In-Ear Headphone to Use in Helmet (Motorcycle) ? Suggestions

Has one got in ear headphones, like galaxy buds or airpods or other brands which is working fine with helmet.

Query is in terms of comfort, call clarity. What's the best bang for buck device, according to you.

Usage :
This is one off or sometime for the GPS direction.

No music or long talks, I use wired set sometime so thought of checking what are using these days which is neither cardo nor Sena.


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    UE900s with comply foam are a lovely fit inside my helmet. They go in a long way though, but they are flat against your ear. I can sleep in mine (side sleeper)

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    What your budget? I'd recommend Sena.


      Cardo or Sena both are good. But looking for earphone/ earbud for the phone purpose only.

      Peer to peer communication via Sena/cardo not required at this stage.

      Budget is not really set but not over $300 if really have to spend that much.


        He's probably recommending a Sena because they do bluetooth connectivity to phones too, I would assume Cardo's as well. That's how I use mine with phone GPS.

        Before that I bought a $10 pair of headphones (not in ear) from PLE and just ripped them off the headband and double sided taped them into my helmet. Basically the same as Sena/Cardo in helmet speakers.

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    Shure se215. The best. The only downside is comfort and length. If you are ok with in ear headphones these are great and you can get plenty of aftermarket adaptors or extensions off eBay. I use a 7 year old Sena 10 that I got for really cheap these days though

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    Galaxy buds are fine in helmet but a pain when taking the helmet off

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    Nothing. Seriously.

    When I am out riding, I want to hear everything going on around me. It’s bad enough to have hearing dulled by the helmet, but to pump one of your senses full of noise. I can’t even understand why I see people in cars wearing headphones and ear phones…


      I understand your point, but don't you worry about going deaf from riding on freeway or do you just cruise around your local area. I wear noise reduction earplugs almost every ride. You can still hear a car and people talking but won't wreck your eardrums in the long run. I don't think in ear headphones like galaxy buds etc. are gonna provide any hearing protection, but some brands like the cardo ones do.


        don't you worry about going deaf…

        Sorry if my reply was confusing. I wear ear plugs at times, but never wear ear phones that push into my ear and isolate and/or drown out other sounds.

        Around town (up to 60km/h), I dont wear any ear plugs. On the highway or at higher speeds I always use ear plugs, but ear plugs still don't block out 100% of noises, it just dulls them and takes that high pitch wind noise away. You can still hear enough to be aware of vehicles around you.

        The problem with earphones are that they are noise isolating and then in top of that, they double down by filling the rest of your ear with random sound waves that would mask any important noises you need to keep an ear on.


      If you don't wear earplugs, you're seriously damaging your hearing, the wind noise from as little as 15 min is enough.

      If it doesn't bother you, it means you've already damaged your hearing to the point where it's not sensitive enough to notice it


        Totally agree… I was more responding to OP's question of sticking ear phones in while riding.

        Ear plugs, good idea. Noise isolating ear phones turned up loud enough to cover the wind noise and any other noise you should be aware of… Not a good idea.


          You're underestimating the ability of passive noise isolation of IEMs. Most are probably not the level of ear plugs but its better than nothing. Having a little background music is fine. If you can drive with music on, you can ride with music on. Of course no one trying to save their hearing should be trying to fight noise with an even louder albeit more pleasing noise.

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    I have the Cardo Packtalk Black , no complaints. Good quality and decent sized speakers , i can have my in-ear noise reducing earbuds and still be protected from wind-noise and still listen to music and/or have a phone conversation perfectly.

    Its also fully waterproof in case it rains , unlike the Sena range where if it breaks due to water damage there goes your money down the toilet.

    With regards to what pegaxs said , it is better to ride without "distractions" but the way i feel about it is , after so many years of riding it does not matter how good a rider you are as some of it comes down to luck and some of it also comes down to the reactions of the other drivers on the road which is totally out of your control , you can easily be placed in an unavoidable situation even if you are doing the right thing often because not everyone else is.

    I have also ridden with a loud exhaust (not obnoxiously loud) and i feel it does help to add road presence but i can confirm that there are a lot of drivers out there that are also completely "out of tune" to the sounds and environment around them (driving a box with only a small cutout in the front for visibility) so every time you are out on the road always anticipate what someone might do and place yourself in the best situation you can , anticipate but don't assume.

    Best thing i can say is , get what you like its your life and you are never promised tomorrow so if it makes your life more enjoyable while you still have it then by all means go for it. just try to account for the fact it is an added distraction and you need to input 110% at that point.

    Ride safe

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    Next thread - can someone recommend a blindfold for motorcycle riding.

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    I wear the Sony WI-1000X while riding. They stick out a bit from the ear and there is the part that goes around your neck (It's not uncomfortable), but the noise cancelling is amazing for removing the wind across the helmet. I can still hear what is going on around me (vehicles, sirens). You can bluetooth audio directions. Wear a neck sock to cover the wires from the earbuds to the neck bar to stop it vibrating which happens sometimes.

    They can become uncomfortable after a while, but I commute ~250km a day.

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    I can't imagine call quality is going to be too hot on anything not designed for use in a helmet (like a Sena or Cardo unit). There's a reason these have a mic which sits directly in front of your mouth.

    If you don't need peer-to-peer comms, a Cardo 1+ would be plenty. The optional JBL speakers are top-tier also.


    Ear phones in a vehicle, let alone on a motorbike doesn't make sense to me and sounds a little risky.

    I guess if passive mode is enabled so you can still hear your surroundings it's okay

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    As others have said, the Shure SE series. CNA even side-sleep with them on.