What's The Cheapest Way to Get a Legitimate Win 10 CD Key at The Moment?

Just finished built my PC, totally forget about the Win 10, so I need to get a CD Key for Win 10.

There is a listing on eBay for $45

And there is this guy: https://www.hrkgame.com/en/games/product/windows-10-home-edi...

Is the HRK website giving our legitimate CD Keys which wont have any issues in the future?

Are these the cheapest option at the moment?

I need a clean install key


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    If you still have a Win 7 or 8 key, you can still upgrade to Win 10 for free. Legit.

    • This !

    • I dont have a win 7 or 8 key i am afraid…………..

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    go the cheapest on ebay

    i have bought many and none have failed or been denied access to upgrades some have been in use for years



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      OP wants legitimate keys. Not MSDN or Keygen Licenses.

      • Just googled the msdn and keygen, can these be used forever or Microsoft will pull the licence one day out of nowhere?

        • Maybe but they're illegal to use as you were not the intended recipient for the MSDN and the keygen is just straight up illegal. Keep in mind that if you use this for work, you'll bare the full cost and responsibility if audited.

          • @No Username: Ok thanks for that, would this be the genuine version? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sealed-Physical-Product-Microsof...

            How would you tell which one is which?

            • @Aerith-Waifu: Yes these would work. They are cheap because they are suppose to be used for OEM. I've got a bunch from Alienware as every time they repair my motherboard they give me a new one. I haven't had any issue using the code on other machines.

          • @No Username: What's the law or case that says they're illegal?

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              @shaybisc: Common Sense?

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                @No Username: Common sense tells me that a manufacturer of software should have no more rights than a manufacturer of anything else. If you've sold it they own it. If they own it they can sell it.

                • @shaybisc: Yes but MSDN are for a different purpose and selling licenses from a keygen is just upright fraud.

                • @shaybisc: Software isn't a physical product. When buying software you are almost never buying any ownership of the software, you are buying a licence to use the software.

                  I don't see much point in buying keys which your use will clearly breach and invalidate the licence, eg. MSDN keys, corp. volume license keys, OEM keys. Might as well just pirate the software and pay nothing.

                  If you are just looking for a key that will 'work' for convenience (register or enable the software) but don't care if you are validly licensed then sure, there may be some value in buying some of the dodgy keys.

                  • @airtime: Very murky. The EU courts say that if a license is sold for an unlimited period of time it is a transfer of ownership, therefore subject to the first sale doctrine and the owner can resell. So if I buy from an EU reseller of EU software licenses am I breaking the law?

                    • @shaybisc: It is a transfer of the licence not a transfer of ownership of the software. The intellectual property ownership of the software is something completely different.

                      The main discussion here however is not about licence transfer but rather whether purchasing these cheap keys has any value or worth. For me it doesn't - you end up with no licence to use due to breaching the licence requirements. Not much different from pirating the software except that you are out of pocket for the cost of the key.

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                        @airtime: whoop whoop whoopee out of pocket a whole whopping five dollars

                        not once have any of these windows 10 sold on ebay gone bust and i have bought many over the years.

                        What is the worst thing to happen using these keys? being asked to buy another copy, talk about a drama queen the end of the world is nigh.

                        Save money oz-bargainers use the cheap keys they work or bend over for a billion dollar multinational like airtime insists its your call your wallet.

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    Try here. I've bought licenses from them before with no probs—-> https://consogame.com/software

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    Do a Linus and don't use a key $0. Windows updates just fine.

  • I've bought a few from this seller, all have arrived intact, sealed with holograms, seemingly original legit: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Sealed-Physical-Product-Microsof...

    • Thats the one I was looking for $45

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    Do a defunct Windows 7, 8 or 10 machine? You can reuse the product key for Windows 10 on your new build

    • I dont have one unfortunately……

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    Install linux instead.

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      Needs to be windows so my partner can use also.

      • Install a new partner lol

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    I used these guys cause I watch Tech Yes City on YouTube

    Use code BFTYC - makes it $12 USD

  • Got mine from Play-Asia for $35. Win10 Pro OEM, all working fine, clean install only.

    • Thanks for that. I will Google it

      • Ack! Just rechecked again, apparently the Pro has been sold out. Lucky I got mine last weekend.

        Home OEM is still available at $27.

        Optionally, upgrade to Win10 from Win7 Pro OEM also at same price.

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    Our local council waste transfer station accepts pc's and all electronic equipment free of charge, you take it there and dump it into a 5 meter bin. If your council offers the same service maybe you could pay them a visit and take a photo of the Windows sticker from an old PC box?

    • No they don’t actually. I just had a look

  • Interesting position on the resale of software licenses. The European Court says it is legal in the EU. Is there an Australian law on the issue? Is there a binding precedent?

  • If you still looking for the Win7 key then ping me. I can provide one from the pc cover. Please note this is from a Dell machine so not sure if you need Dell Windows disc or not. Either way, you can get one from Dell support site.

  • Does Microsoft even want the average Joe to pay for W10? $225 to get it from them! Who does that, when they give it away for free but you won't be able to customise.


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    Hey guys, I just recently built my computer. As soon as I built it, I plugged in the installation media and booted it up with Windows 10 Home. Too excited over my new computer, I realised that a product key was needed…

    My question is, what is the cheapest and safest way to buy a product key without paying a large fee?
    I am a junior high school student, so my budget is low.

    I have been suggested for this website, bit unsure if it is actually safe or not? ;

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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      Being in Junior High school, many schools have agreements that offer reduced price or even free licenses, not just for windows, but also for office software.

      My kid also has access to certain adobe suites.

      Check those out.

      A link I found. Note it's not the one from my child's school.


      • Sadly, I got to a crappy state school.. So my school does not support windows whatsoever.

        • My son goes to a state school in Brisbane and has access to a free Windows key. Have you checked the website linked above?

    • Save 25% at bobkeys.com using coupon: TS25 Windows 10 Pro Key ($13.56)


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      Use it unactivated.

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      The one thing to keep in mind is that, with sites like Kinguin, there's a chance that a) the key won't be legitimate or b) it's been purchased using stolen credit card details. afaik Kinguin's been getting better at detecting this but it's still a risk. If you're on a really tight budget, this is still probably your best option tbh.

      Alternatively, if you've got an existing Windows 7/8 license, you can use that to activate Windows. You may need to make a phone call to activate it on your new machine but the automated phone service is decently good at helping users reactivate keys transferred from other machines.

      Also worth keeping in mind that the Windows 11/Sun Valley reveal is set for June 24th. News sites haven't been reporting of any massive changes to Windows' consumer licensing agreements but it may be worth keeping an eye on it, just in case.

    • If you have an education account you could get it for free, but it will be the Windows 10 Ed version

    • Not a very good school if you've actually been going, and managed to save up enough to build a PC and not realise you need a license for Windows.

    • Lookup MyDigitalLife forums. If you are tech savvy enough, you can get your Windows activated without "technically" breaking any laws.

    • I bought one from eBay 2 years ago for around $5. Still working fine today.

    • Windows 11 is just around the corner. Just use it unlicensed for now.

    • Ona side note .. KVM activates the Dev build of Windows 11.
      Who knew ?

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    As the title says, I'm looking for a cheap way to activate Windows 10 on my new PC build. Any suggestions? I've seen a bunch of sketchy websites sell them for significantly less than Microsoft. However I'm a bit hesitant. Has anyone purchased one of these? Are the keys legit? I'm a teacher so I have access to a .edu email address if that helps. Thanks in advance!

    • Bobkeys.com is good from experience.

      If worried just get a prepaid gift card with $20 on it.

      Alternatively, just download Windows 11. The build I got is running perfectly.

      • Cheers, I'll check out bobkeys. If I opt to just install Windows 11, do I still need an activation key?

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