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[Hack] Free Delivery to Most Restaurants with $20 Minimum Spend @ Uber Eats


You can almost always get free delivery to your favourite restaurants by following these steps:

  1. Change the delivery address to the desired restaurant.
  2. Check the "$0 Delivery Fee for orders over $20" section to see if your restaurant is here. Restaurants here refresh every 8-15 minutes.
  3. Once your restaurant pops up, place your order and go to the check out page.
  4. You will see at the checkout page a red message saying "you seem far from this address". Change the address to your actual address.
  5. You will be able to finish the order and still access the free delivery promotion.

I have tried this multiple times and have had success.

Hope this will help some people.

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      • +3

        That's mean, the restaurant loses the money not uber. Killing small businesses

        • so we can kill Uber but not small businesses?

          • +1

            @Jaduqimon: As far as I'm aware refunds come out of the pocket of the restaurant you ordered from and not uber eats??

            • @R3XNebular: yes but the promo codes and these exploits come out of the pockets of uber eats….

              • +2

                @Jaduqimon: you weren't referring to the promo codes or free delivery. You were talking about missing ingredients and being allergic to certain foods. Not sure why Uber eats would fork the costs if it was the mistake of the Restaurant…

            • @R3XNebular: I think initially that was the case but around 2019 it changed > https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/jul/17/ubereats-...

              • +1

                @TightTerry: If Uber believes the restaurant made the mistake, they foot the bill for the refund. Such as, for example, if the food contained allergens that weren't declared, or the burger was missing half the stuff.

  • FBI wants to know your location

    • No. The Chinese government will track you and want to know what restaurants you go to, so don't use a Chinese phone, esp, Huawei.

    • Tell them 'sorry too far away.'

  • +6

    jv says: Why would you deliver food to the restaurant?

    Wouldn't you want your food delivered from the restaurant?

    • I was wondering this too. I use UberEats because I want food brought to me, I didn't know ppl use UberEats so that they can take food to the restaurants.

  • +2

    In related news, how's the KFC app specials going?

  • +1

    Yeah I must be dumb but this isnt clear;

    -Check the "$0 Delivery Fee for orders over $20" section to see if your restaurant is here. Restaurants here refresh every 8-15 minutes.
    -Once your restaurant pops up, place your order and go to the check out page.

    So this cant be done for ANY restaurant? Only restaurants that cycle through this promotion?

    • If you set the dummy delivery address very close to the desired restaurant, you'll almost always see that restaurant show up in the promotion (may have to refresh once or twice)

      • +1

        Some restaurants don’t come up at all. I tested one today and all day it never came up. Also McDonalds never comes up for me. And I know they get regular orders because everytime I’m there, there’s a constant stream of McDelivery orders on the counter. There must be a reason why some restaurants never come up in this promotion.

    • -1

      Restaurants don't opt into this. What it is, is that Uber is matching multiple orders and the first poor bastard pays full delivery fee, and the person whose order was decided to be "in between" the restaurant and the first order gets free delivery because, well, it's on the way. If a person does this trick though, Uber can send the first person's food 20 minutes in the opposite direction to the exploiter's address before it finally shows up stone cold and inedible.

  • +4

    good to share but not if you want it to work in the future

    delete this

  • Lol… someone reported this deal for “illegal/inappropriate” 😂

  • -2

    Sigh, dumb decision to post this.

  • +1

    Good one mate. Will be fixed now. Used it all the time when it was $10 minimum and I could get a wagyu donburi bowl with miso soup for $11 delivered. At 20 minimum I'd rather save my money than waste it on takeaway food.

    • +2

      This is why I stopped ordering Laksa delivered, the minimum kept going up and I was adding entrées to cover the difference then I finally decided enough is enough when I needed to order 3 entrées to meet the minimum order.

  • Bit disappointed in the people asking for the deal to be deleted - now that I know about it don't tell anyone or that's my hack don't tell anyone else…This is a public site (you don't even have to be a member to see deals) for sharing money saving ideas.

    • +4

      Personally I want it deleted because I've been on the receiving end of someone doing this - it works because when it offered free delivery it thought you were between the restaurant and someone else ordering so it combined the orders to save time and money (you know, quite logically) but when the exploiter changes the address, the order is still combined so the person who actually paid for delivery has to wait for their food to go the opposite direction before finally being delivered cold.

      • They say that’s how it works, but in reality it doesn’t. It’s usually just a close proximity delivery discount. I’ve ordered from places a few mins drive away legitimately using this promo and it goes straight from the restaurant to my place.

        • Uh huh. Because it doesn't show you the other guy further away's order. Someone else is looking at a screen that says "Your driver is making 1 stop along the way" (with a dot right where your house is, by the way).

          • @DisabledUser155209: Nah the driver even confirmed it as I asked out of curiosity and he showed me it was only my order he had on him and he was going straight back to the main strip which is about 2 minutes scoot away.

            I’m not saying it doesn’t happen as there is definitely the “piggy back” system they use occasionally. However much more often than not it’s a close proximity free delivery discount. There is almost always the same 3-4 restaurants in my free delivery >$20 section.

            • @TightTerry: I also strongly suspect that they also have "opportunistic" matching where a few people are looking at the same restaurant so it tries to use free delivery to encourage the people looking to bite the bullet and order from that restaurant (if that makes sense?)

              The wording they use on that offer is "You are likely to be matched with another order" - nine times out of ten mine is, and that's fine when I expect it, but on the occasions I've paid for delivery a small number have been matched with someone else in the opposite direction ten minutes away from the restaurant (meaning thirty minutes away from me)

      • +1

        Everytime I’ve ordered the $0 delivery option, I’ve been the second or 3rd stop. I’ve ended up with lots of cold food because I didn’t want to pay delivery.

        • Don’t know how you could be the 3rd stop? I’m about 90% sure 2 orders is the Max they can take. Most of us found that out during the Australian open Uber eats promo :)

          • @TightTerry: I watch the tracking. Usually after my food is picked up, next stop is their restaurant (it’s not always the same restaurant as mine) and then am assuming it’s their delivery due to it going blank for a bit. Although the other day it actually had to location of their stop not blanked out.
            I order a lot of uber eats being house bound. Sometimes the wait at the second restaurant is really long.

            • @UndeclaredFreak: @UndelaredFerak, Fairly sure you would never have 1 courier for 2 restaurant in same run.

              • +2

                @oscinator1988: I’ve seen it on the tracking. Where the car has picked up my order, then says it’s picking up another and I can see the restaurant. It’s always in the same area though. But this has happened to me a couple of times now. The last time it happened the driver was sitting at the second restaurant for a good 15 minutes after it had already picked mine up from elsewhere.

      • -4

        Who cares? If the person who payed for it has an issue at all it's just as easy for them to contact Uber support and make the case that their food was cold, if it was due to the wait, or the fact they had to wait so long. No sympathy for these mega-corporations at all, they deserve every dollar ripped off from them.

        • -1

          You're not screwing a mega-corporation, you're screwing another person. And that person who got cold, inedible food through your fault probably cares.

          • @DisabledUser155209: No you're not. If their food is cold all they have to do is message Uber support. They will most likely refund if it's cold.

            • -1

              @shaibankek2: And then throw out inedible food and try order again. Once again, you're screwing someone else because you're selfish.

      • +3

        I got mine stuff you…

        • -1

          I love getting downvotes for pointing out people being selfish t***ers too.

      • Great attitude.

      • +2

        That's completely fair, but end of the day that's also on Uber. We often get this happening despite being seemingly the closer place to deliver to. But I will never not complain on Ubers support line if food arrives cold and disgusting because of having to go to another location first when I've paid for delivery. They're normally pretty good with refunds. Until you ask for too many and they start spouting you're violating community guidelines. Stop violating my taste buds Uber! Staaaaaaaaahp

        • -2

          I just neg the driver for taking the stupid route of going further from my house to make another delivery first then coming back instead of doing my delivery along the way first.

          If i was the drive i'd deliver the closer ones first

          • +1

            @Jaduqimon: haha that's fair, but also do they even get the option? I don't exactly know how it works and end of the day if I've paid for the delivery and the food comes disgusting I'll let Uber know about it coz it's a mix of both the system and drivers I suppose.

          • +5

            @Jaduqimon: Pretty unfair. They don't know where the second delivery is going until the first one is finished. Uber picks which one is first.

            • -5

              @vodamerc: When i get the food is picked up notification, I do a google directions search from restaurant to my house. That takes into account the traffic and if the driver is more than 10% slower than that, I neg.

            • @vodamerc: That might actually be different since 1 March - Uber changed their contract with drivers to try and avoid drivers being classified as employees, and part of that was to change the way they offer jobs. When the actual offer is made to the driver, a lot more info is now given to them up front so that they can make the decision to accept or not - I don't know how this works with combined orders, maybe it just gives them an estimate of km driven and $ paid. The issue is that if the two orders are in opposite directions, then one of the two customers is getting screwed no matter what.

  • +1

    Damn, this would have saved me so much money if id known about it sooner.

  • -1


  • +1

    Uber is still making money regardless. Example- my local restaurant has a main at $14.95 but on eats/doordash it is listed as $18.95!!! That’s a whole extra $4 on just one item.

    I asked the restaurant if they get $18.95, they said no!

    So that $4 goes to Uber, not the driver. Not sure whose at the losing end?

    • +3

      Its more than $4. They took a cut from the $14.95 too.

    • -1

      They get 70 percent of 18.95 so $13.26

      • +2

        Fire out! No mercy on these vultures then. Hope everyone uses this hack xd

  • thanks for sharing, it is a nice way to save some $ if you are not picky of the restaurant/food but most of the people didn't notice.

  • +1

    Been using that hack since day dot. Now it will be closed. Got to keep these deals to yourself. Deliveroo still $1 delivery for another week. Head to the offers pages and there is regularly % off which stacks.

  • +1

    Except restaurants on Uber Eats charge 20-30% higher prices than their regular prices. So even if it’s free delivery, you’re still essentially paying for delivery.

    Always a good idea to look online at their menu and delivery fee. Usually delivery is $5, combine that with 20-30% cheaper prices on meals and it’s cheaper than Uber Eats with free delivery

  • Doesn't work anymore for me, the delivery fee change when I have the address updated.

    • works for me as of approx. 12pm

  • +5

    I'm starting to see a service fee today ie. 10% of order, is this something new?

  • +2

    I saw the service fee as well. It seems UberEats begins to charge delivery fee and service fee separately. Even it's a free delivery, it is still going to charge $1-4 for the service fee.

  • +1

    Please be careful with this promotion.

    If the restaurant remove an item because they sold out or are out of stock and the order drops below the free delivery value Uber Eats will automatically charge you a delivery fee.

    This has happened to me a couple of times and Uber Eats will ask you for screenshots of the promotion and the original order.

  • +2

    Awesome thanks.
    Just tested it out at work, and works great.

    I haven't used uber eats in a while though. What's this new "service fee"? Extra $2

  • Uber just rolled out the Service fee of Ree delivery options to mitigate this hack?

    • New account or old?

      • +3

        Old. Min service fee of $1, max of $4. In addition to delivery fee. Uber Eats has gone to trash tier delivery service.

  • +1

    Where can i Check the "$0 Delivery Fee for orders over $20" section to see if your restaurant is here on the ubereats app ?

    • +1

      If you live in an area with limited restaurants, might now show. Also, that section closes at a certain time.

      • Thanks for the info mate!

  • I used to order when it was $15 minimum not $20, oh well, waiting on vouchers which I'm never eligible for :(

  • thank op…. posted to reddit

  • i love the craftiness x thriftiness.
    up there with Kate Hashimoto

  • +2

    Anyone else not get the Free Delivery section when ordering via website on Desktop anymore?

  • I used to use a similar hack to get restaurants out of my area, change location and add to cart and change the address on the final page. Uber drivers used to be shocked at the ,20-km drive to drop food. It got patched real quick lol

    • I tried this and doesn’t work. As soon as I change the address back it comes up that restaurant doesn’t deliver to my address.

      • This was a while ago. Now it’s fixed.

  • +1

    Now ubereats break up the fees into delivery + service fees. What the hell is that?

    • You can thank op for that. It's the 1st step to recovering the l̶o̶s̶s̶ profits from the hack before raising the price later on.

    • Where? I don't see this on my app

  • +1

    I will be using deliveroo from now on thanks, got slapped with a service fee on uber eats (cbb telling colleagues the extra amount after the fact, so took the hit).

  • Tried at a Thai restaurant Gold Coast. Didn’t work there I’m afraid

  • Thanks OP actually worked. Didn't work on Android, worked fine on my iPad.

  • Mines stuck trying to load.

  • +1

    Not longer working?

    • Just used it now and all good.

      • +2

        Don’t have the "$0 Delivery Fee for orders over $20" section in my app…

  • Just tried this and it worked.
    Very sneky.

  • My mate works at Uber (Australia), says they knew about this loophole yonks ago but didn't bother fixing it because it wasn't 'that big of a priority'. Go figure.

  • Doesn't accept for me. I changed my address to restaurant and then home but it still shows the restaurant address…

  • Think they've closed this. Uber pass now

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