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Gaming PC with AMD R5-3600 CPU, RTX 3070 GPU, B550M Aorus Elite, 16GB RAM, 480GB SSD, 650W Bronze PSU $1888 + Postage @ TechFast


Hi all,

As requested many times on deal posts and via PM, here is our new RTX 3070 deal. CPU pairing options are R5 3600 and R7 3700X, with various upgrades available on other lines as always. I think everyone understands the demand increase/supply shortage across GPU in particular which have driven prices up. There is insufficient Intel supply for an Intel-based deal at the moment.

You will need to use the links here in OzB to access the product the coupon applies to.

Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 3070 8GB Gaming PC: $1888 after 3600-3070-MAR

  • AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6c/12t processor [3700X upgrade available - no Zen 3 upgrades available at this stage]
  • RTX 3070 8GB [Galax/MSI/Giga/Asus being used; twin fan models more likely]
  • Gigabyte B550M Aorus Elite motherboard [MSI X570-A Pro and Gigabyte Aorus Elite X570 WiFi upgrades available]
  • 16GB 3200MHz (2x8) RAM (brand/model may vary; upgrades available)
  • 480GB 2.5" SSD (brand/model may vary; upgrades available)
  • Gigabyte P650B 650W 80 Plus Bronze PSU (Gigabyte P750G 750W 80 Plus Gold upgrade price dropped to $69)
  • Lance-V ATX RGB case

Expected shipping times from late second week of April onwards.

Order updates:

  • All Intel 3070 deal orders are in build and are dispatching this week to be finalised next. We're working through orders in date order as quickly as possible - I think you can see pricing wise you got a great deal so hang in there.
  • Ditto with 5600X - there were some CPU delays here which have been resolved and all are in prebuild to ship this week and next.
  • 1660 Super orders are continuing to ship in smaller numbers as GPUs become available. Definitely delays there due to mining demand and supplier shortages but they are moving through
  • No specific update on RTX 3080 orders at this stage from the last communication to customers. As soon as we know, you'll know, via email.


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      That's the business model we've worked from right from the beginning. The semantics around the word pre-order is subjective, but if you order through us, you're placing an order for a customised system that has a stated estimated lead time. Those are the terms of engaging with us if you would like to.

    • +2

      I ordered the early Feb version on 5 Feb and was delivered on 9 March. Other OzB members who ordered 4 Feb got delivery approx 1 week earlier. So you might e lookin at 4-5 weeks, if other factors are similar.

      Deliver estimate for early FEB was 14 business days, ended up being 18-20ish. ‘Late second week of April’ from this deal indicates a slightly shorter delivery time.

  • Hi Luke,

    Im needing a new PC by the EOFY also.

    Looking for something in the $2800-4000 mark probably with a GTX 3070.
    Any chance of a more "premium build" that fits this kinda criteria.

    • This build is upgradeable into those price ranges. Realistically it's not our business model to offer guaranteed, "premium-tier" parts - everything we offer either has a brand/model that is stated in the listing, or otherwise may vary and be of an approximately equivalent brand/model performance wise, according to availability/pricing.

  • Any notable difference between this build and this one https://techfast.com.au/products/AMD-Ryzen-5-3600-RX-6700-XT... ?

  • I am in the market for a powerful pc. Would I be able to claim some back in tax? Depreciated over 4 years? I work In IT and provided with a laptop but would benefit with more processing power. Sorry if this seems like a stupid question but I have not claimed a laptop or desktop purchase through tax before. Has anyone done this? It would be partly used for gaming aswell as studying for certifications and work.

    • Best ask an accountant, but the answer is, it depends. For study and gaming purposes, the answer is no.

      If your an employee, the answer is very likely no as well.

      If your a contractor/self-employed, then theres a decent chance if you need the computer for work, then you could claim it, and it wouldnt have to be depreciated because of the instant tax write off if your a small business.

      Again check with an accountant to be sure given your specific situation.

      • What if your mining with the 'gaming' card and it is the business sole source of income ?

        • Please dont use the m***** word here, gamer boys will use all their negs on you

      • If you work from home as well as office then you can still claim even if you are an employee.

    • +1

      The word gaming can be removed from the invoice upon request. I can't comment beyond what we can do.

      • Just asking for a friend,

        If it fits on your lap then it's a laptop computer right?

        So if I place a order the invoice could say portable laptop computer? With no mention of desktop 😄?

      • How do I organise this Luke? I've already placed an order. Do I just email sales?

    • If your work involves playing with / administering Virtual Machines, creating virtual classroom training materials etc, you COULD argue that you're buying it for study lab purposes (but you'd likely need to apportion it with private use as well).

      As others are saying, best to speak to your accountant, but removing any reference to Gaming from the receipt would be helpful in the event of an audit.

      • Thanks kudoz I do work a help desk role but spend several hours at night working with virtual machines, creating training materials and studying Microsoft and cisco certifications.

  • Ditto with 5600X - there were some CPU delays here which have been resolved and all are in prebuild to ship this week and next.

    Fraaaaaames… FRAAAAAMEESS!!! need fraaames!

  • +1

    Hey Luke,

    Are there any plans for SFF builds, something similar in size to the NR200?

    I've started a new job and I'll have to move around.

    • There's really no stock of lower end GPUs suitable for a smaller build. There's no guarantee the more powerful GPUs which are larger will fit in smaller cases because we're getting multiple models in, so we're not looking at that right now.

      • That’s a shame!

        Although the nr200 can fit a 330mm cards

  • Delivery time eta?

    • Bottom the specs in the OP

    • Direct quote from the deal post above: "Expected shipping times from late second week of April onwards"

  • Is this worth getting over the https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/612968 build considering the 6700 XT is a couple hundred dollars cheaper? I'm not really looking for ray tracing performance or anything.

  • Any low-mid priced deals coming Luke?

    • No GPU stock mate.

  • Any chance of the code working on your intel i5 (10600kf) PC instead of Ryzen?

    • In deal post, not enough Intel stock around right now for an Intel deal.

  • What is the better value - this deal or this prebuilt? https://www.scorptec.com.au/product/ready-to-run-pcs/gaming-...

    • I would still say this deal, I just quickly upgraded the components to match the Scorptec deal (excluding the 2TB HDD because you can pick one of them up yourself for around $75 and a SATA cable for like $1, much cheaper than the $119 upgrade option) but with all the added upgrades to make it basically the exact same build it comes out to be $2,754.00 then add the discount code and it comes out to be total $2,454.00 excluding shipping, so a $545 saving (then take into account the 2TB HDD). If money isn't an issue it might come down to aesthetics for you in which case its up to personal opinion. It might also come down to shipping time, Scorptec have them ready to ship I believe and TechFast build them as the order comes so it might also come down to how long you are willing to wait. This deal says "Expected shipping times from late second week of April onwards."

      Overall, this is a cheaper deal even with the upgrades but ultimately up to you with what you want to do.

  • Just ordered the 6700xt deal two days ago… Luke, any chance of modifying the order to switch to a 3070?

    • Bah, why won't OzB let me edit or delete posts? Ignore that previous comment for now…

  • Thanks Luke. Been waiting for this. Ordered one

    • Thanks for your order!

      • Finally received mine today but on first boot there are these weird green lines on screen. Anyone who order have the same issue?
        I tries to get into BIOS and they are still there. Tried to reinstall windows (it’s fine during the installation process) but once it boots to the windows logo, iI get a lot of green dots and then a blank screen.
        Tried to google and it seems a few months ago s lot of people who had gtx 3070 had the same issue.

  • Really sitting on the fence on this one. Very tempted. Is it worth upgrading the psu from bronze to gold? And cooler to 240?

    • PSU will give you better efficiency from the wall but 650 is perfectly adequate. 240mm if you're looking to push the 3700X CPU. 120mm definitely performs better than stock for the 3600.

      • +1

        Thanks Luke just placed an order :) I’m currently using a Hp elite desk 8300 with a GTX 1050ti Lp so this is a much needed upgrade. if you could throw in any small freebies that would be great.

  • I need to do study/office work on the computer as well as gaming. Could you let me know if this runs relatively low noise/volume for regular use, or which component combination to choose to make it like that?
    Also, I want audio out to my stereo. (preferably digital out)

    • +1

      If you want a computer that's quiet then you might want to avoid a mesh style case. Mesh cases basically let air intake through the front of the computer (which is a good design choice for keeping your graphics card cooler when gaming) but that's also where your ears are going to pick up on fan noise.

      The majority of fan noise would be from the graphics card (2500 ~ 3000 RPM). Nothing you can do about that except tweak the fan curve but you can replace the case fans and CPU fan with some high quality Noctua's to make them quieter.

  • @luke, going through the ram upgrade options, is it possible to request for rams that comes with rgb?

    • Not at this stage - we're definitely looking into RGB Model as an upgrade option but we're not there with supply negoations yet.

  • Anyone still waiting for their 3070 / intel orders? 20 days today, hopefully they are shipped out next week :S

    • Yep, the balance will be heading out early/mid next week along with 5600x 3070s and a lot of 350Px 1660 Super.

      • Thanks for the update Luke!

        Much appreciated

    • Hang in there, still holding out on mine as well!

  • Really confused to find out the Gigabyte B550M Aorus Elite doesn't have ANY USB3.2 Gen2… where the PRO model does… since when would Elite be lower than Pro? lol

    • Elite -> Pro -> Master

  • +1

    Certainly a better deal than the flops trying to offload their Skylake i7/1080ti build for the same sort of money

  • Is it possible to order one without GPU? I already have a 2080

    • I’ll take the gpu off you

    • You can order the computer unassembled and then sell the GPU on Facebook marketplace of Gumtree or probably anyone in this OzBargain forum because GPU's are so hard to come by at the moment. Alternatively, order it assembled and just replace GPU and again sell it.

      In my opinion sell the 2080 and keep the better card, however, if you know you're not gonna use the full capability of the card sell the 3070 and basically have this computer technically for a really cheap price.

      If you are local in SA they might let you drop off your current card to install and they should give you the 3070 in a box to make it easier for selling.

      Hope that helps :)

  • can either of the upgraded mother boards run 2 gfx cards, ie add another 3070 to it? and will the 850 PSU be enough?

    • anyone ?

  • Hi Luke, this has probably been asked a couple of times but If it comes assembled will it be in packaging? Was thinking of selling a few certain parts. Cheers

    • If the system is Assembled it will not have any retail packaging, just an accessories box and the PC box. If you order Unassembled, it will come as we receive it; some will have retail and some may have OEM/bulk packaging depending how we receive it.

  • +1

    Need a machine rather urgently… Would be interested if it doesn't take a few weeks to ship

    • Normally 4-5 weeks from order to delivery with techfast. You are better off paying a premium and getting a ready built system somewhere else unfortunately.

  • The gold PSU upgrade it not showing at $69, still says $109. Does this get amended post order?

  • Hi Luke, how many hard drives can I install in these? I have six (one ssd & five 3.5 HDD) in my current PC (via SATA)

    • +1

      2 x 3.5 and 2 x 2.5. The PSU would likely need to come partially back out to fill the spots after initial assembly, as this case isn't super flexible for DIY after the fact.

  • Hi Luke,

    Any chance there will be another intel/3070 deal coming up soon? Cheers

    • +1

      Working through it all for this month. Generational swap over makes things interesting trying to work out pricing, supply etc.

  • hi techfast, i’m not familiar with you guys but i did order in hopes of getting it by my birthday or maybe a few days after. i ordered this build on the 27th and my birthday was yesterday, 7th of april. i don’t know if that was an unrealistic expectation or not but i was wondering if you could let me know where abouts you guys are with them orders how a super rough guess on when you think my order should come. also, when i purchased my build at the bottom of the page when it had the summary of the build now how much it all cost then the total it said $1946. now when i purchased it i looked at my bank account and say $1979 was taken out. not sure what happened there haha. may aswell paid for express if it cost 50 for shipping then an extra 33 for whatever that extra charge was for. thanks for your time! :)

    • Hi and thanks for your order. There's a tab on each product page called Build and Shipping Times that says the current estimated time from order to shipping is approximately 14 business days (Monday to Friday). That would make today business day 9. It says it's an estimate that may be affected by things such as supply, our current order queue and other factors, and you can reach out to enquire at any time to us. I can confirm we are in a busy period and one affected by supply shortages industry-wide, so the time may extend beyond the estimate, but it won't blow out by a very large number of business days.
      As for the total, it depends what payment method you chose as there is no surcharge for bank deposit, and a 1.5% for credit card. This is displayed during checkout and should appear on your invoice - if not, please email [email protected] and it can be revised if required.

      • okay kool, so because of the shortage and you saying it won’t be out by a large number, i’m assuming anywhere from 18-20 business days until i receive my pc? i’ve been dying to get it since i sold my old build within an hour which i wasn’t expecting so i’ve been without a pc for a solid 2 weeks😭

        • That's correct, yep. I can't put an exact number of days on it but your understanding is correct.

  • Is it normal for the order to be "pending" on the order history page? I paid via direct deposit about 10 days ago.

    • +1

      Yes normal, usually takes 4-5 weeks to recieve your system

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