possible.

                          • @nafe: Funny isn't it. Our normal car rear seats, aircraft, buses etc should all be backwards facing by default.

                          • @nafe: Yeah i'm going to try and keep him rear facing as long as he will tolerate it.

                            But I guess my point was that not all seats are equal and I'd reconsider going for the Maxi Guard as your long term forward facing seat.

                            • @fraid knot: The Rover is only harnessed to 4 while the Maxi Guard is harnessed to 8yo.

    • not working for me too, selecting afterpay as payment method

  • +1

    I just bought a maxi guard pro. Even better price than the ebayplus offer last week. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks - just got the Graphene. Was planning to buy instore tomorrow but now having it delivered and paid with giftcards with 1.5% cashback. So essentially 41.5% off and didn't have to stuff around with afterpay or go into the store. Win win all round.

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