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Chromecast with Google TV $84.15 ($64.15 with LatitudePay) + Delivery / $0 C&C @ The Good Guys


Original Coupon Deal

If you have targeted $20 cashback Commbank offer - you can buy gift card with that and pay for the Google Chromecast with gift card.

Latitude Pay: $20 off $60 Spend @ The Good Guys

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  • Worth to mention it comes with the following bonus via redemption, even sweeter!

    Bonus Offer
    Bonus: 3months of YouTube Premium for Free. Via Redemption Only.
    (26 February 2021 - 31 January 2022)

    • New customers only though

  • +3

    If you pay for Netflix, you're better off paying $139.99 for the Chromecast from the google store and getting a $95.94 worth of Netflix credit, bringing the effective price of the Chromecast to $44.05.

    • +4

      Quite worse off for me. I would be paying more than double the price for Netflix with that deal (than I currently am), therefore negating that “deal”. Discussed plenty of times in previous posts

      • Sorry to go slightly off topic here, I don’t want to detract from OP’s comment but do you happen to have the latest set of instructions to signing up to Argentinian Netflix plans? I’ve tried following the comprehensive guide that’s been stickied in the past but keep getting error when entering card details. I’ve tried setting up using different bank accounts from various financial institutions. Nothing works - just an error. I suspect the route to signing up via VPN doesn’t work anymore ?

        Again, apologies if this is off topic.

      • Sorry mate, Silly question, but does it also mean that I have to set VPN to Argentina every time when watching Netflix? Or its just its like, setup once using VPN (by setting monthly payments on Netflix Argentina).. and watch even without VPN ?

        • +1

          Nope - just the once when setting up initial account. From there, everything else just runs from the Au server.

          But people seem to have more consistent results with Turkey - so if you're having problems getting your credit card to accept, VPN from Turkey instead. It's still cheap as chips…

        • +1

          Only to sign up. Then just use as normal and you will get Australian library because you are accessing it from Australia.

    • No you don't want to do that.

      Paying full price Netflix is for suckers. You can get a Turkish account for about $9 per month.

      • Exactly
        Not just paying full price, but paying full price in advance for 6 months. If they raise prices, you are stuck with that credit. That too while the price on this device is dropping every week.

  • I tried with latitude pay but it is still said 10 payments of $8.42

    • +1

      Nevermind, it shows the discount when it is on latitudepay site

  • do you still need a device/pc to cast prime to tv or can prime to stream on its own?

    thank you in advance.

    • +1

      You can download the app on it and stream from there.

      • +1

        thank you, sir.

    • +3

      It can stream on its own with the remote control as well (Prime, Disney+, Netflix etc).

    • You can sideload the prime app, so that it can be used on its own. We do that with the vodafone tv, similar device.

  • Dang I want the pink one

  • This or the nvidia shield?

    • If you can afford/willing to pay more for quality then pick Nvidia otherwise this.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, I was gifted one and really impressed by it.

    Best aspect has to be the native searching across all services and showing you how to watch something, no more jumping between apps searching!

  • Still have 3 Mi Box going strong around the house. Not worth the upgrade?

  • Is there anything special about the later version of chromecast? if its just the resolution im happy with the very first generation

    • +2

      4k HDR, better WiFi, Remote to name a few. But not having to use your phone is the biggest one for me.

    • +1

      This is not just a chromecast in the sense of the gen 1 you have.

      It is also a fully fledged android TV device where you can install apps directly - YouTube, Netflix, amazon prime, vlc, Plex, kodi etc - so you can use it without the need for a second device to cast from, like a phone or tablet.

    • +1

      Best aspect has to be the native searching across all services and showing you how to watch something, no more jumping between apps searching!


      not having to use your phone is the biggest one for me

      and ^this

    • +1

      With this one you don't really need any others device, like your phone or computer, to stream the content (although, you can still use it). It comes with a remote, and the menus are easy enough to use. Just install whatever streaming app on your account and it's good to go.
      I had also been using Chromecast 1, and I don't regret upgrading.

  • Can it run Kayo or Foxtel?

    • +1

      It runs Kayo through the Kayo app and you can run Kayo through Kodi addon (better in my opinion)

      Have not tried Foxtel but I assume it works

      • Thanks!

        Just a shame that to get this price you need to sign up for 10 weekly payments of $6 - that's a punish. But I don't want to lose my OzBargain license by paying full freight either. What to do…

        • +1

          You can pay off the full amount through the latitude pay website basically instantly, I always do

  • Can I use this to play media files from my PC?

    • +1

      Yes, via Plex server.

  • This or Firestick lite? Thoughts please.

    • +1

      This is better technically - it's 4K, the Amazon has a better remote but the one on this works fine. This one is faster than the Amazon lite and has a better interface (personal view). Runs pretty much everything (apart from Apple TV) and will get updates. I gave my fire stick away when I got this - although it's just on a bedroom TV.

      • The Fire Stick runs Apple TV+ in case you're wondering

        • I thought chromecast runs Apple TV now

          • @Ebaygiftcards: That’s correct, the Apple TV+ app is now available to download on Google TV.

  • +1

    Anyone get the following message when they try to purchase with LatitudePay?

    "You will be redirected back to The Good Guys in 5 seconds…
    We're sorry

    Unfortunately you can't currently use LatitudePay. Please contact us at [email protected]"

    • Yep :(

    • Not I. It just worked for me 5 minutes ago using the advice from freoleo to pay in full in just a couple of keystrokes.


    • Yes me too. Pretty pissed off given I had paid off my previous purchase in full last month

    • Yeah, me too. I just joined LatitudePay last night to get this deal. But it wouldn't let me process the payment. I emailed [email protected] but they only just got back to me. Too late!

  • It's a bit ridiculous how long it all took, but I had some back-and-forth with LatitudePay Support and they agreed to credit the $20 and 15% off that was a part of The Good Guys' promotion.
    I had to make a purchase first, and then the credit and 15% promotion were applied in my LatitudePay account.

    • Same happened for me. So I ended up buying something Apple ;)

  • Hey did anyone buy one of these from the USA? We got one when it first launched and the Netflix code won't work for us? It's like the unit knows it's in Aus

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