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[LatitudePay] LEGO Architecture Tokyo 21051 $43.20 I LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils 21320 $59.20 Shipped @ Target via Catch


You don’t need a new Catch account to get discount, just checkout as a guest using LatitudePay to be able to get $20 off as many times as you like. Shipping is free from Target.

LEGO® Ideas Dinosaur Fossils 21320

[LatitudePay] $20 off $60+ Spend @ Catch

Credit to Amazon post for the idea.

Helmets $51.20 each after $20 discount.

LEGO® Star Wars™ Stormtrooper™ Helmet 75276

LEGO® Star Wars™ Boba Fett™ Helmet 75277

LEGO® Star Wars™ TIE Fighter Pilot™ Helmet 75274

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  • +1

    Makes the collectible helmets pretty good at $51 each

    • Post it?

      • Think it's probs best just to put any good deals in this post

  • +2


    I rather get Ideas Dinosaur Fossil - $59.20

  • $43.20 for the Tokyo and Dubai sets is insanely cheap!! Just bought the Dubai set as I already have Tokyo.

  • Check on Target website for the ones you like and then find them on Catch. The best value ones should be already discounted and priced between $60-$70.


    My 1st choice: LEGO® Super Mario™ Adventures with Mario Starter Course 71360, $43.20 Delivered.

  • Can you do this with using latitude pay, like the afterpay day ebay voucher back?

    • Can't see any trick to do that nah

  • just get ready to buy the batmobile. All the sudden, sold out<<*<^?£?£%?>%,%%%

  • Does anyone know how to check out as a guest? I Dont seem to have that option.

    • +2

      Use another email address that has not been used before

    • If you have gmail, then you can use . somewhere in the username. You will get the confirmation on your actual email and it will act as a new email on catch.

      • Does that work with + ?

        • You can use either + or .

  • -1

    Told yah OP you could find 1000's of deal !
    Also told you the little birdie is much better as no credit check involved !

    • +1

      Told you to make drafts of those 1000s of deals for and you came up with none? All words and no action.
      I had been waiting for the drafts for almost two days now.

  • how do i get latitudepay? when i go checkout, i only have credit card, zippay and Paypal options

    • Because you have credit on your account?

      • oh ok, thanks.

        • Checkout as a guest and use different email or use . in your username if you have gmail to make it look like a different email

          • @Pricebeat: So…asking for a friend…

            My "friend" successfully did this 12-14 times. And now when purchasing something else, when my "friend" logs into latitude it exits out after saying it can't be done or soemthing like that. I wonder if they've put a block on it if it gets abused…?

            • @Glorion: May be try another browser or ask them but don’t mention anything about the discounts 🤣

  • Can't get a Latitudepay account :/

  • Thanks OP. I'm surprised this isn't more popular. Isn't this like the best deal for the architecture sets?

    • Some people want discounts served on plates instead of working a little for it. Some unfortunate ones are unable to sign up for LatitudePay/others may be worried of a credit check.

      • Wait I actually had an account with them but I never used xD

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