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POCO X3 Pro 6.67" 120Hz, SD860, 6GB + 128GB US$218.90 (~A$288.58) Delivered @ POCO Global Store AliExpress


Update: Listing has been updated with new promo code 20X3PRO. If 20X3PRO stops working try PEPPERAN20

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  • Apply promo code 20X3PRO or PEPPERAN20 at checkout for US$20 discount

Global launch of the POCO X3 Pro at a great price! The early bird price of the Pro is cheaper than the standard X3 at the moment so if you're in the market, this is good opportunity to get a great deal!

Note The deal starts Thursday 01/04 at 6:00pm AEDT.

8GB + 256GB also on sale US$273.90

Specs: gsmarena

  • 6.67" 120Hz FHD+ Display
  • Snapdragon 860
  • Android 11 MIUI 12
  • 6GB + 128GB or 8GB + 256GB
  • 5010mAh mAh Battery with quick charge 33W (Charger included)
  • NFC
  • 4G: FDD-LTE: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/20/28 TDD-LTE: B38/40/41

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

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  • +5

    Isn't it SD860 not 870? I.e. a rebranded 855.

    • +1

      Corrected, thanks.

    • -3

      The Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 is an overclocked version of the Snapdragon 855 from 2019….

      which is the same as LG v50 no thanks

      • What do you need a better SoC for?

  • +2

    Isn't Redmi Note 10 Pro superior, shouldn't you wait til it gets to this price?

    • +2

      The chipset in this is superior to the SD732 in both CPU and GPU. What the Redmi has is better display (AMOLED vs LCD).

    • +4

      the poco x3 pro kicks butt in benchmarks

      • Thanks for the comparison, that's handy

    • I agree I ordered note 10 from the Gold way flash sale couple of weeks ago but still in shipping so cannot give working comments yet but the specs are better than poco x3 I paid $217usd with coupons & getting $14 aud CW.

      • Sorry what was this gold flash sale? Mind linking me?

        • Sorry mate it was on the 8th and only till sold out Goldway Hong Kong Ali express.

          • @spock: Oh sorry saw note 10 and thought it was a samsung haha

      • Thats expensive if NOT the note 10 PRO

        • It is the note 10 pro I have received it and using it very happy so far .

          • @spock: I wanted the Note 10 pro at $300-350

            how much did it cost you?
            just bought the Poco F3 for $445

  • +2

    this or Redmi Note 10 Pro better?
    looking to upgrade my mi 9

    • +3

      Depends on your use case. Redmi Note 10 Pro has better screen but review has pointed out 1) it is sometimes sluggish due to the SD732 not having enough raw power and 2) GTG response time is slower than refresh rate so sometimes effect feels like lagging.

      Redmi also has better battery life due to more frugal chipset and AMOLED screen better power saving in general, but lose out in term of performance. I don't really think the 64MP vs 48MP going to be any major concern as they both have mediocre software processing and people will just port GCam to use. Neither has OIS nor Optical Zoom.

      • +1

        Agree, use case is everything. My bucket list for the next phone is Camera and battery which the few video reviews i have watch on the F3 and X3 Pro are the let down areas. Personally waiting to see what the Oneplus 9 series has to offer, even a slash in the Oneplus 8 pro price will be good.

        • +1

          Same boat, camera and battery and happy to take the performance hit. RN 10 Pro seems to be the first cheapish phone to offer both.

          • @Sapiens: Agree. I wish en has a larger battery though.

    • The SD 855 in the mi9 and the SD860 in the X3 Pro are virtually the same so you're not getting any performance increase here.

      • +1

        The 860 is marginally better than the 855. Clocked higher and supports new camera features.

    • +1

      RN10P has the better screen & better camera - the X3 Pro has the better performance (cpu/gpu). It depends what you value more. Both scored solid reviews over at GSMA.

    • mi 11 pro/ultra/lite is being launched on 29 march

  • +5

    All it needs now is official LineageOS support

    • POCO X3 NFC has many custom ROMs based on Lineage and they're all official - Resurrection Remix (Android 10) and crDroid (Android 11) just to name a few. This phone literally flies on SD732 it's simply stunning! I don't need a faster CPU with crDroid as I don't play games.
      Photos are great (in this price range) with Google camera and Night Sight photos are amazing!

    • +5

      It was announced yesterday.

      • +1

        Probably meant the regular X3.

      • +7

        Owned this phone for 10 years now. Working pretty well, other than the fact that they've shut down 2G and I'm no longer getting service.
        Also a few buttons on the keypad have stopped working, but I don't call anyone who's number has a 7 or a 3 in it so I'm good.
        Replaced the battery mid 2016 and it still lasts a month on charge

        Overall would recommend!

  • +6

    That's a cheap beast of a phone

  • If it comes in gold like on youtube??

    • it shows the available colours in the link - metal bronze is what you are after

  • Isnt this on the 24th?? like tomorrow?

    • Says it starts 1st of April

      • it is probably april fools.snapdragon 860 for so less…very unlikely.

  • +3

    Anyone dealt with warranty issues on the old POCO X3 through ali? Brand new release is always a little =/ for me as issues are unknown.

    • Isn't there Xiaomi Australia? They should be the one to repair or replace

      • That's not an assumption I'd want to run with.

    • Ali isn't an authorised seller. So you'd be dealing with Ali warranty process not Xiaomi. 2years for authorised dealers. 1 year site warranty for non authorised

      • +2

        In that case wouldn't bother unless it was half the sale price.

        Had bad experience before with Xiaomi phone few years back, pretty much DOA tried to send back but was a hassle and gave up

  • +1

    X3 NFC V's X3 Pro


    New CPU and GPU. Up to 256GB option. New camera sensors (hopefully better, but without knowing what sensors they're using impossible to say).

    Not much else.

    • Both sensors are pretty old, they are sony
      The problem of x3 is crappy plastic lens, if the pro has the same cheap lens I guess the quality of photos would be the same

      • The poco x3 uses IMX682, which is used in many mid range phones and is known for its poor light performance!

      • Aren't top tier/flagships also using Sony sensors? what would you 'look out for' for a mid ranges phone? Looking for upgrade for my mum, but also myself, and camera/battery are a big one so long as OS/performance is stable - phones these days are so powerful compared to my samsung s8+ that 'performance' isn't really a blip anymore.

        Have no idea on what sensors or brands to look for though? thought sony is what is used on the oppo x2 find pro? which was highly rated for a 2020 phone camera wise?

        • There are lots of different sony sensors on the market. But even with the same sensor you will have completely different photo on different phones just because of lenses and digital photo processing.

          In your case I believe the difference will be not noticeble for mum, it's good enough for the price.
          I have x3, so maybe pro has better lenses, hard to say without testing and reviews

          • @rwt: from all accounts the pro has worse image capture for some reaosn.

    • They are using IMX582 so no 4k 90fps

      • It is under $300 xD

        • Same cameras in the f3 as well

      • is this the x3 pro? if so is this a decent sensor for a mid range? To suit a mother - just wants to take snaps ad hoc, but not an enthusiast. Better than her samsung s5 currently i'd presume haha. But how would this camera compare to a mid range like th e samsung a51, a31 etc lines?

  • Looks good specs wise. Doesn't appear to have a telephoto lens. But does have 3.5mm jack and IR blaster which are rare nowadays.

  • chinese

    or is this indian?

    • Initially, methinks it will be chinese factories

  • What NO Dust and splash proofing??


  • Jesus, Snapdragon chips names are confusing AF. The SD8xx used to be the most clearest name of them all, while 4, 6 and 7 series are a cluster (profanity).

    Also, I thought this is a k40? What happened to the headphone jack? Xiaomi, you don't even push any new bt headphones anymore, why you do this?

    • This is the K40, no SD and no 3.5mm socket

      • This is NOT the K40. The Poco F3 is the K40.

        • +1

          Goodness me, I'm so glad lg fixed the v50 so I don't feel the pressure to get a new phone, I ain't wading through xiaomi's terrible naming conventions and constant phone releases.

          • +2

            @Wonderfool: Sadly LG is ending its mobile phone business. The legend of LG V30+ and alike will fade into OZB history.

            Sent from LG V30+

            • @Stickout: I'm still using an LG G6 with Havoc OS. Oh god how I wish someone would make a new version with the same form factor and new chips.

        • Don't if they will do F3 Pro, which come with SD888

          • @jassssone: Most likely they will as the F2 Pro was K30 Pro, and K40 Pro has SD888 so naturally that would be F3 Pro.

          • @jassssone: SD888 is blinding hot, not worth it

      • Those 2 things are the weakest link and prone to breaking. Next to go will be the charging port.

    • So it does get pretty hot running gpu intensive games, @50c Max after 1hr of genshin impact.

      Then again, even my sister's s21 also reached 50c after just ten minutes of 4k video recording so I guess 50 degree Celsius is still within acceptable safe temperature as long as the heat is directed away from battery?

  • What's different to buy a Chinese Tablet (at the same price) with dual sim?

  • +2

    Amazing value for money. If I didn't have a Poco F2 Pro I would buy this.

  • My mother needs a new phone - has a Samsung S5, not great with tech, so just wanted to get her something reliable battery wise, more space (16gb only on the S5) and just decent all rounder.

    Would these chinese phones be suitable or more reliable/easier and intuitive to go with a mid range samsung e.g.: A51, A31 etc style range? Those do seem priced more mid $300s to high $400s though? So this is alot cheaper?

    • +4

      If its for your mom, get an australian stock phone. The australian warranty would be more important for her rather than the spec.

      • Well for the price i figured it gives her plenty of space: i guess comparing to an alternative like say Samsungs A51 or something series which is closer to 400+

        How does the brands Quality for previous phones tend to play out? From what i gather are these a different rebrand of xiaomi phones or more budget focused line?

        Is the camera actually any decent compared to say some of the oppos, oneplus, samsung mid tiers etc?

        • This will destroy anything for a similar that's sold from an Australian shop in ever way, that's a given. I think to get something better you'd have to spend $700 or so on a S20FE or an iPhone

          The problem is what if the phone breaks down, touch screen fails, speaker blows, idk. You might as well not have any warranty with this. That said it's so cheap you could just replace it with another one

  • Sorry but just wondering which bands would one recommend phones should cover to be well usable around Aus - mother is on Boost (Telstra network). Occasional travel overseas, and she does like heading to South East Asia. Does the likes of this phone limit you as I presume the more mainstream brands like Samsung would fit more bands for throughout the world and particularly Australia?

    Also where does this Snap dragon 860 sit in the hierarchy of latest phones: SD888 being latest (Samsung S21 etc.), SD865 (prev gen), is 860 then next best after SD865? Just abit confused on hierarchy. Would prefer just to know which ranges 1st,2nd,3rd etc. relative to other chipsets: is there a handy guide for dummies/the non tech savvy?

    Edit: Sorry am new to the whole AliExpress thing - but any tips: is this like ebay essentially - i mean is the listing how does one know if it is a legitimate seller or phone, and to avoid being scammed? Any tickboxes on aliexpress to ensure before we hit the buy button? Just seems abit hit and miss being china based, happy to pay for it if its the legitimate seller.

    Presume it would be international (supporting English)? Sorry abit fresh with these non-mainstream brands and buying off this site, so appreciate any advice?

  • +2

    Great value.

    6 months ago I bought the original Poco x3 NFC for just over $360 here on ozbargain.

    Now the specs are so much better. Twice the performance SD732 Vs SD860 for a cheaper $280.

    I would defs buy this again if I didn't have the original still. It runs with no problems. Great phone.

    • Is NFC just for contactless payments? Mother wont need it.

      How is the OS compared to samsung or say oppos? Ive been using my samsung s8+ for awhile but was considering oppos x2 find pro if i can find a good price. Os seemed fine and they now support updates much better. But how does the Poco UI and OS feel and run?? Do they do regular support and updates or just pump and dump phones and forget about longer term software support and updates?

      As it's for my mum i just wanted to ensure security and updates keep flowing and its intuitive enough for her coming from her samsung s5.

      At this price i also wondered if its camera and performance would outperform my samsung s8+? Where abouts does the camera quality sit?

      Obviously i presume not as good as flagships like the oppo x2 find pro, samsung s20 range etc?but it is decent??

      Hard to keep up with camera tech and all the sensor size and terminology. Wish there was an easy benchmark scoring system and you can just go with the highest number haha

    • Btw did you buy through this aliexpress previously? Ive bever bought through ali express and just wondering how secure or legitimate the stores are. Service and warranty issues a pain?

      Also being a flash sale do i just revisut the listing on the april dates and the prices will reflect updated pricing?? Is it limited quantity first on the dot generally?

      • There is virtual warranty. Once it broken you have to send it back to China. Next step is depends on your luck.

  • hi Guys, wondering do they upgarde security patch and Android over the period.

    Noticed that phone gets hot when running map.


  • +1

    That's the most incredible price - surely there'll be 5 like this?

    Noticed the Redmi Note 10 Pro price has gone through the roof since the end of it's Ali launch deal.

  • does poco have built in number blocker/whitelist like samsung galaxy lineup?

    • If it doesn't just get the google phone app, that has it.

    • Yes.

  • Do they accept Paypal?

    • no, the seller does not (even though Aliexpress has the capability)

      • Incorrect, they accept Paypal

        • no paypal per the payment screen, but perhaps the next screen says otherwise??

          • +1

            @battler: I checked it again to make sure :) It's the next screen the Order Review page.

    • Aliexpress has accepted Paypal for a while now. I have been using Paypal on Aliexpress for the last few months without any problem.