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Save $26/kg on Vietnamese Spiced Beef Jerky (Subscription Only) + $7.80 Delivery @ Kim's Beef Jerky


Just saw a post by my favourite beef jerky store on facebook here. They've announced a savings of $26/kg when you subscribe to their Vietnamese Spiced beef jerky plan delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Cancel or skip a delivery cycle at any time.

This is their online foundation price. "never available again".

They've operated offline since 1999 and you could only buy their beef jerky in local grocery stores or through bank transfer on facebook. I swear by this beef jerky and am absolutely addicted (i need help). You can see the local fans they have on their facebook page comments and reviews. It's actually quite funny because the business is owned by an older couple, sometimes they reply in all caps. But i think now their daughter has helped out. I don't know what it is, but their beef jerky is insanely good.

Here are a few things they've written:
  • Beef for protein.
  • Lemongrass & garlic for aroma.
  • Chilli & Vietnamese herbs for spice.
  • 100% organic and natural ingredients.
  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • No fillers
  • Made to order

One of the reviews:

"Mouthwatering, super tasty & seriously you can never stop at one… I have to stop myself from eating the whole pack!
I don’t even like Jerky & wouldn’t even try it but my daughter kind of made me & now I absolutely Luv it!
I have even taken it overseas with me… In fact, I came here to order my next supply… please keep it coming!"
- Wendy

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  • -1

    it kinda looks scary

    • +6

      Yea, it definitely looks different to the typical beef jerky. but that's what makes it so… flavoursome

      TBH for me, typical beef jerky looks disgusting… looks like dog treats. i used to eat jack links beef jerky before this, i can never go back.

      • im kinda tempted from you guys' descriptions
        what sort of quantities are people buying?

        • Think these are usually $20-$30 at Asian groceries for 300g I think.

          • @nightelves: yea its usually very expensive. the price drop is quite insane

        • Same here! How long does it take people normally to get through 500g or 1kg?

          • +1

            @meke: They’re very addictive. Probably could take me easily 2-3 days just from munching on them constantly.

          • +1

            @meke: 200g would be a good snack for 2-3 days for 1 person (and that's me trying to savour them). I could easily eat 200g in one sitting.
            For a family i would get at least 500g to share

            • @22sy44: Thanks both! I'm sold lol

      • +2

        Jack link's is the absolute worst

        Make your own or buy a decent brand

        Haven't tried the one posted here, looks interesting.

    • +3

      These are absolutely delicious. I always buy these when at VN because it’s so expensive here.

      • +2

        even in VN it is also not cheap, you can't bring it into Australia.
        The reason why it is not cheap is because
        1. beef is not cheap
        2. 1kg beef will become maybe 700g final product dry beef jerky.

        Vietnamese beef jerky is dry one not like those wet jerky posted on ozbargain.

  • +5

    Don't be deceived by it looks. Once you've tried it you'll never go back. The best jerky that I have eaten (and I have tried a fair bit). Best enjoyed with a cold beer. Vietnamese know how to do good tasting food!

  • Only one flavour?

    • +1

      Yes, vanilla.

    • +2

      Beef Jerky will never taste the same once you've tried these.

    • +1

      They used to sell satay and deep-fried sesame. But they stopped (satay was epic). probably due to low visibility. Im sure they'll add those flavours back in if we can convince them that their online transition is the way to go haha

  • +2

    where is nutrinional info on this?

    • +3

      It's the last photo of their product photos

      • +6

        so much sugar!

        • +5

          around 30% sugar wow

      • +5

        thank you very much
        34% sugar - big pass

        • +2

          Jack links is 28% i think it's quite usual for beef jerky.

          I guess if they were to use artificial flavours like typical beef jerky they could drop sugar content.

          • +1

            @22sy44: it's a valid point, no doubt.

            but anything >10% is no go for me.

            have a great day!

          • +1

            @22sy44: Jack Links is awful stuff, and thus a terrible comparison, especially given it has LESS sugar than this.

        • +5

          Yikes what in the hell is that?!

          I typically eat stuff that is <9g per 100g.

          34g per 100g is madness.

          • +3

            @Telios: Yeah, 34% is crazy. A lot of ice cream varieties have a lower carb percentage than this stuff.

            • +1

              @mapax: Just depends on how much sugar vs artificial sweeteners (additives) you are willing to consume. If it's got low sugar then its most likely going to have a lot of additives. if it has no additives then its going to have more sugar.

              Generally, you'll find gourmet food with high sugar vs large companies using artificial sweeteners because it is insanely cheap compared to sugar. Sucralose being a popular artificial sweetener is only 0.15 the price of sugar.

              I don't want to scare you. But here are some studies that might interest you. Low sugars are great, but there's a trade-off (sugars are bad I agree btw)
              * The Association Between Artificial Sweeteners and Obesity
              * Sugar substitutes: Health controversy over perceived benefits
              * Gain weight by “going diet?” Artificial sweeteners and the neurobiology of sugar cravings

              These studies suggest plant-based sweeteners. Maybe KBJ will see this (but I'm content that they have no additives)

              • +3

                @22sy44: I’m not sure why you’re mentioning artificial sweeteners, I don’t consume them at all. The biltong I buy is 3.4% sugar and the ingredients are Beef, Salt, Sugar, Spices, Vinegar,

                • @mapax: Additives aren't absolutely required to be listed in ingredients (there are exceptions). Biltong is made differently to jerky, not the same. have a good easter

                  • +5

                    @22sy44: Mate, did you forget to tick the "associated" box?

                    • +4

                      @mickeyjuiceman: Dude is straight up talking out his ass.

                      I bought several varieties from these guys a few months ago. You don't need artificial sweeteners or preservatives for biltong or jerky.


                      These are <2g per 100g sugar.


                      • +2

                        @Telios: His rabid defence of this meat lolly is just bizarre.

                        • +1

                          @mickeyjuiceman: Guys.. OP is just stating facts. Why are you being negative? If its not for you, simply move on. Let the rest of us decide for ourselves.

                          Beef jerky is a snack food, just like, chips, ice cream or banana bread etc. Not a main course. Eat what you please. This jerky looks delicious :)

                          And if you have actually checked out their website, they make "vietnamese" style beef jerky. It is packed full of flavour. Not just salt and vinegar

                          Thanks for sharing OP

                          • +1

                            @tomkinsonaivi: They're not being negative, they're just stating facts right back. And sure, you're allowed to think desserts should be as unhealthy as they ought to be, but it doesn't mean other people will share the same idea of what a dessert is. I, for one, am glad the 34% sugar content was noted because I was buying OP's hype, but also want to be cautious of my sugar intake. Also OP's fearmongering about artificial sweeteners was a bit uncalled for and misleading. I don't have sugar at home and only use Stevia for all my cooking and baking and I'm no less healthy than any of my friends. Yes the beef jerky is packed full of flavour I'm sure and I'd have to be blind if I said it didn't look delicious, but it's also packed full of sugar and based on that, I'll pass.

                            Let people express their views, even if they don't match up with yours.

                            • @Deseret: stating facts right back? This thread is as @mickeyjuiceman states "infantile"
                              OP is the ONLY one stating facts: citing research articles and referencing Australian food standards.
                              How are research articles misleading? if you don't like the facts, don't get upset.
                              OP also said "These studies suggest plant-based sweeteners" which is what you use. OP isn't biased at all and purely stating facts.

                              All other comments are emotional replies.
                              No one has factually rebutted OPs facts at all.
                              @Telios tries to but, is referencing biltong which is different to beef jerky.
                              Furthermore, what a lot of westerners are forgetting is that this is not any "beef jerky" this is Vietnamese beef jerky. It's made to taste a certain way and, therefore requires a certain sweet flavour. which can only be achieved by sugar or sweetener as OP has stated.
                              You wouldn't order pavlova and ask for it to be not sweet. This post is about Vietnamese Beef jerky not western beef jerky. Nearly all the replies are invalid because they're referencing western beef jerky, it's not comparable.
                              "express" your view, but most of you don't even understand what this product is.

                              If you cant rebut the facts, dont get emotional and make petty comments.
                              I'd love for some factual rebuttals. It'd be hilarious watching someone try to refute research articles and the Australian food standards, or tell a culture how their food should taste (in this case…not sweet)

                              • +1

                                @OzBBQ: Read the reports. First one is locked behind a paywall and I doubt OP has shelled out any money to read beyond the summary, which looks pretty damning in itself but is contradicted by the next reports OP links.

                                The second report lists many of health benefits for diabetics, caloric intake reduction and dental hygiene, then proceeds to tear down some of health risks that have been suggested.
                                "Reported anecdotal experiences are not confirmed by carefully controlled scientific studies. This, of course, does not mean that the problems are not real, but it does imply that in many cases the symptoms may not be caused by aspartame itself."

                                The third report says there have been studies showing people using artificial sweeteners experienced long term weight gain in adults, but not children. People who were already heavy tended to lose weight with artificial sweetener use, but this was not true in lighter people. The proposed mechanism for the weight loss in some was obvious (reduction in caloric intake) and weight gain in others was attributed to increased hypoglycemic response from tasting something sweet, which makes you hungrier. Which, if you're the type of person to eat set amounts at meals, wouldn't affect you.

                                Anyway just want to end on this note. OP sucks for Googling "negative health effect of artificial sweeteners" and posting the first 3 links without reading them while claiming "I don't want to scare you". And OzBBQ you suck too for not reading the reports, whining "facts facts my cold hard facts, how is OP misleading hmmmm? Go read the article you sack of emotional juice" while not reading the reports yourself.

                                • +1

                                  @Deseret: All you have done in your reply is just repeated what the studies have said. Which is essentially what OP did by referencing them. What's your point here?
                                  Can you rebut anything? or just copy paste.
                                  Those articles discuss sugars and artificial sweeteners. Like 99% of articles they end with, more research is required. 2 of them are systematic reviews. There's nothing wrong with their methodology. And, those are the results. Which you have repeated… cool.

                                  You are the only one being emotional mate.
                                  * "OP sucks"
                                  * "you suck"
                                  * "sack of emotional juice"
                                  * "without reading them" - that's your emotional assumption that you're willing to believe (im studying at uni and have access to all 3 of the studies just with my library login)

                                  You still haven't rebutted any of OPs other facts. Is this going to happen? or just emotional responses and insults.

                                  • @OzBBQ: OP makes artificial sweeteners out to be a health hazard by only quoting the titles of the reports and not their substance, when really the reports are saying artificial sweeteners are generally safe and health risks are ostensibly anecdotal. It doesn't just say more research needs to be done; it says they are safe for consumption:
                                    "Extensive scientific research has demonstrated the safety of the six low-calorie sweeteners currently approved for use in foods in the U.S. and Europe (stevia, acesulfame-K, aspartame, neotame, saccharin and sucralose) each with an acceptable daily intake."

                                    Literally the rebuttal to his implication that artificial sweeteners are a health hazard is the very evidence he has linked. Unlike OP, I've referenced and summarised parts of the report and he has just copied the title down. So forgive me for believing OP, who has in an attempt to demonise artificial sweeteners linked reports that vindicate them, has not read those articles.

                                    im studying at uni and have access to all 3 of the studies just with my library login

                                    Lmao ok, then do yourself a favour and use your access to read them.

                                    • -2

                                      @Deseret: OP said "there's a trade-off" which is correct. That's what the studies say. Too much sugar bad. Too much sweeteners, bad. More research required.
                                      Thanks for copy pasting again. Maybe you forgot to paste the sentence after "A number of studies have also shown the adverse effects of the same."

                                      And nothing on the neurological affects? "Lastly, artificial sweeteners, precisely because they are sweet, encourage sugar craving and sugar dependence."

                                      Thank you for being more factual and less emotional. I enjoyed the debate.

                                      We could copy paste forever, but what I really want you to answer is how can we make this Vietnamese beef jerky maintain the same flavour without it either having sweeteners or sugars?
                                      If we're going to be critical, lets be constructive.

                                      • -2

                                        @OzBBQ: Ahaha do you know what trade off means? It doesn't mean too much of either can be bad. It means replacing one with the other has benefits and also downsides. Which, given the articles they've linked, didn't seem to be the case here. Only downside is that sweeteners cause sugar dependency which, surprise surprise, sugar causes too. Given the evidence, the trade-off is minimal and so "there's a trade-off" is exactly the wrong thing to say. Artificial sweeteners don't cause any more problems than sugar does.

                                        Already addressed the neurological effects when I explained the mechanism through which artificial sweeteners could cause weight gain (which also needs the context that it causes weight loss in some people too).

                                        My contribution to the debate was never how to maintain the flavour of Vietnamese jerky without sugar or sweeteners you weasel. If it was up to me, I'd be using Stevia.

                                        • @Deseret: Okay you obviously cannot take a step back and debate without emotions.

                                          You proved OPs point with this statement: "Artificial sweeteners don't cause any more problems than sugar does."
                                          That's the trade off. "Replacing" sweetness with either sugar or artificial sweeteners has down sides. We both agree and that's the "trade off" or in your terms "replacing" that OP is talking about.

                                          Stevia was also mentioned in the study and it's as stated above. Has down sides. Both are bad. Both are good. Replacing one for the other has downsides. Using one vs the other trades off different positives and negatives. That's all that OP stated. He already stated that sugars are bad. We're just going around in circles because you're so infatuated with insulting people rather than debating.

                                          If you're not willing to debate the main topic which is the sugar content of this product then all of this is just off topic.

                                          The fact is, is that you can't make this delicious and well known Vietnamese style beef jerky without adding some sort of sweetness to it. Either by additives or natural sugars. Both having downsides/trade-offs.

                                          It's like ordering pho and demanding it not be made from beef. You have to be real ignorant to expect this…

                                          If your next reply doesn't address that fact then I'm not continuing this pointless back and forth , trying to steer you on topic.

                                        • @Deseret: Dude I almost guarantee OzBBQ is a shill.

                                          His account is barely a few days old and the only threads he's posted in are the candy jerky threads.

                                          Its the way the world works now. I'm only interested in the facts about the product, I've posted plenty of similar discussions about nutrient info being hidden or obfuscated and shills will appear out of nowhere.

                                          • @Telios: Again, you're unable to debate the facts.

                                            Just baseless emotional responses.

                                            Reiterating the fact:
                                            The fact is, is that you can't make this delicious and well known Vietnamese style beef jerky without adding some sort of sweetness to it. Either by additives or natural sugars. Both having downsides/trade-offs.

                                            It's like ordering pho and demanding it not be made from beef. You have to be real ignorant to expect this…

                                            • @OzBBQ: Son, you are ranting about nonsense, I never argued your statements but since you seem to want to bring it up lets examine it based on other sources.


                                              Serving: 70g
                                              | Calories: 231kcal
                                              | Carbohydrates: 11g
                                              | Protein: 25g
                                              | Fat: 9g
                                              | Saturated Fat: 3g
                                              | Cholesterol: 70mg
                                              | Sodium: 525mg
                                              | Potassium: 320mg
                                              | Fiber: 1g
                                              | Sugar: 7g
                                              | Vitamin A: 475IU
                                              | Vitamin C: 1.7mg
                                              | Calcium: 28mg
                                              | Iron: 3.8mg

                                              This recipe has around 15.4% carbs per 100g and 9.8% of which is sugar (Stat x 1.42)


                                              Makes 1 pound (approx 450g)

                                              2 pounds beef rump or bottom sirloin roast
                                              6 to 8 Thai chiles, chopped
                                              1 large stalk lemongrass, trimmed, halved lengthwise and cut into super thin half circles (1/3 cup total)
                                              1/3 cup lightly packed light brown or brown sugar
                                              About 2 1/2 tablespoons fish sauce
                                              2 tablespoon light (regular) soy sauce
                                              1 tablespoons dark (thick) soy sauce

                                              This recipe has around 17% sugar (80g(sugar)/ 450g dried jerky).
                                              And likely around 20-22% carbs with the addition of chili, fish sauce, light/dark soy.


                                              This will make around 450g as well (2:1 once dried)

                                              2 Pound lean bottom round beef
                                              2 Large garlic, roughly chopped
                                              1 Stalk fresh lemongrass, trimmed and white parts thinly sliced
                                              1 1/2 inch fresh ginger, peeled and roughly chopped
                                              1/2 Cup soy sauce or Bragg Liquid Aminos
                                              3 Tablespoon water
                                              3 Tablespoon sugar
                                              2 Tablespoon fish sauce
                                              2 Teaspoon red chile flakes, or more to taste
                                              1/2 Teaspoon pink curing salt (optional)

                                              This recipe has around 13.3% sugar (60g sugar/450g dried jerky).
                                              And likely around 15-16% carbs with the addition of ginger and fish sauce.

                                              So no, 34g per 100g is not the norm compared to a variety of other recipes, and certainly not the norm when compared with other styles of jerky or biltong.

                                          • @Telios: Yeah was going to leave at my last comment anyway but what you're saying does make sense. I guess I just give people the benefit of the doubt and assume they'll be tagged 'Associated' if they are shills.

                • -1

                  @mapax: Aldi was selling biltong 40g pack few weeks back. 1 star health rating from the package puts me off

  • Sold

  • Subscribed. Do we know how to skip a cycle? Would be convenient to be able to do it online like with Amazon, but I could not see any option in the Shopify app powering the store.

    • +1

      I got an email with a link to manage my subscription. You can do it online yourself. No need to contact them :)

      (My email was in the promotions tab of gmail)

      • Thanks, I got the email but it’s just an order confirmation, with a link to track my order. I could not see any options to manage my subscription there.

        • +1

          Did you create an account at checkout? maybe create an account using the same email as your order: https://kimsbeefjerky.com.au/account
          Then login to manage your subscription?

          • +1

            @22sy44: Thanks AS. I’ve just created an account using the same email and could manage my subscription now.

  • +2

    I was interested in this but the sugar content is off the charts. Ridiculous.

    • +3

      Agreed. 34% sugar is crazy high!

      • Jack links is 28% i think it's quite usual for beef jerky.

        I guess if they were to use artificial flavours they could drop sugar content.

        • +2

          Most of the stuff I've had is less that 10% sugar. Just seems very high to me. Prob tastes nice though.

    • Extra 1.82g per serv but you get no preservatives and no artificial flavours (comparing to jack links). + they use real Vietnamese herbs for the spice. i would occasional see leaves floating around my package

    • +3

      totally agree.
      10% or less is acceptable, unless you're eating candy

      • +1

        sorry to do this but *lolly

    • +1

      Just try the small packet instead. You’ll definitely enjoy it.

      • +5

        no thanks. i'll eat chockolate if i want sugar lol

  • Vietnamese beef jerky is the best! There used to be quite a few manufacturers…but most have shut down. The most recent casualty (from a couple of years ago) was Tak On (based in Melb).

    At one stage, VN beef jerky wasn’t available in the usual Asian grocers that I frequented, so had to resort to making my own.

    This stuff is addictive and spicy, especially the small bits. If the recipe is “authentic”, it should be a little flavour-heavy on lemongrass, curry powder and sugar, but each manufacturer has their own small variation.

    Back to this deal, $50.16/kg is not really that much of a bargain, considering that you need to pay postage on top (I just tried to check out a 500g subscription for $25.08 and was required to pay $7.80 postage, taking it to $32.88). $32.88 per month is quite a commitment - and my dentist will most likely tell me off for excessive molar wear on my teeth (as you really need to chew this stuff).

    • +1

      You can skip cycles though, making it once every two months.

      I agree with shipping it’s not much of a saving compared to what can be bought at the Asian stores, but it’s delivered and if it tastes good and does not use any preservation then I think it’s worth trying

    • +2

      Just for comparision as I just went to an Asian grocer just now. It was $22 for 200g so this is a really good deal with or without delivery.

  • Can't be bothered cancelling a subscription

  • +5

    Been eating this for 30 years. Good stuff

  • Price in title

  • Is there a lot of Soap(coriander) in the herbs?

    • I don’t think there’s any

      • Thanks, i'll give it a try then :)

  • +1

    I don't eat meat anymore, but man this was the good stuff when I did! Mouth is watering a little just thinking about it…

  • +1

    Thank you ops

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