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ANZ Rewards Black Credit Card: Earn 180,000 Reward Points (Worth $800) with $2,000 Min Spend in 3 Months, $0 Annual Fee 1st Year


Was browsing Point Hacks and saw this gem of a deal
$800 in gift cards (or $700 cashback) for $2000 spend is one of the best value returns out there
Pity i already used my ANZ Rewards card for this 12 month cycle.
FYI This is different to the ANZ Qantas Frequent Flyer scheme and not affected if you already have an ANZ Frequent Flyer card

If you haven't, apply away!.

ANZ is offering 180,000 bonus ANZ Reward Points (can get an $800 gift card) and $0 first year annual fee for new cardholders of the ANZ Rewards Black. Includes complimentary insurances plus Apple Pay and Google Pay support.

Key Attributes
180,000 ANZ Reward Points (can get an $800 gift card) + $0 first year annual fee, when you spend a minimum of $2,000 on eligible purchase within the first 3 months of approval
24/7 Personal Concierge and exclusive entertainment and lifestyle offers
Complimentary travel and shopping insurances (PDS)
Earn 2 ANZ Reward Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases up to $5,000 per statement period, then 1 Reward Point per $1 spent on eligible purchases above $5,000 per statement period
Annual Fee: $0 for the first year, $375 p.a. ongoing
New card. T&Cs, eligibility criteria, fees & charges apply (including annual fee, currently $0 for first year, $375 thereafter).
Not available where you currently hold, or have closed, an ANZ Rewards credit card within the previous 12 months.

Via https://www.pointhacks.com.au/credit-cards/anz-rewards-black...

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    • yes and if your limit is higher enough 15k for new black +6K forexisting platinum call up and ask if they will reduce your exisiting credit limit and approve the new appilication with the 15k straight away?

      • I highly doubt that they will aprrove without you going thru the application as a new card.

        • they used to do it a few years ago . id just make a new application and after getting the ref number i'd call up right away and get approved after agreeing to reduce my limit on existing anz card limits and i would still be eligible for the new card sign up bonuses . i dont know if things have changed now with new rules in place and if it can still be done?

          • @coolsteps: Cool. I didn't aware about this "short-cut".

            New law has made banks to stricter to approve CC applications so i don't think they allowed to do as you said any more.

            Before if i ring up and tell them that i wanted to close my account due to fees they immediately transferred me to their Retention Team. They would try to offer reduced fee or waive it. Now, they will just "Bye, nice doing business with you".

  • Anyone know if the fee would be covered by Breakfree? Can't see any mention in the T&C's so I'm assuming not but they usually specifically exclude it.

    (Actually, $320 may be covered, and just the $55 rewards portion payable as is usually the case with Breakfree)

  • Dose anyone know if the the purchase needs to be in 1 transaction or dose not matter as long as you spend more than 2k within 3 months?

    • it does not matter

  • Submitted application along with payslips around 3PM and get response just now that my card is on the way. looks like its approved. Not sure any further checks? will keep updated here

  • Good deal but will be surprised if none of you took the previous offer from point hack

  • Has anyone been approved for this offer after being declined for the $500 offer

    • you are best wait 6 months or more as you will more than likely be auto rejected. if you have an existing anz card with 15k + limit apply and call up quoting ref no. and ask to decrease existing limit by 15k to be approved without pay slips but not sure if that's possible now days?

  • Where can we use the reward points?

  • Are there fx charges on this card?

  • been a while since the last churn. Wasted my time going through their expenses form, and I have all that data quite handy. "Sorry we can't offer this to you, a letter explaining why will arrive within 7 business days".

    I'm being greedy, but ANZ has always been a pain.

  • Just applied but got rejected…have no idea why…

    • 15k credit limit. That’s hard for many oxbarginers

      • Never applied credit card before..for that 15k limit what condition (like income) can meet the criteria..curious.

  • if my partner already has a supplementary card from my ANZ, can we still quality if she applies on her name?

    The main account holder is me and that should not affect it should it?

    • Yes, she will quality.

      My partner and I are also doing same thing. Whenever we saw a good deal like this, we applied separately within a month or two apart to spread the spending.

      • -1

        Thanks for your reply. But I'm wondering if a supplementary card considers as having a card with ANZ? I got the $500 cash back kc previously, this seems too good.

        BTW ANZ is not even my main CC bank but I'm impressed with the app and wait time by calling from the app.

        • Supplement account is not a customer.

  • I'm sure a velocity transfer rate is coming - might take the gamble

  • Giving this a shot $800 certainly worth an hour of my time!
    Thanks very much OP

    • And a hit on your credit file.

  • Does anyone know how long this offer is open for? Sorry if already covered but I couldn't find. I can't apply until July… Fingers crossed.

  • Thanks OP, got approved 1 day from submission with 23K credit. That's on top of my 15k fee free for life Citibank card. Wasn't expecting it.

  • +1

    Ive been trying to get passed stage two for over 30mins now. Each time I click continue it pushes me back up to the your expenses part. Everything has been filled in already.

    WTF am I missing?>

    • +3

      I had this same issue. In my case, I had board as $0 per month (which is the top one from memory). I changed it to $5 per month and it went through.

      • +2

        Yes, I had to put in I paid $1 rent per year to get to the next screen, even though I'd already told them I was a homeowner.

      • Got it fixed by doing that… Had to change everything to $1

      • Thanks. I knew that for every life question, OzBargain is where you turn to. :)

        • I encountered the same issue. I didn't want to change anything so instead tried going back one page. When I returned to the expenses page I could click continue and proceed unchanged.

  • NSW CTP Green Slip Insurance, is it an eligible purchase?

    • If it's a government charge then no - as virtually for all CCs.

      • It is going be from NRMA or AAMI

    • Pay with PayPal as intermediary checkout.

  • -2

    Can you get these perks if you have a home loan with them, using Breakfree Package which can include a credit card, but you don't use their credit card through this package and just apply for these deals?

  • How long does it take to get the card from when you submit the application (assuming you get approved)?

    • Usually 5 business days.

  • ANZ hit credit report with whopping 75K credit limit on a Friday, day I applied.. SMH

    • mine was about 50k despite being a credit limit well under that

  • Submitted pay slips on Good Friday, just got a call now wanting to confirm a couple of things, and it has been approved.

  • I didn't get a confirmation email, does it take a while or did I put my address incorrectly?

    • +1

      The auto confirmation email takes a while to arrive, took about 2 hours when I signed up last night.

    • +1

      Mine took nearly 4 days

  • Got the call today, been approved 😀
    Thanks OP

    • When did you submit the application?

      • On Thursday, they called me once on Sunday for my payslips and today to tell me I got approved :)

        • +1

          Wait, they called on Sunday?

          • +2

            @timhn: There's no Easter public holiday in India

  • Hi guys. I called up anz and was told that insurance payment,phone bills, rent and utility bills are not eligible for this. Can anyone confirm this?

    • Can't see anything about that in the terms, just this

      You will not earn Rewards Points on interest charges, premiums paid for ANZ Credit Card Insurance (ANZ Credit Card Insurance not available for new customers from March 17th, 2018), government charges, bank fees, payments made to the Australian Taxation Office or other taxation payments or duties, card account adjustments resulting from disputed transactions or otherwise, balance transfers or cash advances (as defined in the ANZ Credit Cards Conditions of Use) or transactions which are identified to ANZ by the relevant merchant or any intermediary financial institution as falling into one of these categories. Bonus Reward Points will not be earned in the Bonus Points Mall on the purchase of gift cards, GST or delivery and shipping charges.

    • +1

      Either they gave you bad info or you misheard/misunderstood.

      • +1

        I'm pretty sure I heard correctly as I reiterated with the person on call. Frustrating really as I waited 40 minutes to speak to one of them. I'm gonna walk into anz branch and confirm this before signing up.

        • Please post the information you receive after enquiring at an ANZ branch.

    • According to: https://www.anz.com.au/content/dam/anzcomau/documents/pdf/an...
      Clause 8 states: "You will not earn Rewards Points on interest charges, premiums paid for ANZ Credit Card Insurance (ANZ Credit Card Insurance not available for new customers from March 17th, 2018), government charges, bank fees, payments made to the Australian Taxation Office or other taxation payments or duties, card account adjustments resulting from disputed transactions or otherwise, balance transfers or cash advances (as defined in the ANZ Credit Cards Conditions of Use) or transactions which are identified to ANZ by the relevant merchant or any intermediary financial institution as falling into one of these categories. Bonus Reward Points will not be earned in the Bonus Points Mall on the purchase of gift cards, GST or delivery and shipping charges."
      From a quick look, I could not find any reference to the bills you mentioned.

      • Would car registration be a government charge?

        • I would imagine so.

          • @ifonlyiwasyounger: That is not very clear though. I would have thought no.

            • @Mad Max: I assumed it would be regarded as a government charge because car registration is a compulsory payment.

              • @ifonlyiwasyounger: But it does not mention it in the fine print (1)
                Purchases which are not eligible to earn Reward Points are described in the ANZ Rewards - Rewards Program Terms and Conditions (PDF 102kB), for example interest charges, fees, cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, balance transfers, transactions for gambling or gaming purposes and reversed or refunded transactions will not count towards your qualifying eligible purchases
                Although you are right and it says government charges at point 8 in the REWARDS PROGRAM TERMS AND CONDITION
                I do not see why it would not qualify though.

                • @Mad Max:

                  for example

                  Means that list is not exhaustive. Though they should really include government charges there as well.

              • +1

                @ifonlyiwasyounger: It would be regarded as a government charge because it's charged by a government body. The nature of the payment is irrelevant.

                • -1

                  @the splingee: It would be good to obtain a definitive answer on that because car registration, council rates and water rates are quite large amounts that could be making up the $2000 minimum spend. I rang the 132273 number but the operator answering from Manila did not even know what car registration is!
                  Need to speak to someone in Australia or may be ask in a branch.

  • Double confirming can get this if you have had a ANZ Frequent flyer card in the last 12 months?

    • Yes. Source : I was once having both at same time for a brief period just to make sure all my auto debit successful on the new CC before close the other one.

  • +1

    Thanks Op. Got approved!
    Timing wise, Application submitted Sunday arvo, 1 hour later, received confirmation that my application has been received, and that i needed to provide 3 most recent payslip. I've submitted these additional documents, and fast forward to today, received an SMS and email that application has been approved.

    Really happy given the many comments on how hard it it is to get an ANZ card. I've not been rejected so far with all of my credit card applications. This is my third churner card under 12 months. I've done the Citibank and Westpac from past deals.

    • do you burn (i.e. cancel) the other cards prior to applying for the new one?

      • I didn't have to cancel any of my current card prior to applying for this one. (6k, + 3k) limits.

        The common consensus is, you want to cancel the card as soon as you get the points, I believe it would look favorably for you as you will have less liability. Take into account the account closure reflection in the credit reporting sites. When I cancelled my Westpac, it took about 2 months to be reflected as closed from memory.

  • I just got an email saying they want to talk to me to clarify some financial details provided on my application…
    They aren't going to make me recite each of my incomes and outgoings are they? I can hardly remember what I put down…
    Anyone able to embrace me on what they may ask?

    • May be something in your payslips that raised a red flag? Like salary sacrifice?

    • +2

      Yep, they did for me. The woman that called me was very helpful pushing me into the right direction to enable me the best chance of being approved though 😂

      I made the mistake of putting all my expenses in 100%, technically for them it should only be 50% as I'm married with my wife paying half…so she basically cut everything in half (had to spend 5 minutes agreeing to each item though).

      • I've done the same oops. No phone call or repsonse as yet though.

  • Got knocked back. Sucks

  • Hmm, I'm unable to proceed with an application. Hopefully this is just a temporary issue and the deal is still on :(

  • Could someone please let me know if rego payment count as a valid purchase?

    • no probably not as it is a bill

  • I have had ANZ Qantas Platinum and Travel rewards- but cancelled in last 12 months. Eligble?

  • I applied on Good Friday and haven't heard back apart from the confirmation email that I applied. I'm self-employed so gave them my accountant's name and ph number.

    Does this mean we can't use the card to buy giftcards after reading the terms that someone posted above?

    • same

    • Same, applied on Good Friday, uploaded payslips same day and silence since then.

      Whether you can buy gift cards - it's a grey zone. As someone else pointed ANZ would not know exact purpose of transaction unless it comes from specific merchants associated with gambling, lotteries and such so your gift card plus choco bar to unround the total sum purchase from Coles might work. Or might not. Only ANZ knows.

      • same here, uploaded slips on Friday too, haven't heard back

    • Got mine just now after a call from assessor only interested in balance on existing credit cards and total credit limit.

      • stilll haven't heard back hmm..

  • Does anyone have the platinum card and will also be signing up to this one?

    • +1

      Can't do both the anz rewards black and platinum

      • That makes sense. Hopefully this lasts a couple of months then.

        • WIll need a 12 month cool off period in between unfortunately.

  • +2

    Hi guys. Managed to walk into ANZ branch and was told that bills payment like phone bills, rent and utility bills are not eligible for this. It has to be purely purchases (food,fuel, online etc.) I'm sure government charges are also out. The store rep even called up the credit card department to confirm this.

    • +3

      So you went to ANZ branch and asked "can I pay bill with credit card?" And was told no, which is correct because term "pay bill" in banking context means "pay bill using BPAY" and it is indeed not eligible. But you can still pay your bill online using your credit card number.

  • Does anyone know if you can include your spouse's income? I want to apply in my wife's name and put my income on the application but I think I've read some banks don't allow this.

    • No, of course not. Unless the bank specifically asks you to include your spouse's income.

  • If you link your ANZ Rewards Credit Card to your PayPal account, would that adequately "mask" potential non-eligible payments made using PayPal?

    • +2

      Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Apparently Paypal still flag who the merchant is. Citibank (Qantas and Virgin card) and HSBC still don't allow it, but my feeling is ANZ did. I actually challenged Citibank on this, then lodged a complaint through AFCA (they denied my utilities spend as well, but mine are all privatised now, so they found in my favour. But, as someone else said, try and buy visa gift cards when they have no charge and pay all ineligible bills with them, with the visa cards being an eligible spend. Easier than needing to fight for your points every time.

      • Visa cards are not eligible spend, if you get caught.

      • Thank you tunzafun001.

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