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Bissell Auto Spot Clean Carpet Shampooer $169 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Supercheap Auto


Hi Guys,
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  • what is the best value carpet cleaner? for bigger cleaning area like rooms instead of just spots

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      The Bissell ProHeat® 2X Revolution® Pet is fantastic imho. I had the spot cleaner and sold it, useless as it relies on your elbow grease, so no different to a wet vac with brush and spray. The proheat has 2x spinning brushes, so it deep cleans and sucks the dirt up. Amazing at restoring carpet imho.

      • Bissell ProHeat® 2X Revolution is really big unit. Can it be used for couches also?

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          It comes with a spot accessory kit. So everything you have with this spotclean. Works exactly the same way.

      • How's the upholstery attachment?

        You have to buy the overpriced bissell cleaning solutions, right?

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          I usually use the spot clean for car seats/carpets and don't buy in to the Bissell solutions but used their pet one (about $23 on Amazon) on a rug recently and it worked great…plus is about the same price as what I'd usually use.
          I have heard some people using napisan sprays and the like but haven't done it personally.

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            @whitelie: I've used napisan/sard spary when cleaning a rug with pro pro heat 2x and it can cause a lot of suds. I found using warm water only in the container and going over the sprayed area helped dilute it and prevent it getting too soapy.

        • The kit is identical to this spotcleaner without the machine. I haven't used it to be honest as have the cordless spotclean for emergencies.

      • thank you for the info, so you reckon a cheap vet and dry vac from Aldi/Bunnings would be sufficient to do the job with brush and spray? would it take long to dry?

        • I went down this path myself just recently. Was looking at the 20L Ryobi shop vac but ended up with the Ozito 12L as it was the same power (1250W) for half the price.
          I bought a 2L spray bottle along with the cleaning solution recommended for the hire carpet cleaners from Bunnings. I ended up spraying on a total of 8L of solution and only removed 2.5-3L with the vac after going over the couch many many times. I thought I was gunna be in a world of pain to try and dry the remainder but a couple hours out in the sun and it was dry. All in all I was hoping for a better result with the vac alone but really can’t complain with an extra couple hours in the sun. I now have a wet/dry shop vac to use around the house plus the ability to clean the couch/rugs when I feel like it (sunny days anyway) with spare change from a green one (also bought a powerfit 35mm claw nozzle to help).

      • I’ve been looking at both the proheat and crosswave cordless max. I have pets that shed fur and a few large rugs in the house. Been wondering which would be better.
        Any thoughts?

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          I have both. Bought the proheat when my elderly cat decided carpet was an appropriate proxy litterbox. Once I saw how it performed there I set it to work on everything! The couch, mattresses, upholstered bed heads, floor cushions. Everything came up brilliant, and in my north Queensland weather, totally dry in about half an hour (on the deep clean setting). Then I bought a house with a thousand square miles of tiles. The crosswave gets rave reviews and for good reason it turns out. My tiles had been neglected for 5 years. It took about 5 passes to bring them back to brand new and now it's a quick easy pass with the crosswave to keep them that way. It's light, nimble, powerful, doesn't leave the floor wet, easy to clean. I only ever use their solutions on half strength or less too (sensitive to smells and chemicals etc). I don't feel like either machine is pet specific. Anyone who likes things clean will love both of these machines and they really complement one another. So far the only Bissell thing that I've personally tried and not liked was their stick vac. Which was sad, I was ready to become a Bissell convert after these two.

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      Wouldn't you be better off just hiring a Britex or something like that?

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    I have one of these. Highly recommend if you have kids and fabric lounges lol

    • Do you have this model ie Auto or the Turbo or just general SpotClean?

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        I have the auto. Same as the OP link.

        • Thanks!

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    FYI - this product is pretty "meh". Disappointing suction power, small cleaning head making it only useful for smaller surfaces/upholstery (carpet will take ages), very noisy and poor design with fan intake on bottom with too little clearance to draw air in effectively.

    IMHO you're better off with a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and spraybottle with warm cleaning solution

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      +1000 for this comment. It sucks and doesn't vacuum well

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        but you want it to suck, no?

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          Maybe they want a vacuum that doesn't suck? I guess that would be a reverse vacuum.

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            @onlinepred: You mean a leaf blower? Lots more fun than a vacuum.

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              @Ezuku: I want one that sucks and blows at the same time

            • @Ezuku: I think it's more a stain implanter perhaps? They want to put dirt into the carpet

      • Suction sucks. It's embarrassingly weak

        • I've just ordered the Turbo (700W vs 350W) for that reason. I was tempted by getting a wet/dry vac but I know I'll use it less if I have to faff around with extra bits like a spray bottle and brush (and I don't even know which to get)

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      This is a spot cleaner FYI. Also it's incredible with car use (this is supercheap auto link), very flexible nozzle and works great on car carpet. I also use it to clean up dog pee which it does very well. I pull the car carpet up afterwards and there is no water that stays, so not sure why you would need more suction? Perhaps you put too much water down?

      It says SPOT CLEANER, and all the negatives you provided clearly show it's for SPOT CLEANING, of which it is great at, so perhaps you need to review your post

    • Any recommendations for a wet/dry vac?

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      Agree. The product it is targeted and labelled as a spot cleaner.
      Definitely should use a wet/dry vac carpet cleaner for larger areas as this little product will take ages.

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        Imagine trying to use this to do a whole carpet lol, would have to be pretty special to think a spot cleaner is made for that.

  • how can you use giftcards when paying with afterpay!?

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      SCA doesn't force you to use afterpay in this transaction.

  • Just posted in forums before I realised this deal had been posted. Can anyone comment on whether it’s worth getting the Turbo version of this for about double the price?

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      I have the heatwave one and I love it, I think it's $219 from JB ? Cleans really well, wine stains off my couch, dirty ass sweat on my car seat after gym…. Not sure about the turbo ones.
      It is very loud……

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      how frequent are you going to use? I'd recommend turbo for commercial use or if your kids making mess with your carpet all the time etc.

      If you only going to use once in a 3 months get the regular.

      • Thanks! Do you have this one? ie the auto model?

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          yes I have non turbo model. the hose is bit short but and the cost of original bissel shampoo damn expensive, but no other complain.

          You gotta use non foaming shampoo's with this. If you think you'll use plenty of shampoo's might check autosmart brand. it is a commercial budget car detailing brand.

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      We waited for a decent price and got the turbo. If you look through any negative reviews of the regular spotclean, you'll notice most of the complaints are about poor suction. The turbo is a bit more powerful so decided to buy it on that basis. Used it just yesterday to clean the couch my sick toddler threw up on. Used it before to suck a coffee spill out of carpet and it worked a treat. If you use it to clean up spills shortly after they happen it works just fine.

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    I used this on various car seats / carpets and great for general cleaning. You'd be suprised how much dust coming out from 10yrs old fabric seat lol.

    if you have a stain (like coke, chocolate) foaming cleaners might work better,


    If I havent already have one I'd buy for this price.

  • thanks op,
    got 10% off $150 giftcards
    and 2.1% cashback.
    Will be around $152

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    Good luck finding the solution that goes on that machine… I checked last week and none available in Victoria

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      You can buy the Bissell solution from a lot of different retailers such as TGG, JB, Harvey Norman etc

      • does it not come with solution when you buy it?

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          From memory it comes with two small bottles (one cleaning solution and one oxyboost solution) got get you going. It's probably enough for 3-4 cleans.

    • Which one are you after? Heaps of places stock it

  • Sorry for the stupid question.
    Do I need to pay with 'Afterpay' to purchase this?

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      Nope. You can use the code and SCA let's you pay with alternate payment methods

      • Thanks!

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    Been eyeing one of these for a long time, thanks

  • my proffessional detailer friend was using this shampoo if anyone interested:


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    Lol at some of the reviews and comments on here. I have one of these and for spot cleaning, which is what this was designed to do, it works perfectly fine. I cleaned our fabric sofa with it as well and when my family came over for dinner, they instantly noticed the difference. My family also borrow it from me constantly to clean up accidents around the house. Just don't expect to use it for big areas and you'll be fine.

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      how small an area are we talking about? Like a 20c coin size?

      I have a coffee spill which I spread when I tried to wipe it. I'd say it's about half a square meter. Would this be alright?

      • I did a whole couch with chaise with no issues. Just don't expect to use it to do a whole room. Any spills or accidents, this will do the job just fine.

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          does it take a lot of strenuous scrubbing, or is it all done for you?

  • I've looked everywhere on the website but can't find the power of this thing. When you buy a wet/dry vac, they always state the power (e.g 1200W). Why are they hiding the power? Anyone know what it actually is?

    • If you click on specifications on the website it states 275-330W

      the Turbo model is 750 watts, and they also indicate a pulling power of 20-30 inches of water.. Theres no pulling power listed for the lower models so its hard to compare.

      • cheers. 330W is really low. No wonder so many people complain that it doesn't suck strong enough. You can buy a wet/dry vac with 4 times the power for half the price. Seems crazy that ppl would buy this to me…

  • Thanks. Bought one. It's $169.99, not $169. :-)

  • Do you have to use "Bissell SpotClean Spot & Stain Formula" liquid or can you use any carpet/upholstery cleaning solution?

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      You can use any. I make my own natural one.

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        Could you please share the ingredients?

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          Water, bicarbonate soda, vinegar, lemon juice, bleach, detergent, and sugar.

    • Just something that doesn't produce soap suds. It really messes up the thing and starts pissing out everywhere.

  • Does this have steam cleaning that can be used on fabric sofas?

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      No, basically its like a spray bottle a brush with bristles and some suction. I used it once and never again . Gave it away

      • Cheers mate

  • Instant SCA discounted e-gift card 8% via AAMI Lucky Club.

    • I think it's 10% now!

      • Still at 8%. Were you looking somewhere else?

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    why this when you can get the ozito wet/dry vacuum for around $60?

    • -1

      totally different products. this is spot cleaner, you cant hook up to your ozito drop saw lol.

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        Isn't it the same process? you spray the dirty spot with cleaning shampoo then vacuum the dirty liquid out from the upholstery.

        • well both of them sucks

  • Came to $169.99 for me. Didn't mind paying the extra 99c at that point though. :-)

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    Great price for the Bissell. Handy little device to have, and especially good for cleaning car seats/floors.
    As others have mentioned, you'll find the Bissell cleaning sprays bottles really expensive. I'm still using the bottles I bought, but will probably move to something else next time.

    Few other tips for those using this for cleaning car seats.
    - I only put hot water into the Bissell (no solution), and spray directly from the bottle to the seat/floor. Once you spray an area, let it soak for a few minutes, and then when you go to use the Bissell - depress the button on the first few passes (which will spray hot water) to water down the spray solution.
    After that - just use the sucker.
    - Speaking of the sucker, the smaller head has better suction power than the larger head (not surprisingly)
    - You'll find the seats/floor still a little damp even after using the Bissell. I turn the heater on full pelt, close the windows and let it run for an hour or so.
    - Make sure you clean both the dirty + clean water after use. More so the dirty water. But for those that put cleaning solution with the clean water, get rid of it - else it might effect the rubber seals.

    • Great advice.
      Thank you.

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    $160 on Supercheap ebay store using Afterpay PAPDY20 code with $7.50 postage or free click and collect


  • We have a similar one from a deal (Harvey Norman I think). And it is very useful with the dog and the kids and birthday parties… won't clean a whole carpet, but great for spot cleaning.

  • Any recommendations on a solution to use to remove black grease from an interior roof headliner? I experienced a very dodgy airtasker who destroyed my headliner in my new car with his dirty finger print marks everywhere (the grease originated from where the boot seals were as he removed the seals revealing the lubrication/grease behind it) and proceeded to trash my new car 😭 -

    i did buy the turbo recently (not delivered yet) however would this spot cleaner do the job?

  • +1

    Paid $164 for my Bissell Spot clean Professional from HN.

    Bissell and HN have the best relationship out of any other retailer so I'd head there for the best price. You're getting many other good attachments for it, free.


  • I've been using this for almost 6 months. Using this to clean up cat vomit. Sometime I just wait until the cat does 6 rounds of vomit then clean up at once. One month old stains disappear without a hint. Great for what it claims it does - spot cleaning.

  • My personal experience. It's not as good as it looks. It will use up a lot of cleaning solution, and the suction simply just not strong enough

    • Don't understand your comment about it using a lot of solution. Solution is discharged when you depress the trigger so it's up to you to control how much solution you use???

      • True, but I find with the dilution factor, you do need fairly wet carpet for the mess to be cleaned more effectively. And the ta k just simply don't hold enough. Not to mention, ongoing solution cost.

        • What the? Even when I cleaned the whole couch, I only used very little solution - the minimum amount marked on the tank.
          I never ever came close to filling half the tank ever. No wonder you are worried about the cost of solution if you are using it so excessively.