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ASRock X570-ITX / Thunderbolt 3 Motherboard $199 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ PLE


Pretty banger price for an ITX X570 board. Personally not my cup of tea for reasons below, but may be useful to some. Was $350+ a while back, but for current intents and purposes it's right now $235 on Amazon and $250 at Scorptec / JW Computers

In stock right now in WA stores, but free transfer is available for VIC and WA customers

Below's a summary of comments from previous deals

- ITX X570 board with thunderbolt 3 for $200. Comes with almost all the bells and whistles attached to that name.


  • Odd child out of the x570 ITX selection, with huge obtrusive heatsinks and a somewhat audible heatsink fan. Check with your CPU fan clearance before purchasing - a lot of compact fans kinda hate this board - surely it can't be because of the heatsinks right?
  • Comes with an Intel fan mounting system cause we can't have cheapskates here using - gasp - stock Ryzen fans in their expensive ITX build?
  • You'd better have a good usb hub lying around somewhere. The board comes with a whopping 4 usb A ports on the rear panel, tho I guess the TB3 is kinda nifty. Guess you use the savings to buy a TB3 hub so you can utilise the port… wait what do you mean the hubs are $200 a pop?

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    I can see PS/2 port on it. Is it only for the sake of beating the "oldest port alive" record?

    • +4 votes

      Well they've got to pad out the spec sheet somehow~

      • +2 votes

        PS/2 has some pro's. PS/2 is hardware interrupt-based, while USB port is polling-based. This means that when you press a key on a PS/2 keyboard, it generates a hardware interrupt immediately, whereas USB polls your keyboard many times per second (125 Hz by default, up to 1,000 Hz in "gaming" keyboards) to see if any keys are pressed. This means that PS/2 keyboards will have the lowest latency - although in all likelihood, you will never notice a difference. Perhaps more importantly, polling is more CPU-intensive, especially if high polling rate (like 1,000 Hz) is used.

    • +1 vote

      I was saved by it when I went to install windows 7 on a modern motherboard, the win7 drivers don't support usb3 and you need a keyboard to install the drivers to get a keyboard working. Admittedly I was forced to give up on Windows 7 some time ago now.

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    Another con would be that it doesn't have the USB-C Front Panel Port (which I don't think any X570i board does, only some B550i).


    Up voted just for the description. The fact that it uses Intel CPU mounting holes is weird AF, though!