New Car Protection- Recommendations - seeking opinions

Hi Car experts..

I have recently picked up a new Mazda CX9 and seeking some advice on whether or not these packages represent a bargain…

2 x Coats Ceramic Pro 9H ® - (Lifetime Warranty)
1 x Single stage pre polish
1 x Interior protect pack
1 x Wheel coating pack (includes 4 wheels)
1 x Nano hydrophobic window sealant (all exterior glass)
1xJohnson InsulatIR Nano Ceramic Infrared Block Film 99%


$1795 (package price 7 year warranty)
Opti-Coat PRO+ or NXTZEN Ceramic Graphene Paint Protection is $1295
Opti-Guard Plus or Nxtzen Interior Protection is $450
3M Black Window Tint is $450 – upgrade to S7 for $100 or S9 for $200

Or just a window Tin $400 RACQ


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    Neither are a bargain in my opinion.

    • What would GG57 go for?

      • Nothing.. Are these the sucker packages you get from the dealer that you can nearly any day of the week get cheaper anywhere else?

        just drive the car.

        • Actually these are external car detailers… the car dealer wanted 3995!!

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            @joerd: You don't need them. It's a car. A Mazda at that. It's meant to be used. You'll get it scratched, nicked, dented. It's normal. Drive and enjoy.

            Window tint is always worth doing though.

            • @Hybroid: It is more to maintain it for sale in 5-7 years

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                @joerd: Keep it clean with regular handwashes and in 5-7 years get it corrected and polished ready for sale. Graphene car coatings are currently unproven. Don't get sucked in by all the fancy buzz words. It's a CX9 not a LaFerrari.

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                @joerd: After 7 years it'll be worth very little, plus it'll probably have hail damage, a trolley scratch, scratched up interior and probably baby vomit in there somewhere.

      • If I had bought a new car, I would not spend any more money on it.
        If the car needs anything like those packages, it is obviously of poor quality.

        • That is fair point.
          however I see 100's of luxury and premium cars in and out of these places… high end Jag, mercs, lambos, maseratis…. and every day cars too. They obviously exist for a reason… i've done a bit of research into both of these products and they do serve a purpose- just trying to find a price point

          • @joerd: They serve a purpose in making the business owners money, and employing some people.

            In my view, people that spend (a lot of) money on these things obviously have money to waste.

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    Note the conditions of the warranty. They are likely to include a requirement for regular inspections, which I am sure will come at a cost. Make sure to read the small print carefully.

    • I don't think there is any requirement to come back in (couldnt see in fine print) but certainly worth asking the Q

  • 3M Black Window Tint is $450

    Only thing I would consider getting.

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    I used to sell all this stuff for a living….. get Tint… move on

  • Well just read alot about Mazda's paint being notoriously thin..

    • But you bought a Mazda regardless?

      • haha i only found this out after !

    • And Honda's have soft paint and blah blah blah has hard paint.

      Feel free to spend your hard earned on this. For a CX9 and a person that doesn't appear to be a detailing enthusiast I don't think it has value for you. But I just some random internet idiot so take it as a grain of salt.

    • you could say that about any car these days.. they move em through the paint booth at about 120kph… lucky to get any colour on em

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    7 people have told you not to get either pack, but you seem pretty set on your decision already.
    I think you're unlikely to get someone suggest pack A or B here so you're likely wasting your time

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      Just playing Devil's Advocate. Before I posted I was leaning towards just the Tints… but of course you want to make sure you seek opinion for either way.

  • None.

  • Soccer mum car? CX9 or CX whatever, no. Spend the $2K or $3K elsewhere.

    Sports car of worthy value, yes. $5K PPF coat it baby.

  • Get the first one and make sure they're reputable.

    They'll get rid of the dealer swirls..

    This is something i did to my car when i bought it new.

  • Only as good as installer.

    I have Opticoat+ and its great.

  • I got Opticoat done and I like it, maybe it's just all in my head. Didn't bother with all the rest except for tinting.
    You can get protectants for interior at bunnings and leather cleaner and protectant for far cheaper. I don't think the protectants for interior last long anyway, so you should just do it yourself.

    I also just ordered some cheapo paint protection from Aliexpress to try on an old car, supposedly a similar ceramic/crystallization layer or whatever. Would be great if it works for $15 and a bit of elbow grease.

  • I take care of my cars, and not a fan of these coating.

    A regular wax once 6-12m depending on where it is parked. And slip in a polish before applying wax every year or two.

    It is a daily car, regularly polish and wax will do. SCA sellers them for $13 a tin, their own brand. Works well.

  • Save your money and don't get the coating as it doesn't protect much.
    Or get half or full PPF instead ($5k+) which will protect you against rock chips/scratches

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