Hosted Excel Solution with Version Control?

This might be a long shot.

Been trying to find a platform or piece of software that will show 2000-3000 rows of data that will allow multiple to work on it at the same time as well as have history and version control.

Confluence has this but it is slow once you past like 500 rows.

The only thing close to this is zoho sheets but yeah still not liking it. Anyone know of anything else that could handle this? Been looking at but it doesnt look like what I am looking for either.


  • Does it have to be excel? What about Google sheets?

    • I’m fine with anything that can recover if someone accidentally deleted everything and saves it

  • MS Smartsheet.

  • I think Excel can do this if the file is saved in SharePoint .

  • You can do this for free with a standard Microsoft account, and a shared document stored in OneDrive. So long as everyone else has Microsoft accounts, unlimited users can collaborate simultaneously on the same document.

    • If you're after something a little more "professional", the entry level plan for Microsoft 365 comes with all the online Office suite, and is $7 per user per month.

  • Google Sheets. At my work we start a new spreadsheet at the beginning of the year and add an average of 60 rows per day.

    The 2020 file got to almost 15,000 rows and up to 5 concurrent users without breaking a sweat.

    Having said that, the sheet isn't edited heavily, so your mileage may vary depending on your use case.

  • As much as I am creeped out by Google in general, and have decades of Excel muscle memory, I have to admit gSheets is excellent. Their multi user works well enough, and the API is easy enough to integrate with other products.

    I've started using it personally for some dashboard style metrics on weather/temp data and internet speed tests at multiple sites. It logs 50-100 rows a day and charts them in a format that's easy to embed on other pages and refresh dynamically. Doesn't break a sweat doing histograms on a few thousand rows of data

    I know spreadsheets != databases and that a sql/PowerBI/grafana setup would be more powerful long term, but this works amazingly well. It also kicks off all the computationally heavy work to Google's infrastructure rather than the anemic Raspberry Pis at the remote sites.

    • Haven't used version control in a great deal of detail, but gSheets has a good underlying API for snapshots if the UI is lacking.

  • Thanks for all the replies, will have a look.

    Google sheets and share point spreadsheet, my only concern is if someone just deletes all the data, can you recover it using version control?