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[ACT, NSW, VIC, QLD, SA] $10 Schnitzels Every Wednesday @ The Bavarian



We’re talking:

Kicking off the week of the 29th, join us for our first $10 Schnitzel Wednesday 31st March!
This stuff is the real Schnit 😉

Note: Choose from any 10 schnitzels for $10 on a Wednesday.

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    Went to the one in Highpoint and the service was fantastic, had to wait for our food as you would expect with so many people going. Food and drinks were good, wouldn't pay full price but will definitely go back one Wednesday.

  • Does it count the South Wharf Bavarian

  • Hi OP, can we use the ServiceNSW $25 vouchers with this?

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    I went last week, service was good except they didn't give us water, had to push through a crowded bar to get a water jug and glasses from the other side. Schnitzel tasted fine however for the "Hawaiian" it just had scattered ham cubes and tinned pineapple segments on it. It was decent value for $10 but if I had paid $25 for that I would be seriously complaining. It didn't really attract me to want to come back on non-$10 nights.

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      bigtime, place has gone down hill

  • Had this last week, For $10 I doubt your are going to get a better Schnitzel. Be warned that a softdrink is ~$5 and beer will be +$10

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      Water is free. Or go during happy hour for the beers. They had a special available anytime for $5 schnapps also, the sour apple was quite nice.
      Schnitzel was OK but local pub also does 2 for $20 schnitzels with chips and salad or mash and veg which are just as good.

  • Had a good experience at my local Bavarian in Chermside. Nice schnitzel, good service.

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    Going to Knox tonight. Hope it's as shitzy as the above comments suggest.

    I'll tear them a new Schitz hole.

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    Ahh, Bavarian - bogan central. Tradies with ties.

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    I tried this a couple of weeks ago at Highpoint…

    It took over an hour for the schitz to come out.. by the end I was angry and thus did not enjoy my meal.

    It is a good deal BUT I value my time more than a cheapish meal.

    I would say only bother if you are very patient…

  • Shhhh!
    I tried to get one last week but my local Bavarian was booked out.

    • yup! same again today because i forgot to book it .. hahaha

      • and today, guys?

        • Hills area (Sydney) I got a 5pm slot.. 6-8 fully booked.. Just book a week in advance.. Which I forgot again hahahaha

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    Had the 300g pork schnitzel and it didnt seem that big, the batter was weird… it was like a dumpling - goey thing going on in between the meat and crumbing….

    Think i prefer how the place use to be before it changed.

    • Which outlet was this?

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    Not recommended at all. Vegan schnitzel bubble n squeak, very oily. Green salad was mixed lettuce and some was off - black slime. Never again.

    • Thanks, was planning to drive 20mins to the nearest outlet for this and mushroom parma, probably not based on your review then.

      • 3 of had the vegan option and we were all unimpressed.

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    Tried out the Bavarian last week for the first time. I got the half-rack of ribs which had a tiny amount of meat and the glaze was tasteless. My partner got the parma which was okay. All in all it was a waste of $60 of food. Not recommended.

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    Will they be 90% breadcrumb tho?

  • Went twice already in Sydney CBD, very happy for $10 schnitzels combined with the 5-6pm happy hour

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    The Nashville I had was awful. Potato gems and dip were great but got a spoonful of salad on the side. Then the chicken was all crumb with about 100g of chicken battered super thin. Never again Parma night at the Birmingham hotel is 10000000x better.

    • Have you been to the Elgin Inn in Hawthorn?

      That Parma is better.

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    They're certainly not great but good value for $10. Would be pretty disappointed if I paid the $25ish menu price though!

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    Went to the Modbury one. Really bad, even for $10.

  • Is it all day or only at certain times?

    • All day

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    Have been once, was disappointed. Not worth the full price, barely worth the discounted price….

    • Completely agree, I made the mistake of trying it at full price.. hands in OzB license

      Got the Nashville one expecting something with tons of flavour. Nope, the breading/batter on the schnit was zero flavour (not a single spice added to it, just straight flour taste) and the only thing that had some flavour were the potato gems which had a slight sprinkle of spices.

  • A lot of comments 'shnitting' on the place. Personally been to Chatswood and Sydney NSW branches recently and had good food and service experiences.on both occasions. In particular, found the pork schnitty to be pretty good and tender.

  • Do they do takeaway? Have a 7 week old so would prefer to bring the food home for the missus and I.

    • thats what I thought as well, but the page says :
      *Available for a limited time only – Dine-in only.

      • That asterisk is on Vegan only I thought?

        • duh, missed that, I guess takeaway is possible then :D

  • Good deal considering a schnitty can cost up to $30 at that ripoff place.
    Example: Schweine schnitzel $26, on a Sunday $28.60, pay with a credit card (1%) makes it $28.88. Go on a public holiday and it'll be $30.19. That's just for one schnitty and they're maximum worth $10 anyhow based on my experience in Adelaide and Melbourne.

  • One of the 2 locations in VIC is a COVID exposure zone (Highpoint).

  • Husband and I went last week. The parmas look good but don't taste it.. even for $10 I wouldn't waste my money again.

    I feel for people who pay full price for these!!

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      Where did you get yours from? I had one from the EQ in Sydney this afternoon and it was ok. For $10 bucks I can't complain but I wouldn't pay $30 for it.