Where can I buy discounted Coles egift cards?

I used to buy Coles egift cards through AGL rewards but they recently stopped offering anything good. I have seen the Ozbargain Wiki page for discounted gift cards but that seems either badly out of date or lists clubs which are not accessible to me. Can anyone suggest where I can buy discounted Coles egift cards?


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    Suncorp Rewards is free to join with a free suncorp bank account.

    3% discount on e-Gift Card,

    Denominations in $5, 20, 50, 100, 200.

    Limit of $1000 per day, 1000 per week, 3000 per month, 36000 per year.

    Accepts Visa & Mastercard with no transaction fee.

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    • HCF sells them at a 4% discount, but charges a 1% transaction fee. Access requires an HCF membership (excluding Ambulance Only and Overseas Visitors Cover).
    • RACT sells them at a 3% discount with no transaction fees (just in case you happen to have access to an RACT membership).
    • Reward Gateway sells tham at a 4% discount, but transactions fees vary from 0% to 3%, depending on the type of card you use. You can only access this portal if your employer offers access to this program.

    Thank you for replies. I live in South Australia and I am 83 years old without a drivers licence or passport, so it is difficult for me to open a new bank account. Are there any other options?