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Boost $300 SIM Starter Kit $240 + Free Vodafone $30 SIM, Boost $200 SIM Starter Kit with150GB Data $160 Delivered @ Auditech


Use code ' BONUS' to get 20% off total price. Free Vodafone $30 SIM Starter Pack Bonus

  • 240GB data on the Telstra 4G network
  • UNLIMITED calls & text to standard numbers
  • UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text to 30 selected destinations:

Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam

  • 3600 standard mins & text to 25 selected destinations:

Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, UAE
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Further discount applied for bulk buy. $6 extra for express post.

Also available Boost $200 SIM start kit for $160
and Lebara 100GB $150 SIM start kit for $105 code: save30

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  • Your website for the $200 boost says

    "120GB bonus data if activated from 30/3/2021 (total 150GB)"

    Is this the new boost deal? Seems pretty good

    • +2

      Yes, best offer ever

    • +1

      Where is this stated? I'm not seeing it on the $200 SIM Starter Kit page.

    • If I get it PM from OW, will the same bonus data apply?

      • +1

        Officeworks won't price beat this, it requires a coupon code ('BONUS').

        What is excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee?
        * Cashback and coupon offers (i.e. supplier cashback or reduced price available via paper coupon or electronic codeword)

        See Price Beat Guarantee

    • Where do you see it ?

      • +2

        It was there last night. Has now been removed. It was the main reason I purchased so if there's been a mistake I'm going to want a refund.

    • -1

      About the new Boost $200 12 month plan:
      30GB data on the Telstra 4G network
      65GB bonus data if activated between 2/3/2021 and 29/3/2021 (total 95GB)
      12 month expiry

      Dates too close to secure bonus..

      • What is neg for ? For quoting info straight from your website ?

      • +1

        It's a bit sketchy but it looks like the OP jumped the gun on the new Boost deal (120GB bonus) coming out on 30/3/2021 and had to remove the text from the website until then.

  • To understand correctly I'm getting 13 months? 1 momth sim, then a 12 boost month sim?

    Hmm I just want a 12m boost sim deal

    • +1

      Never say no to free gift :) 28 days for Voda SIM to be precise.

      • +1

        You've listed it as free 'boost" sim not Voda in the description.

        • Thanks for pointing it out, updated.

      • Does the $200 deal come with a free Voda sim as well?

        • Only the Boost300 has bonus sim this time.

    • +3

      The month with Vodafone can be handy to port out so you qualify as a "new" customer, as these Boost starter packs can't be used by existing Boost customers

  • +1

    Good deal. Can I use it to recharge? Guess not as it is a starter kit. Thinking about the $200 SIM as I wasted over 200 GB last time. ( $300 plan).

    • +1

      Not for recharge unfortunately.

      • Ok, thanks.

        • The $200 sim arrived as registered post yesterday, with a bonus $2 Lebara starter pack!
          Only issue is while trying to activate, you need to buy credit. Min $5.
          It is better to just get another prepaid sim for $9 or $12 to get 30 days unlimited calls and sms in addition to 50 GB or 65 GB respectively and NOT use the $2 starter pack? Can I get the same in Coles or Woolies at the special price or does it have to be ordered from Lebara directly?

    • +1

      Get on a chat to request them, and rep will allow to use this as a recharge. A lot of OZBs have done that.

  • What is the expiry date on the 200$ kit?

    • +2

      Activate before 10/22

  • Activate before 10/22

  • +9

    My SIM came open and already activated to someone else. Auditech don't answer phone calls. I figure I have about $250 of negative publicity in me if they can't sort this out.

    • +1

      Please send an email to [email protected], this can be sorted quickly as we have your serial number recorded.

      • -1

        Emailed now in reference to order #E40719460

        @Drakesy has mentioned activation issues. When I spoke with Boost on the phone they told me the SIM was activated in another person's name.

        • Replied

    • I've received opened sims prior, sometimes (correct me if i'm wrong) they need to activate the sim itself?

      Anyhoo have received them in the past from other offers and the Boost website (mobile version) would always deny me the ability to activate telling me that it's already activated (i made an angry call to the rep)
      Turns out the fault was with Boost's site.

      Ended up having to go through the desktop site and it worked fine

      • +2

        I used the desktop site and received an error. I then called Boost and was told the SIM has been activated in another name, which means I can't get any further information from them.

        If Auditech can resolve this then I'll leave a comment and withdraw the neg.

    • Auditech sent me a new SIM which I have activated. I have revoked my negative vote.

  • Order made, got confirmation on screen. Asked me if I want to do a survey, to which I responded no. But there is no confirmation yet. Nor can I see the placed order on the website? Did my order go through? Paid via credit card, $160 for the $200 Sim.

    • my email took less than 2 min to come through. Got an order confirmation from the website almost immediately. Paid via paypal though.

    • PM me your last name I can check. The survey is provided by Google, which can be opted out.

      • Was editing my comment, but already replied. Saw it on the website ! Order status: Processing
        So I guess the confirmation mail would come soon.

  • +2

    Updats 1/2/2021: From 2/2/2021 these destinations will be excluded from the UNLIMITED INTERNATIONAL standard calls & text offer - Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Laos, Mexico, Pakistan and Spain

  • +8

    Let me guess, the bonus vodafone is for you to port out and port back in for another Boost disloyalty special.

  • +1

    120GB bonus data if activated from 30/3/2021 (total 150GB)
    Where is this stated? Its not on the Boost web site yet.

  • +5

    My previous 12mths Boost 200 from @Auditech expires 04/06/2021. For others on here, these guys are legit and I had no issues with my previous order.
    @Auditech, it would be great if you included the Vodafone $30 with the Boost 200 Starter Kit like last time ;)

    • I'm in the same boat, mine expires 09/06
      Are you gonna port out with the vodafone card and port back in?

      • The Boost 200 unfortunately doesn't include the Voda $30 pack :'(

        • Doesn't really matter. I'm pretty sure that you will find some other offer for a very cheap prepaid card to port out and back in.

  • How long on delivery to Brisbane Qld ?

    • Normally 3 business days, allow extra days as AusPost is experience delays due to flood. Use express if possible.

  • Would 3600 standard mins & text be included to Dubia ?

    • If you mean Dubai, yes UAE is included.

  • For the $200 SIM,

    "120GB bonus data if activated from 30/3/2021 (total 150GB)"

    Does it mean that if I activate it on 01/06/2021 I will get 150GB?

    • +1

      Yes, offer ends 5/7

      • Where is this stated?

      • Looks like this 120GB bonus was removed from your website last night?

        • +1

          It will re-appear at the right time

          • @Auditech: do we have to do anything special in order to get that deal? or just activate after the date.

            • @HappyXD: Just activate within the offer period.

          • @Auditech: This is not the case. Will wait till 30th or so.

  • Can this be used as a recharge for existing boost or do I need to port out first.

    • +1

      Port out first

    • Get on a chat and request the rep; they will allow the recharge. A lot of OZBs have sone that.

      • Is it an actual recharge (meaning I keep using the current SIM card)? I just contacted Boost support and they asked me to activate the new card and they can transfer my number over to the new SIM card.

        • +1

          Just be aware I tried this once, and my plan changed from 365 days to 30 days! Quite the saga. Numerous chats and it was all restored (maybe 2-3 hours effort in the end) and I did get the extra 30 days….
          Just be very careful that your representative may not fully understand that you want to treat it as a recharge, not plan change, despite how clear you think you have made it!

          Next time, without any doubt, I will just be porting to a cheapie sim for 5 minutes than back to Boost. Far far less hassle or risk.

        • +1

          I haven’t done it myself, but read comments from quite a few OZBs that they used the starter sim to recharge their existing plan. May be you need to request and explain it well to get it done.

          • @usmanhafeez2000: Yep it's a gamble, I also read that it can be done, so thought why waste my free gift $30 recharge…. I couldn't be clearer with the rep with what I wanted but they made quite the hack of it. Others may have different experiences but I wouldn't do it again now that I know an alternative way (cheap temp sim)

            • +1

              @John Dough: Every method has its own risks, for some port out and in process can take days if something somewhere gets stuck. So at the end of the day, what matters is how lucky or unlucky are you 😅

    • Thanks everyone. Sounds like it will be easier to port out first

      • In terms of porting, is Telstra (proper) the only one that doesn't work? I know we can port to Optus or Vodafone, but is porting to other Telstra resellers (eg Aldi mobile) ok? Thanks

        • +1

          Porting to other Telstra resellers is OK, eg Aldi/Woolies

  • if using the Telstra network through Boost, does it include wifi calling and sms?

    • +1

      Yes wifi calls are included with Boost.

  • +3

    Sometimes I don't understand businesses. I put up a hard fight with Boost Mobile saying I should at least get my rollover data for another yearly recharge, or some sweetener if they want to keep my business. They vehemently refuse, and then a week later release a deal giving way more bonus data than what I asked for. FML

    • Imagine if businesses that big did comfort any individual user lol
      Who would have the authority to give any rollover data if that's not the order from above?

  • On this page, it says the free minutes include "Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Laos, Mexico, Pakistan and Spain" but when you open the link, they have mentioned there that from 2/2/2021,there are no more free calls to these countries,and these countries are excluded from the list. I would call it negligence or misleading advertisement. I bought a Boost sim last week and didn't even know this was the case now I am stuck for a year without free calls to my home country.

    • +2

      Thanks for pointing this out. Content updated.

  • Are there ever any recharge offers with boost?
    Only ever see starter kit deals.


    • +1

      Just keep an eye out for a $2 optus or voda sim, port out and back easily.
      I tried to "recharge" using a starter sim and it was an absolute nightmare, but in the end to Boosts credit, they resolved above and beyond what I ever expected!

      • +1

        Or port to Kogan 4.50 sim. I did that and I ported back to boost 5 mins after that. Worked flawlessly

  • Does the $200 aim come with a Vodafone aim to port in and out thanks

  • What can I do if I’m already on boost and don’t wanna renew at $300?

    • +1

      This ($300 sim) comes with free vodafone sim, so you port to that, then back to Boost in minutes. Simples.

  • Thank OP ordered $200 one with express shipping and hope it will arrive before my Aldi one expires on 30th

  • Does unused data rollover on the 12 month plans?

    • +2

      Boost offers data rollover only to the monthly plans (28 days).

      • Thank you.

  • Is International Roaming available on Boost yet? Thanks

    • +1

      Not yet, possibly late this year.

  • I want to recharge my Boost, last year is $150 for one year and can I still have similar deal for recharge?

  • +2

    Lay off the negative comments to this seller!

    I don't know why some ppl here give sh*t to some sellers here on ozb even though the seller tries to be nothing but nice and helpful.

    Phonebot https://www.phonebot.com.au/ is one that I have had many good experiences with, e.g. once the tech spent over 30 mins trying to get a hp keyboard working which was not for my model, in the end it did not work and i walked away without a sale

    This seller https://www.auditech.com.au/ too has had many negative comments for no reason, other than ppl want to be spiteful

    Bc of a misunderstanding on my part about how boost bonuses work, the seller engaged in a few emails today on a sunday, and finally issued a refund for one sim, and posted the other sim to me

    Today on a sunday!!!

    So lay off

    • +1

      Thanks for your feedback @gomelbcityfc. We work on Sunday afternoon because Monday will be too busy to dispatch all orders over the weekend and we can also avoid AusPost system's "scheduled" crashes on Monday.

    • +1

      Yes I agree, this seller has been fantastic and I give them 5 stars and will buy with confidence again.

  • Any update on if the following is confirmed, Boost site still not updated - "120GB bonus data if activated from 30/3/2021 (total 150GB)"

    • Bonus data on $200 recharge: 120GB bonus data applicable to new Boost Mobile Prepaid customers only, who activate a $200 SIM or activate a $2 SIM and recharge $200, from 30 March 2021 to 5 July 2021. First recharge by 5 July 2021. Data reverts to core data of 30GB for subsequent $200 recharges.

      Source: https://boost.com.au/products/200-prepaid-sim

  • Can I port in from Telstra?

  • Hi rep, I got two boost 365 day 80gB plan ending in mid april, just wondering if the boost 200 work for us to roll over for another 12 months? If so we will pull the trigger. Thx

  • is this deal still active

    tried to check out the $200 sim, BONUS code applied but price still shows $200.

    • Still alive.

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