[Unobtainable] eufy Security 2K Indoor Camera US$32.76 (~A$43.20) Delivered @ ANKER Official Store via AliExpress

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Cheapest price yet, next best was $51 earlier this year.

To get price in title:

  • Apply promo code ALIAN4 for US$4 off on orders over US$30 at checkout.

Note: Deal starts Monday 29/03 at 6:00pm AEDT. Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD

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    Can this be fine for cheap baby monitor?

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      I have exactly one for that! I’ve added to HomeKit. And my lamp flashes on 1 sec in the lounge when baby is moving around. I can also have a live feed in Picture in Picture mode whilst my tv is on with the Apple TV. Also detects crying and sends a notification.

      • Which services do you use to connect the camera to the lamp? I'm guessing something like IFTTT?

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          HomeKit typically lets you create interactions between things really easily. My bet would be that the lamp has a smart glove in it, or is connected to one of those smart electrical plugs.

          • +1

            @Thundaja: Correct HomeKit let’s you set actions to motion sensors. (Camera) I also meant to say the lamp comes on for 1min

          • @Thundaja: Thanks. I hadn't of Homekit, as I don't have any Apple devices. Hopefully there's an Android equivalent that works with these cameras.

      • +4

        are you worried about security at all? like if someone can tap into your baby cam

        • +3

          Obviously never say never but Eufy cameras are pretty secure. You would have a hard time tapping into one.

          These are very different to old IP cameras that people didn’t bother changing the default password on.

          • +2

            @DisabledUser383132: good to know thanks. dont know why i got negged, needed my tin foil hat perhaps?

            • +1

              @ltwo: There's always idiots who downvote security conscious people. Don't worry.

              It's a very fair question. I would recommend setting one up without direct internet connectivity, i.e. behind s firewall and with a vpn if remote connectivity is needed.

      • +4

        How did you get Crying alerts to work? As I have added mine to HomeKit like you have done (hence the Picture in Picture on Apple TV) my Eufy app states that crying alerts can’t be used of the camera is also on HomeKit.

        • Sorry for the delay. I have a raspberry Pi with homebridge setup (homebridge Eufy Security plug-in) I setup a guest account on my eufy which is solely for HomeKit (1080p) and I also have full access to my eufy app and features. Ex. 2k, cry detection etc. with my admin account

      • Also interested on how you got the crying alerts to work with the camera being on HomeKit

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    Does this connect to existing Eufy homebase?

    • I want to know this too.

    • +1

      NO. it works independently.
      but within the same eufy app. It works better than those wireless eufy cameras, with more accuracy and features.

    • +1

      Like m2000 said, it doesn't need the homebase, it connects directly to your wifi router

      It does need it's own micro SD card though

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    What would you recommend for outdoor?

    • +2

      An outdoor camera.

  • +2

    I ordered the pan and tilt version of this not long ago. Works great and everything (especially in HomeKit), but if this is the same, don't expect it to come with an AU plug.

    • Same here, was hoping for P&T deal. Still these look good. Thanks OP

  • I’ve got eufy wireless outdoor car eras connected to the home base inside. I would like to install another camera fir under the patio pointing at the front door, but don’t need it to be waterproof like the others. Is there a more affordable indoor eufy that is wireless? Thanks

  • Can this be used outdoors like front door porch?

    • +1

      They’re not moisture rated, so technically no. But who’s going to stop you?

      • When it fails due to no Ingress Protection is when its going to stop him :)

        • If it's a covered porch and essentially there's no chance of any actual water ingress - it's probably going to be just fine. Worst case scenario ? Put it in an outdoor enclosure..

    • I've got this exact model looking out and down my front door to check for parcel deliveries & other things. I've got it tilted sideways and that captures view of the ground and my front porch ceiling. It's been outside for nearly 6 months and still going strong and we had some very windy rains as well. I think I taped up the SD card slot just in case? You will get a lot of false detections if you have lots of shadows in view of this camera. Person detection feature on this unit is pretty bad compared to Arlo or Wyze. Not sure if that's because I have it mounted sideways? For this price, I'm going to get another and put it under my eaves looking down on my bike. :)

      • I ordered a ring stick up cam. Is the detection good?

  • I am just wondering if I place it on a window sill pointing outside the house would it do a good job as an outdoor security camera ?

    • +3

      if it uses infrared for night mode then it'll just reflect off the glass.

      • +3

        You're absolutely right.
        There is no such a thing as free lunch.

        • +1

          if you can turn off the infrared/nightmode then might still be usable depending how clear you need the picture to be.
          if you just need to check if a gate is shut etc then could be ok!

          • +2

            @ltwo: @ltwo: If you disable the infrared and have a motion spot light outside which is triggered then it's not too bad. Better than nothing.

  • +1

    Alian vs Pradetor

  • Can anyone recommend a battery operated webcam that uploads to a wifi router with storage?

  • New to this.
    Would this be good if I put it in the living room, and it will send me a mobile alert if someone has broken into the house.

  • +1

    Just note there are only 11 pieces left at the moment and hopefully they restock when the sale starts as they can sell out quickly.

  • The one you linked on Amazon has pan/tilt features that aren't on the model in the deal.
    Also couldn't get the promo code to apply, but bought two anyway.

    • Promo code is not active until 29 March as per the original link the Op posted.

    • Oh ok thanks didn't know it was a different model. Try and cancel the order and purchase again when sale starts at 6pm on Monday.

  • My inquisitive mind is still thinking about mounting this indoor camera under the eaves where it won't be exposed to neither rain nor direct sun light.
    Even if it is gonna die in five years due to corrosion, etc, it is still gonna be ok for me as new technologies will come.
    What do you think guys about it ?

    • +1

      Had the XiaoFang mounted under the eaves for a few years without issue, still works but wanted to update so have the Reolink RLC410W now.

      • Hi @adr8, Did you have your xiaofang work for remote viewing/connection?
        If you do, what app did you use and have you got any website reference to setup remote viewing?

        • I couldn't get the remote viewing set up either.

    • +3

      Eufy has new hardwired outdoor cameras called “Eufy Outdoor Cam/Pro” coming soon but we won’t know if they will sell it here until they start showing up. Might be worth waiting to see what it is and if it comes here.

      • Then probably I can get this one, use it for two, three, four years waiting for that new camera price drop and firmware updates which would fix potential teething problems.

  • anyone know what the model number is on this bad boy?

    • +1

      Model number is T8400. I mistakenly linked the Amazon tilt version earlier, that one has a different model number T8400CW4

  • Can confirm that this is a fantastic product for that price. ESPECIALLY for HomeKit users.

    I paid $75 for mine a month ago. I’ll probably buy two more for this price if I can get in.

  • I'd personally go for the eufy Security eufyCam 2 but they come with a European plug only. In Australia they seem to call them eufy Security eufyCam plus? Is this different? Reading the reviews it is pointless to buy the eufy Security eufyCam 2 Pro at around $60 US more for the two camera pack since it offers no better image despite being 2K.

    • +1

      Posted the eufy Security eufyCam 2 in a new deal

  • The stock level has gone down from around 30 or so, to just 2 today. I hope they'll actually have stock on Monday for the sale.

  • +3

    I purchased the Eufy 2C Security cam system from them in December. Last tracking update is from Jan 27.

    Yet to receive it and so beware of extended shipping times. As per aliexpress I can only dispute this after April 15 - Almost 3 months from the order date. Anker customer support is a bot responding with standard replies.

    I strongly recommend trying to buy from local stock unless you are prepared to wait a long time! IMO not worth the savings with such delays.

    • I gave them a second chance after waiting almost 3 months and this time I ordered from 2 different sellers.
      First one arrived after 2.5 months and the second one arrived after 3 months with 1item instead of 3 items in the bag.

      Never again for me.
      Rather buy local and pay a bit more (like I had been for years) than to risk it.

      • Can totally understand.

      • Where can it can be purchased locally for 'a bit more'?

  • Seems they're out of stock now, hopefully they restock on monday

  • -1

    Only ever bought one thing from Ali Express.
    It never arrived.
    After a month the Tracking showed it as far as about to leave China and stopped.
    After another month I complained, they said they'd refund.
    They never did.
    The whole operation is dodgier than a 3am kebab.

    • +2

      Everything I've bought from Aliexpress did arrive. Did you check the seller first? It's not that different to ebay.

    • +1

      I've purchased 100+ items from aliexpress over my lifetime and never had something go missing without compensation.

      It beats paying the aussie reseller markup and I have more money left for ASX bets. Win-win

    • I've been purchasing from AliExpress for years and I've only had maybe one or two orders not arrive, which were most likely lost in transit (small items).

    • I recently made three purchases fro Anker Aliexpress. First order came really quick about a week. Next two orders took a bit longer about 3 weeks.

  • -2

    May be relevant to some buying a security camera system with access to the internet. Eufy is 100% Chinese owned. One can argue all Chinese companies are state owned.

    • What are the alternatives?

  • Real or fake?

  • How’s the connection for live streaming? My Mijia camera is all good but every time it takes a minute to connect and streaming is slow.

    • Its pretty fast and on HomeKit VERY fast. Much much faster than my Arlo baby camera

  • +3

    Although the deal price is meant to start at 6pm, it seems like the item has been removed?

    • OzBargained Pre-coupon?

    • +2

      It's due to them running out of stock. Just wait to see whether they restock it.

      For those ordering first time, just be aware, their packaging is quite horrible. They just wrap it with plastic type material without any further protection. The box will most likely come in damaged, just hope its not too damaged that it affects the items inside, as the original packaging for the indoor 2k cams is not that solid as well.

  • Appears out of stock still despite it being 6pm…

  • Can you use these with HomeKit and Google Home at the same time? not streaming to the same devices at the exact same time, but both ecosystems?

  • +1

    Those keen on the pan and tilt indoor 2K instead, they have restock on those cameras.


    Probably able to use in conjunction with the current Aliexpress coupons available at the moment.


    • are there cheaper models with RTSP?

      im trying to replace my hacked xiaofangs with something that can use POE. wireless has too many dropouts

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