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Nintendo Switch Console - Mario Red & Blue Edition $399 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Price drop from $449 to $399. Mario Red & Blue Edition, just pick up one if you like it.
Can't use the 5% code as it's excluded item. You can try to find some discount gift card for more saver.

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    Also available for $398 delivered at Amazon AU

  • 1 dollars cheaper on Amazon

    Nintendo Switch Console - Mario Red & Blue Edition https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08SVT8YDD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_f...

  • Yes, Amazon won.
    But I believe many ozbargain people got the 15% off gift cards (him/her/kids) from Coles before and they can be used in JB.

  • Anybody think they'll reduce the retail price of this variant (not just this colour) if they bring out the rumoured updated pro version? Or being Nintendo, will they likely just stop making these and only offer the updated version - at the higher price?

    • Given how high demand is, the a the current state of chip manufacturing, I wouldn't be holding out for discounts ahead of the pro model.

      • Yeah, I think the same. 😩

    • is it worth waiting for in terms of features? and will it be more expensive (not including scalped prices)?

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        is it worth waiting for in terms of features?

        Who knows. If it's anything like the jump from 3DS to New 3DS - yes.

        and will it be more expensive

        Who knows.

    • when do you guess new version will come out considering chip shortages? i think i saw something about 2022

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        Holidays 2021 my guess.

  • 5% was applied last night for couple of hours and they fixed it.

  • $50 too much.

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      $100 too much.

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    Not gonna lie, that's an ugly Nintendo Switch.

    • Lol just purchased one as a gift.

      Definitely, my favourite colour of all the Switches so far.

    • Best. The black grey white colours are the ugliest

    • It's not ugly, if they change the name to Spiderman edition. Mario deserves a better design

    • Funny, people either love it or hate it. I'm team hate.

  • Can we still hack switch….

    • Not really, the mod chip that came out for it got stomped on hard by Mario's legal team. They are really hard to get now and super expensive if you do find one. I have one and support is really limited now that team executer probably won't be releasing updates.

      Search for unpatched switch on eBay if you want something to run home brew and emulators.

      • Oh well should have bought one, 2 (or 3 ?) years ago during intro sale by Amazon $329 I was err Orr arr urr for 30 mins on the train then all sold out….. Sad memory….

        Back to my $99 3ds

        • Buy a wii u. Under $100 and most of the good switch games are just wii u ports. Easy to soft mod.

          • @Buyingcrap: Think you'll struggle to find a Wii U at that price now. Low sales of a Nintendo console = collectors item quickly.

          • @Buyingcrap: very hard to find now

        • Well there's also a switch emulator called YUZU that is bloody amazing if you have a half decent gaming PC. You have to own the games to use it legally of course.

          • @Buyingcrap: Thanks checking it

          • @Buyingcrap: Owning physical games and emulating said games has always been a grey area. I think the act of ripping and distributing those games is illegal. Ripping your own games is less grey.

            That said, I've got my old Sega Megadrive (because Sega do what Nintendon't) that doesn't work, but I have the old cartridges. I used download and emulate those games. These days, I just get them on Steam or Android. I'm too old to mess around with emulators.

            • @flaminglemon:

              I'm too old to mess around with emulators.

              I think you're over complicating how complex emulators actually are. If you can open a document in Word, you can open a rom in an emulator.

              • @PainToad: Not sure about now, but back in the day I had to mess around with controller settings, framerates, etc. Running a game is fine, but running it the way I want was a little more involved.

                But true, it's not as hard as I'm making it out to be. I'm just old and cranky.

  • is it too late to start playing animal crossing now?

    • want to try real human crossing instead? :-)

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      Never too late if you know someone who plays regularly.

      Great game but it's way too short in my opinion. Me and the gf were hardcore into it, then stopped playing after a month

      • i don't think i do know anyone who plays

        were you two time travelling? i definitely don't want to do that. i'm looking for a game that i won't feel addicted to that i can just play a little each day.

        • No time travel. I "finished" the game (final house extension) within a few weeks, then it just felt kinda pointless after that.

    • is it too late to start playing pokemon go now?

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        Never. But get a fitness tracker that you can link to Google Fit. And link Pokemon Go to Google Fit. You'll be hatching eggs like there's no tomorrow.