Help: Vending Machine Ate My Money

I need help or advice on how I can get my money back because I selected a drink and inserted my $20 note into the machine and didn’t dispense anything nor returned my change. So, what’s the best solution on dealing with this situation?

Vending Machine with my $20

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    Put another $20 in and see if it does it again

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    There should be a sticker on the machine with a number to call in case of any issues. If not, try the one next to it. If not, contact someone that works in the establishment.

    • okay, I’ll take a look at the other machine for the number

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        Buying from a Vending machine is the real crime here.

        Hand in your OZ licence, mister.

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      I called up Coke once to let them know that their machine was faulty and they offered to send me a money order for $2.
      I accepted it but never cashed it haha

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        I sent Bega a note with batch number for some $3 mouldy cheese from Coles which was sealed perfectly so they could check if it’s production issue.

        They sent me an $8 gift card. Lost it almost immediately.

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        When a coke machine failed to vend my drink I called the number on the side, gave them details and they sent me a card with a few free drinks on it. Happy with that as I could live like a king!

        • Back in Singapore a few years ago coke would send out Macca EVM vouchers for faulty machines. Not sure if they still do that but it was pretty good.

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        I once called up coke to tell them that their cherry coke tasted like normal coke. No joke they sent a rep to our house to discuss and gave us two complementary bottles.

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          Damn dude! No company has every given a single shit about what I thought of their product. Well, okay, one. A block of cheese tasted weird so they picked it up for testing and gave us a new block.

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          two complementary bottles.

          Did they also taste like normal coke?

      • Huggies will send a full pack of nappies if you complain that they leak.

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    Get a good run up, flykick that Mothertrucker.

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      haha, that’s what the receptionists at the desk told me.

      • hahaha must be a Simpsons fan too

      • So why did u not listen to her advice instead of a posting on a forum?

        On a serious note, put in another bit on money (even coins), it should make the machine know there is money stuck inside and spit it out.

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      I did that at a job and had to stop wearing a certain pair of shoes into the office because they started trying to match up the soles on people’s shoes with the print left on the machine 😂

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        This is my fav internet story for today

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    okay, good news, I found the number on the vending machine next to the other one and will give it a cal. Thanks for your help.

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      Thanks. I called and let them know not to refund you :P

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      Let us know how you go, don't fly away from us ok?

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      Thanks for contacting the Ozbargain Vending Machine Support Forum Hotline

      • Oh, hi. One of your vending machines ate my $20.

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    OzLifeSkills now?

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    Thank goodness for OzBargain, OP wouldn't have had anywhere to ask their first world question otherwise. /s

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      OP is a Plane, please understand it's difficult to transition from flying to whatever Plane is doing now…

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        Pretty sure most planes are grounded…

  • Even then, thats a lot of coins to be lugging around for the price of a coke/packet of chips.

    • … and inserted my $20 note into the machine …

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        You start with $20, what do you end with? If the item was $1.15, then the vending machine just saved OP a life lesson for the cost of $20.

        $20 - $1.15 = 1x$10, 1x$5, 1x$2, 1x$1, 1x$0.50, 1x$0.20, 1x$0.10, $0.05.

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          Or 377x 5c coins? ;p

      • Was insinuating that the op would end up with a lot of change as they don't dispense notes…

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    Person in the machine went for a lunch break and forgot to come back…

    • There used to be a kit kat ad where people were inside the atm. When i was young i thought thats how atm’s actually worked.

    • Looks like OP is MIA, maybe got offered the role to work in the vending machine.

      I’m guessing machine’s workspace is too tight and OP can’t reach his phone to post back here…

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    Hey, at least it wasnt $100K yea

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      Clearly same level of importance

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      Too soon!

    • •͡˘㇁•͡˘

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    Life ExceptionNotHandled

    better ask on ozbargain.

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    OzBargainer's don't use vending machines.. We'd rather find a supermarket near by and buy 5x quantity for the same price!

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      I used them heaps in Japan. Convenient and cheap.

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        I know right. Where else can you get used panties cheap.

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          ..and convenient?

          • @rompastompa: Well yeah. Vending machine is the most convenient way to get them.

      • That was the only time I spent money on vending machines. Best and cheap

      • Remote Japanese islands have more vending machines then I've seen locally…..

    • I buy them, then put them in the colesworth ice fridge and it gets chilled in few mins. Win win.

    • By them warm, and lead your own expedition to get ice, then profit.

  • there's a store near me that opened up, who actually took over a milk bar, where the entire store is vending machines

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      What a time to be alive.

    • Is that in Warigal rd?

      • Yep, that’s the one

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    Homer, are you just holding onto the can?

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    Definitely 'big credit card' trying to make using cash as unreliable as possible to get you hooked into tap n pay.

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    nice shitpost op

    so much spam on this site now

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      Just now?

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      This is as dumb as my how far to you fill up the bath post.

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        Or changing number plates for a car wash.

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    Use Tap and Go next time

  • I used to call the number many times about 20 years ago. All they refund, if at all, is postage stamps in the mail. The other times, they say they will refund me, but ignore me knowing I will give up.

    • I got a prepaid visa when a machine ate my $10 note…. However the machine was operated in the staff only area at work, I doubt it would be in their best interest to stuff over employees of the place they operate from considering how many people use the machines…

      I doubt corporate would abide by staff getting robbed of money and complaining to them regularly about it…

      Besides, they can no doubt audit the machines during the time it takes to ship a card out…

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    What were you trying to buy?

    Solo I hope.

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    Vending machine scammers are the worst, right up there with the Nigerian princes.

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      What about Nigerian vending machines?

      • They are run by actual humans, so less issues.

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        I've never see a machine that sells Nigerians before

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    carry coins if you wanna use vending machines - then you dont lose so much

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    if it took your money its your vending machine, it took your money

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      Yeah OP bought it. Just bring a couple of mates and a Ute. Dress the part, no questions asked.

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        Don't forget a ladder, even if it's not going to be used. I reckon it helps with the look.

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    Vending machine is highway robbery. I always feel dirty and ashamed everytime I have to resort to using one.

    Except when I was in Japan, that shit was glorious.

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      Except when I was in Japan, that shit was glorious.

      So those urban legends about used underwear being sold in Japanese vending machines is true? Still seems kind of weird.

      • Never saw it in (i lost count) many visits but maybe I didn’t go to the right places? The most exciting thing I saw in a machine was disposable cameras. Others swear they’ve seen the underwear…

      • I've been there several times and haven't seen one of those myself. I think you have to go to very specific areas. I'm sure there's some wild shit if you go to the right place.

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        That was something in the 90s and don't really exist anymore. Much more lucrative with direct sales now I reckon…what with bath water etc.

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    you need to use a 100 noob, try it again with a 100

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    I've had a lot of vending machine issues in my time, both money not being processed properly or the can not dispensing. If the can gets stuck a lot of the ones with modern POS tech can be remotely connected to by the CSR and they can put on a credit on, so you can try again and get another drink (hint: they'll usually default to the most expensive drink in the machine so you could pick something else and not pay the extra).

    IIRC when the money gets stuck then they'll refund you via bank cheque, it's worth reporting this ASAP as they'll get the technician to check the machine next time and reconcile money received vs. drinks dispensed to confirm your money has eaten up.

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    What's the thought process behind uploading a screenshot of a photo instead of just uploading the photo?

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        OP uploaded a screenshot of the photo he took, when he could've uploaded the actual picture he took.

        • Clearly OP isn’t too tech savvy. How did they post this?

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      Strip geotags?