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[Backorder] WD 18TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive $434.35 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Thought this would be worthy of another post as the price has significantly reduced since the last post

Colour:Black | Capacity:18 TB | Style Name:Desktop

WD Elements desktop storage with USB 3.0 offers reliable, high-capacity, add-on storage, fast data transfer rates and universal connectivity with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices. The sleek design features up to 18TB capacity plus WD quality and reliability.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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          Customs will still apply a processing fee for the import declaration. And do you have a source the duty is 0%? From memory, that depends on what country this would ship from.

        • They do not. It's actually a customs handling fee, not a duty cost. I've ordered over this limit twice, once without noticing. The money doesn't come back :\

          • -1

            @jkart: https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/help/customer/display.html?node...

            At checkout, Amazon Global Store will provide you with an estimate of the taxes, customs duties, and fees which may apply to your order and undertake customs clearance on your behalf.

            What happens if the actual charges are less than the Import Fees Deposit?

            Should the actual taxes, customs duties and fees payable to the relevant Australian authorities (on your or the recipient's behalf) be less than the estimated amount that we calculated, then we will automatically refund the difference back to the payment method used for your original order.

            • @HomeAlone: Yes, this is what they say, but fees end up being more and they never refund, I have literally ordered 3x hard drives for ~$1200 from Amazon and have been through this in reality. Twice.

              The $1000 limit is still very much a thing, not for GST, but for processing fees:


              To import goods with a value over AUD1000, you need to lodge an Import Declaration. The Import Declaration provides information about the goods you are importing.

              There is a processing charge for making an Import Declaration. You will also be required to pay the duty and taxes for your goods.

              (The customs charge for goods > $1000 - < $10,000 is ~$50-$90 depending on how it's lodged).

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    How's the vibration, noise, heat on these capacities?

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    Does anyone know if we can shuck this into our 3.5” desktop slot? Thanks.

    • yes, most definitely, seems to be where most of them end up

  • So what's the consensus? Yes or No on these drives for shucking and putting into a NAS?

    Better to wait for a Seagate deal?

  • seems like the drives in these are 5400rpm? cant find a straight answer…. really need another high capacity 7200rpm disk.

    • +2

      Probably a 7200rpm drive locked at 5400rpm.

    • The 14TB one of these I just bought is 5400 :-/

  • +3

    For anyone that cares, it's 16.37 TB of actual capacity. Thanks hard drive manufacturers.

    • +1

      16.371024102410241024 ~ 17.999*10^12 Bytes. Marketing trick. Ask Apple how "Retina" (marketing word with no relation to reality - retinas are much more precise) compares to AMOLED.

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    If you want to buy one, you really should buy 2. I couldn't consider the idea of losing 18TB of data.

    • +26

      True. Losing 36TB of data sounds better.

    • +4

      Most people are just storing pirated media (sorry Linux raw versions) on these. No big loss if HD fails. With current download speeds, you can recoup the files quite easily.

      • +1

        +1 doing the same. No Linux for me!

    • +1

      Could be right, but mostly false economy. If you don't need all space now, just because it looks as good deal, 2x that is not bargain anymore.
      Prices might drop soon, you can consolidate your many drives into 1 backup (no need for more), etc.
      Impulse buying of what we want & not need is what keeps monopolies like Apple happy.

  • Looks like you can order max 3 per account, despite the number of orders.

    Does this limit reset after a certain time, e.g. 24 hours, or after the offer finishes?

    • +2

      I think it's a week before it resets, just make a new Amazon account to order more

      • +1

        but u need amazon prime for the free delivery.

  • +4


    Sizes are getting crazy. Thought the 10TB/12TB would be the cap for a lil while!

    Stupid 4K remuxes need serious space lol

    • +1

      I'm in the process of rebuilding my TV/movie collection into 1080p/4K from stuff going back 10-15 years ago. Slow process but at 250Mb downl via FTTP, I can think of slower ways!!

      • Lol yeah I went and upgraded all mine to top quality 1080p, then went and got a 4K tv…! Have about 26Tb full, so next step is a couple extra hard drives and a NAS. Then I'll be good for a lil while longer!

  • +1

    Good prices but will purchase at EOFY sale.

  • I have the WD 14TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive.
    It is 95% empty and connected to a laptop USB3 port as drive D.

    It is very slow to navigate to a different folder, and to create a new folder.

    I have checked for errors- none and also run Optimise & defragment.

    Any tips on how to speed up folder discovery?

    • +1

      I personally don't have anything to say but I would highly suggest posting here - https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/

    • What are the specs of the laptop? That could be the bottleneck

      • @CodeXD
        Asus ZenBook UX433FAC 14 1080p Touch i7-10510U 16GB 512GB SSD W10P Laptop

    • What file system do you have it formatted as? How many files are you storing in each folder?

  • Have a mixture of 3x8TBs and 2x14TBs in the Synology DS1621+: SHR would waste the additional 4TBs :(

    • you know already, but you need a minimum of two drives with highest capacity for SHR to work.

      • Does it need to be? AFAIK SHR unallocates the additional space if you have only 1? Eg 14TB + 18TB = 14TB usable, 14TB protection, 4TB unused?

          • @tohsb: But there isn't an option for 18TB? I can't math it now /s

            • @moorey: haha, yeah the Maths. But I meant you could use it to see that there was no unusable space due to SHR.

              The Calculator works for your initial query 3 x 8Tb and 2 x 14Tb. Showed 38 TB Usable and 14 TB as used for protection. No 4TB wasted as you initially thought.

              But for your second query 14Tb and 18TB, you are correct that it would have 14TB usable, 14TB protection, 4TB unused.

              Whilst it is unfortunate that the calculator is missing 18TB, another way you can use it, you can try to substitute your drives with a capacity of -2TB.

              Eg: I was looking at 3 x 18Tb and 1 x 10Tb, I was going to try using 3 x 16Tb and 1 x 8TB just to check that I don't have any wasted space.
              3 x 16Tb and 1 x 8TB Shows as 40 TB and 16 TB used for Protection with "No wasted space."
              So I'd add 2 TB for each of the drives and that becomes 46Tb Usable and 18TB for Protection

              • @tohsb: Haha I was kidding about the available option.

                My point was that with my current setup of 3 x 8TB and 2 x 14TB; if I added another 18TB from this deal, I definitely would be wasting that additional 4TB since the calculated outcome would be: 52TB usable, 14TB protection, 4TB unused. It wouldn't be 18TB protection.

                • @moorey: Haha, yeah, I know you were joking. But man that 4TB loss hurts.

  • +2

    Three times I've almost purchased one this past week. Always tempted but I keep holding off and it's even cheaper just days later.

    Think I'll hold out a little longer…

    • I honestly don't think it's gonna get any lower, $24/TB is like the standard sale price

      • it always gets cheaper……

        • I mean yeah eventually as time passes by but I'm talking about the near future

  • +1

    My 2 have shippity dippity dipped - arriving 2nd of April apparently. Somewhat relieved seeing as I missed out on the infamous $130 for 10TB deal from a few years back.

  • does anyone know if this would this come with an AU plug?

    • +3

      No, it wont - youll need to request one through WD

  • why can't i buy 4 of these!? limited to 3 only… :|

    settled for buying 2 for mirroring, and to avoid the heft surcharge for buying at > $1000 for import duties.

    hopefully cap resets before deal ends so i can place an order for another 2 units!! — ?!?

    • -1

      didnt they remove the 1k import duty cap ages ago. all orders should have import duties built in.

      • +2

        no. see above.

      • GST applies from $0, but imports from $1000 - $10,000 have a $50-90 customs declaration fee charged by border force, plus whatever Amazon charges to do the paperwork. Happens to hurt quite a bit if you just go over $1000.

    • Not sure how long the cap is, but it's at least a week or the duration of the deal, not sure which but minimum one of those. Can order a third drive by itself, but doesn't help with mirroring.

  • Thinking of making a second account to buy 3 more. How tight are Amazon with multiple accounts? Do I need to use different cards?

    • -1

      use ur wife / brothers / mothers details.

      STRONGLY suggest u only order 2 at a time, to avoid excess import (admin) fees [see above].

      • This will get you banned from Amazon permanently. Happened to me a few years ago on Amazon.com when I made another account. I'm allowed back on now for some reason though.

        • -1

          diff acccount, diff address…. its a diff purpose.

          • @sanchez01: Biggest dotcom in the world and you think they rely on shipping addresses to flag when people are violating their ToS? Do some research on Amazon bans - their tracking is highly advanced.

            • -1

              @DisabledUser130521: so, get my mum to buy me a HDD to her home - and amazon bans the both of us!? nice try! heck, she's using that 18tb HDD, not me…. go figure! but, sure….

              • @sanchez01:

                get my mum to buy me a HDD to her home

                Which is different than using someone else's details (likely on the same browser, device, IP, etc) as you originally suggested. You're shifting the goalposts.

  • I've received mine today. It does not come with an AU plug. You get the UK and Europe plug adapters. Does anyone know where you can buy the AU one?

    • call WD AUSTRALIA. u get one for free from them.

    • Log in to your WD account, start a chat session and provide them with the serial number for the drive and they will send you one for free.

  • Oos? Link showing 3tb portable hdd

    • luckily I bought 1 yesterday.

      • was meant to expire at 10am today but went early.

    • +1

      It's still working now.. good news

      • is it still working now?

        • +1

          No, only 16TB drive listed now at $418.99

        • +1

          No, now it is well and truly done :(

  • I just received mine and shucked it to reveal a WD180EMFZ

    Also, having hot-swap bays on my PC makes it easy to mount, rather than opening the case.

    • most people put these into dedicated NAS's, aka QNAP/SYNOLOGY etc… but to each their own. well done!

      • +1

        Yes I did think I would do that eventually but what I was looking to do was to use the drive as a off-site backup of all my PC's drives, and using the hot swap bay I could rid myself of having extra cables like USB/power and just keep it in a drive case when I finish my regular backup.

  • Can someone post a pic of their power adaptor?

    I bought two drives and the power adaptor is different. One of mine must be a dodgy return.

  • Anybody near Perth central got a WD power supply handy I can use?

    I was definitely supplied a repacked drive. Has a bloody aftermarket power supply. https://www.amazon.com.au/ABLEGRID-Adapter-WDBABT0010HBK-NES... - This one (but UK plugs).

    I need to check the drive health fairly quickly I suppose.

    • Was the box sealed? I'd definitely be returning that regardless of scan results.

      • It was sealed. You couldn't tell from the outside.

        Also I bought two and due to not noticing the different power supplies immediately have NFI which is the good one.

        • -1

          You can request new AU power supplies from WD for free anyway, so unless the actual drive itself turns out to be dodgy, it doesn't really matter that one of your power supplies is weird…
          Start the drive health checks ASAP 😁

          • @Nom: Yeah I've requested. 10-15 days wait..

            What checks should I do?

            • @justtoreply: If you're a Windows user, use HDSentinel and do "Disk > Short Self-test" first then do "Disk > Extended Self-test" then finally do "Disk > Surface test" with the WRITE (destructive) option.

              After all that, the disk should still show 100% health and it's ready to go.

          • @Nom:

            so unless the actual drive itself turns out to be dodgy, it doesn't really matter that one of your power supplies is weird…

            Yes it does. They purchased new hard drives, not repackaged ones that have survived despite questionable treatment. Hard drives are fragile and there's no certainty a scan would detect all physical damage.

            • @DisabledUser130521: I have no concerns about using drives in production if they pass the full suite of tests - I wouldn't waste time organising a replacement in this scenario.

              If you do want to spend time doing that, then go ahead, there's nothing stopping you.

              • @Nom: Tests don't show how much stress has been unduly inflicted on the bearings when it was likely dropped, improperly packaged, etc - nor do they show the reduction in the lifespan of those moving parts from such mistreatment. I wouldn't consider making sure I don't get a device with a reduced lifespan when I pay $400 for a hard drive I'm filling with valuable data to be a waste of time.

  • +1

    Just received mine today. It has a WD180EMFZ drive in it.

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