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40% off Selected Outlet & RRP Items (Free Delivery with $100 Order) @ adidas (Ultraboost from $105, Stan Smith $58.80)


Edit: Stack with 8% cashback @ ShopBack

TLDR version -

  • adidas Creators Club members - 40% discount off eligible RRP and sale items - 1/4 to 5/4
  • General access - 30% discount off eligible RRP and sale items - 3/4 - 5/4 - apply promo code FAM30.

Ultraboost - from $105 delivered.
Stan Smith shoes - $58.80 plus delivery.
Outlet items

Early Access for Creators Club members. 40% off NMD, Ultraboost, Stan Smith, Ozweego and more of your adidas favourites with our Friends & Family Easter Sale. Must be logged in to be eligible.

Full T&Cs -

  1. Promotion Period:
    Early Access: Offer valid from 1st April (12.00 am AEDT) – 2nd April (11.59 pm AEDT) for adidas Creators Club members only.
    General Access: Offer valid from 3rd April (12.00 am AEDT) – 5th April (11.59 pm AEST).

  2. Early Access offer is ONLY valid across eligible products displayed at adidas.com.au/friends_family and adidas.co.nz/friends_family or the official adidas App. Full price items will receive 40% off the RRP, while sale items will receive an extra 40% off the current markdown price. While stocks last. Discount will be applied automatically at cart for adidas Creators Club members on the valid items in your order.

  3. General Access offer is ONLY valid across eligible products displayed at adidas.com.au/friends_family and adidas.co.nz/friends_family or the official adidas App. Full price items will receive 30% off the RRP, while sale items will receive an extra 30% off the current markdown price. While stocks last. Shoppers who are not Creators Club members must enter the coupon code “FAM30” in the “Promo Code” field on the checkout page to receive the discount on the valid items in your order.

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  • +8

    Stan Smith

    Good morning USA,
    I've got a feeling that it's gonna be a wonderful day…

    • The sun in the sky has a smile on his face

      • And he's shining a salute to the American race

  • What’s the returns policy for things that don’t fit?

    • +1

      Typically free shipping for returns, including change of mind/wrong size

      • +1

        Be aware if you return items and the new total is less than $100, you will not get what you paid returned. Your refund will be slugged a delivery fee.

        Learnt this the hard way.

        • +2

          Is that a new thing? I've never had delivery fee deducted from refund.

        • Wow thanks for lettign us know, was thinking of jumping the total over $100 with something I'd most probably return

  • +2

    You'd think by now everyone on OzB owns at least 1 pair of each 😂😂😂

    • +15

      Hopefully they were 10 cents cheaper 3 years ago and no one buys them this time because it's "not a deal"

      • +4

        this isn't even funny, its sad that this is ACTUALLY THE MINDSET HERE


  • +1

    What is the difference between Ultraboost DNA vs 20

    • +1

      DNA for style 20's for running

    • What emrys1 said.

      I’ll also add that the 20 is a much more stable shoe, and it feels about 1/2 a size smaller than DNA

  • +2

    What's the Creators Club, does one need to join, and if so, how?

    • +8

      How hard is it to click the link and look for yourself?

      • +3

        Some people are just lazy (profanity)

  • +1

    I still have a pair of UB shoes unopened that I bought a year ago.

    • Is it Triple Black?

    • huh? Why would you have shoes never worn?

      • +2

        I have some triple blacks unopened from last year, backups for when the current ones die, oh and can’t resist a bargain.

        • There were stackable promo codes available then and I bought a back up shoes, it wasn’t the triple black but DNA leather UB. In my memory the rrp was $290 and bought at $121. Couldn’t resist the bargain!

  • +2

    These should arrive in time for Xmas.

  • Still waiting for the refund from last purchase :s
    On a positive note absolutely love the ultraboost 20s.

    • Can’t see men’s from anywhere near $105. What am I doing wrong

      • it starts tomorrow!

        • -2

          Mkay so I take 40% off all the prices on the links provided if I am a club member? Including any that may already be discounted..

          • +2

            @Foxxster: Read the post maybe?

            • @shaibankek2: Mkay. Got it thanks. Might get me another pair. Got a pair of ultra boost 20 unopened because still using the 19 s. But they are almost done so good timing.

          • @Foxxster: That's what it says on the description above.
            "Full price items will receive 40% off the RRP, while sale items will receive an extra 40% off the current markdown price."

      • +1

        Hey bud, starts tomorrow. Best of luck

    • I'm not happy with my 20s, they started squeaking after a couple of months.
      UB19 are of much better quality

      • Oh, I haven’t worn the 20s yet. The 19s are really comfy which is why I went with the 20 s last time they were reduced. Might get another pair as when I signed up to the club just now I got a 15% off code . With the 40% off sale I should get them cheap.

  • Still after a pair of Ultraboosts after Footlocker took 4 days to realise the six they were showing were gone and then just refunded my order..

  • Could not find any good looking shoes from the list

  • Hmm..are the ultraboosts 21 worth buying at 40% off RRP…

  • Do they not sell any indoor sports shoes :(

  • damn i don't need more shoes … but Triple Black NMDs are $84 which seems pretty good.

  • Thanks blew $150 and could have easily spent way more

    • Same here, thanks OP

  • Doesn't seem to be working for me :(
    Logged in and all.

    • +1

      You'll see the discount at the checkout stage. Just made a purchase, can confirm 40% off.

      • +1

        Cheers, wasn't that. Issue was my shitty mobile browser (FF)

  • Thanks OP grabbed a pair of ultra boost

  • Cant get code to apply? What's the story?

    • no code, 40% off applies at checkout

  • +1

    Triple Black Ub20's James Bond - $143 with cash back (assuming cb works) https://www.adidas.com.au/ultraboost-20-x-james-bond-shoes/F...

    • Damn… already ordered ultra boost 4.0 DNA before seeing this… ordered the James Bond now too will just keep what I like better and return the other I guess

    • Any idea whether sizing on these are the same as the 4.0 DNA?

    • The bond shoes aren't discounted for me…

      • Discount working now. Weird.
        Triple black bonds for me too.

    • Seems they have removed these. Cant search for them but if you find them, sizes aren't listed.

      • Yeah I can't find them either. That's a shame, I was going to get them too.

    • My Bond shoes got cancelled 😭

      • +1

        Yep that was what was cancelled for me too 😢

  • Have another pair of UBs :\ thanks

  • -1

    Blew $500 - that's a good bot

  • ShopBack seems to have worked for 8% off. Tracked within an hour

  • Thanks OP - works on some other shoes that aren't on the link. Bought the Storm Trooper NMD and C3PO Top Ten for 151.20 delivered. Strange that it works for some that aren't on the list but not all - what I really wanted were the yellow ZX 2K Boosts that are currently down to 154, but no further discounts.

  • +3

    btw Cashrewards is 9%, tracked quickly. I have been having problems with Shopback and won't use them again.

    • +2

      That’s a little late in the game. Lucky if there any stocks left on popular items

  • Looks like they removed the Core Black Ultraboost 4.0, I saw it earlier but can't get the discount on it anymore…

    • +1

      Are you talking about this? UB
      Because you can still get it for $150 before cash back. I just got one! :)

      • You're right. Maybe I was logged out 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • are they shown in US or UK sizes?

  • i trying to place second order but i don't get 40% off where my 1st order was fine?

    • +1

      The description is wrong. 40% off for creator's club was only for the 1 day on 1st April. 2-5th April is 30% off only with code.

      • cheers
        i just saw it too from T&C

  • They cancelled a few of my orders. Placed 2 orders to get over the free shipping requirement and each of the two shoes they cancelled were part of these orders. And subsequently lose out on SB cashback as a result

    • Yep had an order of mine canceled too with no explanation. Hitting up live chat only gave the “no stock” excuse even though I ordered so early every size had stock available

      • FYI Their live chat is also abysmal. Kept changing operators mid chat and I had to explain myself more than once. Also disconnected me without me being able to read a reply. Don’t bother with the chat and just call them up

        • They actually cancelled all 4 shoes I ordered, not just 2 after rechecking. I called them up and they offered a 30% off voucher for any future purchase (once off for entire value of cart). Considering I lost 40% and another 8% Shopback cashback it's not particularly a good enough compensation.

          I even woke up at midnight just to place the orders. Oh well

          I checked online and 3 of the shoes I ordered are still showing instock too …

          • +2

            @cute as ducks: I convinced them to give me a 40% voucher but am very disappointed that they cancelled my order due to stock issues.
            Piss off. They just didn't want to sell this product yet.

          • +1

            @cute as ducks: Scrap that. I got a 50% off voucher.

            • +1

              @Fitzwah: That’s not bad. I only got 40%

              • +1

                @Chux: They offered 40 but the email has 50. Can't complain.

                • @Fitzwah: I just got on live chat, they offered me 50% off voucher now too which expires July 31st 2021. The previous voucher of 30% expired within 60 days.

                  Thanks for mentioning it here.

                  • @cute as ducks: No probs. Happy to help.

                  • @cute as ducks: Got some UB 4.0 triple black instead. $125. Can't complain.

                    • +1

                      @Fitzwah: Funnily enough it's in my cart. The issue is most of the stuff I want is already discounted and the voucher can't be used.

                      I hear horror stories about how long it takes to get a refund - like up to 3 weeks. I have little faith the refund will come soon.

                    • @Fitzwah: Ended up getting the UB 4.0s like you and 2 other shoes since stock was low on my sizes $417. Waiting on my $506 refund.

                      Will use the other vouchers they gave me for future purchases if something else comes up.

    • +1

      Same as your orders. I ordered 4 clothes and a pair of shoes and all of them was cancelled without any explanation. Feel really bad

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