Umart Premium Price Check - be quiet! 500DX

Can someone please check the price of this case on Umart premium please?
Wanting to see if I want to spend extra $150 for the premium.
Thank you very very much.

Link to the case

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    What's umart premium


      They do a thing now - if you spend $150 on Umart, you get to be a premium member. Some items have special premium pricing only premium members can see (which is stupid) cos if I could see a good price with premium on anything, I would be more inclined to spend that $150 to become a premium member, but anyway.


    PREMIUM $159.0
    Premium Ends in 6 Days or While Stock Lasts!


      THANK YOU!!!!!
      One more if you don't mind please. be quiet cooler

      Can't seem to be able to decide on a cooler :(
      D15 black out of stock in Southport and nothing else look appealing.

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        PREMIUM $75.0

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    FWIW - I recently bought this case (from pccg not umart), and it is a quality case. Thoroughly enjoyed the build.


      That is great to know. All umarts in Brisbane are closed due to lockdown, Southport is a bit too far away for me, will see how that goes, haha.


      Also did you change any fan configuration, add rgb, anything else? They say it's best airflow to move the 140mm from the front to the top as exhaust and put 3 120mm fan as intake on the front.


        I've configured it 2x 140mm out front and 1x exhaust.

        Happy with that as I wanted the quieter fans to the front. Does a good job of keeping things cool.