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KFC: Free Delivery (No Minimum Spend) @ Menulog


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KFC is doing us the ultimate favour and offering FREE DELIVERY on literally ALL their orders placed through Menulog across Australia for the Easter long weekend.

We’re talking from Friday 2nd April until Monday 5th April, you’ll be able to order off Menulog or the website and you’ll notice you won’t have any delivery fees!

More info.

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  • +71

    Does Menulog have the same inflated prices as UberEats? Ah, yes they do.

    That 'free delivery' is quickly eroded if you order 2 things.

    I'm happy to pay delivery charges for convenience, even the new service charge UberEats imposed is fine, but also adding ~30% on top of each and every item as well, is just blatant rip-off.

    • -1

      The question is, if you add the extra you've paid, and the delivery fee, does that equal the $13-15 that you should probably be paying for delivery, payment processing and refunds when things go wrong?

      • +4

        Why should I be paying for refunds when things go wrong?

        My local KFCs screw up about half of the orders I make through Deliveroo/DoorDash.

        • Thats capitalism.

          If the customer isn't paying for refunds, who is?

          The customer also pays for theft indirectly as well.

    • +5

      Did they price jack for the free delivery?

      • +9

        No but their prices are jacked normally. IMO these delivery service deals are really only deals when they come with a decent sized coupon, like that awesome Aus open set of deals

      • +24

        Pick up

        • One piece of chicken - $3.00
        • Zinger Burger Box - $11.45
        • Family Burger Box - $29.95
        • Giant Feast - $43.95


        • One piece of chicken - $3.45 (13% increase)
        • Zinger Burger Box - $13.45 (16% increase)
        • Family Burger Box - $31.95 (6% increase)
        • Giant Feast - $46.95 (6% increase)
        • +3

          don't forget if you do pickup you can just say you have the code to get free chips and drink too!

          • @prankster: Don’t you have to show them the code?

            • @nightelves: you do it once, screen shot and show them this everytime. they aren't bothered in writing the code down as its a simple manager over-ride, I did however had one occasion where they wanted the actual code.. what for coz they ain't going to do anything with it but i had one ridiculous occasion where they complained they needed the code on my previous receipt… mate what are you going to do with it honestly… nothing! lol albeit i keep an old receipt in the car in case they really want to whinge if they want a stupid receipt from before

              • @prankster: Oh I might try that. Thanks for the tip.

              • @prankster: The code is a randomised set of 5 numbers that when totalled together are divisible by 3 - that is the only thing they check for if they actually check.

          • +2

            @prankster: Username checks out

        • +1

          That's not the 30% OP advised. For mine, $13.45 with free delivery is a bargain! Well, if you weren't feeding yourself trash. :p

          • +2

            @cunningdrew: I think if you take into account delivery fees plus the inflated food price, it's not worth it.
            Paying $2 for a zinger box to be delivered is worth it IMO.

            • +3

              @SnowDragon: Absolutely agreed when it's a couple dollars. But agreed if you're looking at +30% and delivery fee then it's a no show from me.

    • +15

      UberEats/Menulog take 30% of the entire order, the delivery fee is mostly for paying the driver.

      Although with the likes of KFC they've probably negotiated a tiny margin and I suspect it's just a laziness tax, they do it because they can (or it's how Menulog/UberEats talked them into being on the platform, they'd get more sales with more profit).

      Because really, when I'm half passed out on the couch from eating 18,000 easter eggs and I want chicken to round out my assault on the poultry world, I'm just going to pay extra rather than drive somewhere to get it. The OzBargainer in me really wants that Cheap as Chips combo though.

      • This has to be up there with post of the month haha

    • If you’re drinking at home then it’s still a real saving compared to paying for delivery.

  • +6

    Doesn’t matter to me they cancel 4 out of 5 orders I place anyway because they don’t have any drivers nearby. It always says 40-55 minute wait time

    Yet Red Rooster is 2 minutes around the corner and their wait time always says 10-20 minutes and I’ve never had an order cancelled.

    Can’t work it out.

    • +19

      far out KFC delivered after 40 - 55minutes would be rough. rather eat the dust in the vacuum

      • +8

        Vacuum dust is a poor substitute for extra salt.

      • +9

        I'm sure vacuum dust has alot more than 11 herbs and spices lol

      • Put it in airfryer ?

        • may as well make dinner at home if your going to just nuke fast food after it maybe arrives in 90minutes

    • +2

      Don’t red rooster have their own drivers though?

      • -1

        Nope it’s delivered by Menulog here

        • +2

          Uber, menulog, deliveroo and the store itself deliver to me

  • +13

    Licking and fingering good

    • +4


    • +1

      Nobody does innuendos like ireadtermsofuse

    • +1

      You're supposed to have chicken fingers, not finger the chickens

  • +2

    Did somebody say…
    Did someone say…

    • +4

      No body say Menulog~~~

    • Edit: was told not to say it….

  • Regular Ubereats user here.

    Tried Menulog for the first and last time a couple weeks ago.

    Unreliable delivery times, jacked-up prices, app in general sucks when you are having trouble with an order.

    Got a random email from customer service asking if I had received my first order weeks later for no apparent reason even when no complaint was made.

    • +1

      Funnily enough, had the opposite experience. Regularly use menulog as they were out first, tried ubereats after they started, was unhappy with the much higher prices plus delivery fees, and then had app problems when it just wouldn't open, but uber continued to be fine. So only used ubereats the once. Go figure.

    • Got a random email from customer service asking if I had received my first order weeks later

      Maybe they're in the habit of delivering weeks later? lol

    • +1

      Jacked- up compared to Ubereats must be quite the feat.

    • Okay Dara Khosrowshahi

    • I had terrible customer service with Uber Eats and I will never go back to them unless there's like some discount code or something. Menulog has been better for me but to each their own.

  • +10

    Sure menulog sucks but its a golden child compared to the dropkicks that are DOORDASH.

    • Is doordash bad? Never use them before.

      • +4

        9 days since my order got cancelled. Still no refund.

        Emailed cs: no reply

        Called cs: nah we already refunded - you should see within 7 days.
        Me: its already been 9?
        Cs: wait a bit more sorry

        When they do decide to deliver they are Also slow AF.

        • -4

          Always order through DoorDash and have had a great experience every time. Haven't had trouble with refunds either, you can get them instantly issued too.

          • +4

            @reloxation: DoorDash have always been terrible for me. They usually piss around for an hour and then say they cannot deliver. I had first 3 or 4 orders cancel after an hour wait for no logical reason, so just stopped using. Absolute toss mongerers, a food delivery company they are not.

        • -1

          Never had issue with doordash. Menulog on otherhand

      • +2

        The lore is true, used them about 4 times and each order has been weirder than the last. This was my previous one:

        Had 2 doordash riders assigned to an order, first guy went to the restaurant after an hour and cancelled the delivery. Second guy showed up at the restaurant after another 40 mins but staff said the first guy already picked up the order. Second guy calls me up and asks me to contact support because he doesn't know how to.

        Tried calling 5 times, but number kept getting redirected to their US branch who kept saying they couldn't help and giving me the same support number. Got through on the 6th attempt somehow. Support tell me to wait another 30mins and call again incase delivery guy 1 shows up. Tell them it's already been 2 hours and guy 2 is waiting. Guy 1 isn't even showing up on the app anymore. Say theres nothing they could do and told me I had to wait. Call up again after 30mins, they finally cancel the order and let rider 2 go. Support put through a refund, but never received it.

      • +1

        I've tried twice. Both times they struggled to find a driver and my food arrived cold.

      • Usually they come to your door and then dash.

    • +1

      FYI DoorDash also do KFCs in app delivery. I had missing items a few weeks ago and I’m still waiting for a resolution.

      • +1

        Yes there lies the problem.

        Kfc: call doordash
        Doordash: call kfc

        Fffuuuuu one of u a-holes owes me a refund

  • +9

    Can we ban bargains from claiming 'free delivery' if you still have to pay the inflated food prices in the first place? It's like eBay sellers offering free shipping but jacking their item price.

    I've not yet found a single 'bargain' for delivery at major restaurants like KFC, etc that I'd consider a bargain. Eg $50 of food through the KFC app + $15 for delivery (that's what I consider a reasonable price for delivery) is a lot cheaper than paying $75+ through a delivery platform… Even without a delivery fee added on top of that as well.

    • +2

      Only if we ban eBay Plus "deals".

    • +3

      If you think that's bad, with Uber Eats new fee structure you pay an additional $1 to $4 service fee on top even with 'free delivery'.

  • +3

    I’m boycotting KFC after they removed the towers again.

    • +1

      me too……. until they bring back hot rods or zinger tacos

  • FFS now i have to be a fatty all weekend

    • What, with all that chocolate about you know you were going to be anyway.

  • +1

    Time to get my LDL levels up for the weekend!

  • +1

    I need the hotrods back thanks

  • +8

    Better to drive there and order. As a part time menulog/Uber eats delivery driver. I always reject menulog kfc order due to restaurant poor performance. They never pre process the order, you need to drive to kfc, drop into restaurant, waiting in a queue after bunch of dine in customers who are ordering on spot, then they would process your order, it’s maybe 20 min after you ordered from menulog app. I’ve been waited for 25 min in a kfc due to this. Also they always hire poor performance staff, I got a guy who spent 20 min just to pack my order on a Wednesday evening at 9:30 in a specific quiet kfc, Ridiculous! So I always avoid kfc at any time.

    • Yep, had pretty negative experiences at KFC as a Menulog/DoorDash driver in the past. Food is never ready on time for pick up and wait times are like you said 20 mins. For customers it's not terrible since the food they're getting is fresh but as a driver it bloody sucks getting ignored trying to get them to start on your order.

      • +1

        That's literally what we have been instructed to do from KFC/Menulog. They asked us to only start preparing the order when the driver is arriving as there has been so many issues where drivers arrive 30m past the estimate pickup time and the food would need to be remade completely.
        Unfourate for drivers but ensures fresh product for customers. But saying that it should take max 5 minutes to prepare once the driver arrives never 20m, that sounds more like a dodgy store.

        • Yeah man, totally get that and I have no issue with the order being started once the driver gets there. My issue is when staff ignore you and pretend like you're not there and orders taking yonks to be prepared. If Maccas can get their orders out in 2 minutes surely KFC can pick up the pace a bit

          • +1

            @JoshBargains: Maccas have an auto recall/submit system though. Where the order gets recalled and submitted automatically without staff input at a given time before the driver arrives, KFC doesn't want to enable this as they said it causes too many remakes apparently.

            But I will say this, whenever I order Maccas delivered it almost always comes cold/luke warm and the receipt on the bag normally says that it was prepared up to 30m previously.

        • When you guys run out of literally everything at 7pm, do they instruct you to just throw random shit in the box and send it to the customer as if that was the order? Such is constantly my experience.

  • +1

    Nothing like paying extra for cold chips.

  • Nice does that mean I can order 21 pieces of chicken delivered one piece at a time?

    • Brilliant. Each piece comes separately and hot ready to eat.

  • +6

    Menulog sent me a email saying that due to my genuine issues with drivers leaving my food on neighbours footsteps they will no longer provide credit if an order issue occurs. Mind you, it's happening one in every five or so orders and we spend a bit? Even though I leave a light on and try run outside if the kids aren't running a muck. Don't think they vet their drivers anymore…

    Neighbours end up stealing the food too and menulog asks me to go see the drongos that swear at me because I'm asking my order back. It's simply not worth it with the level of support they now provide.

    Considering the abysmal customer service I'm done. Found more success through doordash/Ubereats with resolutions when things have gone wrong (more on food quality in extreme cases)
    More importantly, has anyone received a similar email from Menulog?

    • +3

      I did once receive an email from Uber eats to say I’d complained more than is normal and if I continued to complain I’d possibly not receive refunds in the future.
      All my complaints were 100% genuine and I imagine they just have some algorithm that kicks in and automates an email to stop idiots complaining and getting their money back because they want a free meal.

      • That's a reasonable message at least notifying you. I spent $55 on a meal that never arrived and got denied by menulog. Hate those guys now and I'm sure you may feel similar with UE

      • i got this one from UE as well. They actually stopped my account. A year later I emailed and asked for my account back, they sent me their terms and conditions and told me if i agree to them, i can have my account reinstated.

    • -5

      That's not a Reason to Neg the Deal Karen.

      • Yes it is

    • +1

      I am a menulog driver and its alarming the freedom drivers have to do whatever they want with orders without facing consequences. Moreover, as a menulog customer my account was deactivated and the ridiculous reason they gave was that I have complained too much

  • +4

    Always pay by credit card and get a chargeback if these guys rip you off.

  • Snoop doggy dog makes me want to order. Uhmmm~

  • +3

    Last 3 times i tried to order from menulog, all 3 times got cancelled because no drives in the area.

    It doesn't matter the order gets cancelled, it's the fact that it doesn't get cancelled for 40-50 minutes and by that time, it's almost far beyond lunch or dinner.

    • Figured i'd get KFC for dinner, for the family. Order cancelled because no drivers in the area… lol.

  • +1

    You cant order though KFC and ask menulog guy to 'free delivery",also you can't get same price on menulog kfc as kfc,so for me there is no "free",also anything more than ~$15 will be more expensive if you order from menulog even its free delivery

  • +1

    Go red rooster, glad that there is an alternative to KFC's domination. KFC is probably the most soggy/small/average fried chicken in AU except for hot n spicy and wicked wings.

  • Zinger stacker box for lunch scheduled 🥴

  • +4

    The price on Menulog is jacked up so much end up cost the same order through KFC app. Its a scan, fake deal.!! I know cos I just ordered, same price and I got more stuff through KFC app.
    Edit: It cost more on Menulog because their menu is differnt. I cannot find a meal with wings so if I have to order everything seperatly. KFC APP I can build a bucket and add two side. If the Menulog meals suits you then Iay be a deal for you.

    • Does app provide delviery?

      EDIT: Just checked, app does provide delivery but you are paying the exact Menulog (inflated) prices.

      • I did say for some it will be a good deal, at least you are not charge delivery.

        I notmally dont border with deliver but today the closest open is 3Km away. So I was going to order through menulog but I just want chicken, wings, fires and drink. To do that in menulog is almost $40 but in app the bucket + 2 side special comes to just over $20 and add delivery I am still better off.

        • Kfc app is $8.95 for delivery.

          • @snagseb: Correct and I still save over $6 because Menulog cannot create bucket and no two side for $5.49.

            • @syswong: Yeah I know it’s not as versatile. But the prices are also jacked up in the kfc app when doing delivery which isn’t much better than what other delivery apps do.

  • +3

    As a kfc employee, please stop, I can’t handle the amount of delivery orders

    • +1

      Maybe something to take up with management. You can't expect people not to take advantage.

    • +1

      KFC are so understaffed the solution is to get more in

  • They’ve taken the iced milk drinks off the menu.

  • Mu closest kfc is not taking delivery orders..:(

    • More than likely, it's not your KFC. It's Menulog who have put a freeze on that store/area in order to keep adequate drivers in use so that customers don't end up with 2h waits.

  • +2

    My order status has been on Driver assigned for 30 minutes…

    • Your area needs more south asians.

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