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ASUS ROG Ranger 15.6" Laptop Backpack $19, Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 $9 + $0.99 Delivery @ MSY

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    $0.99 Promotional shipping for the bag too. Great deal.

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      Yeah I'm thinking the real deal might be the 99c shipping on apparently everything??

      If that includes chairs and monitors that's probably a great deal.

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        Yes the $0.99c delivery works on large items too.

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    Thanks OP, but the name worry me as it is https://beta.msy.com.au/online/, and need a mob to register a new account as my current login not working at all. I would wait for them to launch or finalise the web app.

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      Same price on their main website, but postage is $10+

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    Hey guys, PcCaseGear has more details and interior pictures of the ROG bag on their listing if anyone wanted more info.

    Don't buy it from there as it is $49, just use it for info to decide if you want to purchase. From what I see though, the Dell 17in gaming for ~$30 from this deal looks to be a better bag for not much more, if you don't mind the branding.
    I've been using one as my daily for work, and it is good to carry my macbook pro, surface pro 4 and accessories.

    • Ozb link says oos?

      • sorry, forgot to specify that it was a recent but not current deal. I just meant in general comparing the two bags, so you'd have to wait for it to come back again if you wanted one.

        • All is forgiven 🙏

  • Few months ago they tried to sell it for this, but I'm in no need of another bag

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    Doesn't look high quality, but again it's just $19

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      Don't know why you got negged. Too many ppl comparing RRP to reduced price. I have some Asus backpacks and they are ALL Sh*t quality. For $19, you might as well top up and get a quality backpack

      • I got this one back when it was $109 and it kicks ass


        Heaps of different storage areas and little compartments within them, I carry my laptop in the main section and in the section closest to the back straps I have a laptop cooling pad and mousepad. In the front sections carry various screw drivers and external hard drives and usb sticks. Also have a PS4 controller and microusb cable in one section. There is a carrying handle with a steel cable which feels quite sturdy and what I use to lug it around when it's not on my back, pretty comfortable to wear even with a bunch of weight in the bag. Have had it for close to 2yrs now and nothing in it has ripped or become damaged, zips are all holding up well too.

        • Good to hear, however you can't compare your backpack to the one here.

  • For $30 odd bucks get Tigernu bags from Aliexpress. They last me years.

  • about time they fixed their horrible website.

    besides, it's cheaper to get shipped from Amazon to MSY prices these days.

    thanks for post

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    Mouse + Mechanical Keyboard + Mousepad + Headset for $68 is decent value


    • trying to buy this but won't let me continue to pay step, one of the continue buttons are broken or disabled

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    Armaggeddon Shield-3 Black 15.6" Backpack $17.00


    not sure which one is the better

    • Out of stock for the Armaggeddon. Some cool features for sure.

        • Yes it is. That's their main site. $10 + shipping for the same bag on the main site as opposed to $0.99 on the beta.

          • @illz: It's in stock on their old website…so your statement is still wrong. Not to mention it's available for pickup from literally every MSY store.

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              @xyron: Not for the same price on the advertised site.
              You're wrong. Go to sleep.

  • I use one as my Gym bag. Its ok but not worth more than $19

    • The Armageddon or the rog?

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    No RGB No deal

  • Only one photo of the backpack? Jeez. What about the compartments?

    • google it, it's so easy…

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    I don't know why but I bought it

  • Somehow I can't buy the bag. Can't click CONTINUE at SHIPPING METHOD.

  • So ugly

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    Thanks. Always wanted a backpack style laptop. Could never find one I liked or was cheap enough to try out

  • No RGB - No thankyou!

  • Showing out of stock. noooooo

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    Got mine today. Can confirm I like and and has to room to store my work laptop, my tablet, chargers for laptop tablet and phones.
    Also can hold my A5 notepad and the very front pocket can hold my battery packs.

    Comfortable and useful

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