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Third Day Free (Base Rate) for Car Rental of 3 or More Days (Must Include a Saturday Night) @ AVIS


Hey guys, I was looking around for some car hire coupon codes for an upcoming trip I have and I found this one with Avis - hopefully it helps someone else :)

Terms and conditions

  • Offer valid at all AVIS Australia locations.
  • Offer valid on rentals commencing between 22 April until 21 June 2021.
  • Include coupon number TPNA006 at time of booking.
  • Minimum rental period of 3 days applies.
  • 1 day free applicable to the base rate (time and kilometre charges) only.
  • Offer applies to all vehicle groups only. Subject to availability.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, coupon or promotion.
  • Coupon valid on all rates except Package Tour, Travel Industry or Government Rates
  • Avis standard age, credit and driver requirements apply.
  • Subject to the terms and conditions of the Avis Rental Agreement at the time of rental.

Edit - 1 (thanks for pointing this one out @SimbaGirl)

  • Booking needs to include a Saturday night

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  • Still very expensive compared to Jucy :/

    • +8

      What's jucy like, their fleet looks incredibly aged.

      • Yeah

      • Not sure where you're located but the same corollas, camrys and konas as Avis

      • Used jucy in Melbourne recently. Thought they were amazing got a brand new Mitsubishi asx

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    OP, you need to add that the booking has to include a Saturday night, the code is invalid otherwise (just checked it for a Mon-Fri booking I have in May).

    • +1

      Thanks, I've just added this in.

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    If you don't want to be gouged by car hire here's what you do.

    Go on Google maps and zoom into the airport youre landing in. Type in car hire in the search box and you'll see a whole bunch of family owned car hire businesses.

    Go through each one and you'll get rates that are more than half the rates of the usual big companies and much nicer cars.

    • +2

      You're partly right, partly wrong.

      These companies are usually not inside the airport, so you gotta sort transport either with them or on your own to get from the airport to their location.

      Yes, their prices are usually cheaper. Partly because they don't pay the "Premium Location Surcharge" the big companies have to pay to have a depot inside the airport which is crazy high depending on how big the airport is. In the case of Brisbane Airport it's 28%.

      Regarding the fleet, I'm not too sure about what their cars look like, but the big rental car companies usually have cars for a year, sell them and buy new ones. So their fleet is usually in pretty good condition. Expect for commercial vehicles.

      • +3

        So far they've all compensated for not having a premium location by leaving the cars in the airport parking lot and asking me to leave it there on return with the keys and ticket hidden and phone them to come pick up.

        And yep, I've noticed the cars can be older but are usually at higher spec. With the big guys I've sometimes been missing cruise control which is the worst for long travel.

      • +3

        You're partly right, partly wrong.

        Not really. The information is right.

        You have presented extra information which may provide more to consider but does not at all make any of the original information wrong.

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    If you have an AMEX and were targeted, don’t forget about this offer - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/609413.

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    "And on the third day, he rose from the bed and received free car hire."

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    For my Darwin booking it's still much cheaper with Budget

    • +2

      Strange considering they are the same company :)

    • how much cheaper? Considering UrbionPT saying they are the same company can you let us know the difference? I know sometimes they may have different offers but would be surprised if MUCH cheaper

      • +2

        Sorry, my bad I've compared with a previous reservation.

        10 days
        552.86 with Budget Compact SUV - But this reservation was made a few months ago
        819.68 with Avis
        847.80 currently with Budget

        • ouch…Darwin car hires have increased.

        • Keep in mind a lot has changed in a few months. Many car companies have transferred cars to areas with flooding to be let as insurance vehicles, which has pushed prices all over the country up

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    Worth checking your employee benefits if applicable. I save over 50% on bookings and it already includes excess reduction.

    • Can confirm this stacks with a corporate AWD#

  • +5

    Don't forget to get travel insurance which has excess cover instead of paying 5x as much to reduce the excess through the hire company!!

    • Do you recommend anyone?

      • +1

        I've used Insureandgo recently, quite good (well I didn't have to claim, just cheap) - about $8/day for $7500 excess cover. I found them after about half an hour of research & comparisons. Just check that the company is legit and who it's underwritten by.

        I did a trip just using rentalcover (only car excess cover), but it turned out the whole trip insurance was cheaper.

        Some places price match too, keep an eye out for that. Just make sure you read the pds'

        • +1

          Never heard of insureandgo, but looks like a good alternative.

          Usually use Tripcover, but will consider this for rental excess insurance in the future.


        • I've used
          These guys for the last couple of years. What do you think?

          • @lordra: Looks pretty good. Covers windscreen & underbody.
            It's not full travel insurance but it certainly covers the excess part, handy.

            • @Embaloo: Yes, sorry, I thought we were talking exclusively about the excess as the cost of norm insurance is covered by the rental company itself.

              ACCC should bring out a law that imposes a restriction on the excess amount.

        • I thought mostly high-end credit card has covered travel insurance if the card is used to pay for the expenses… well obviously depend on which bank cc… some bank cc covered this and not that vice versa… also the sum that covered is varied as well….

          do we still need additional travel insurance???

    • +1

      Yes Ive done that and when travelling with my family domestically we only insure the driver which still covers excess but is cheaper than insuring family.

      EDIT: even cheaper option is booking with a credit card that covers the excess.

    • Gave you a +1. A lot of people don't consider this. Used to cost about $30 - $40 for about 1 - 2 weeks worth of travel, but I haven't used it for years as I haven't hired a car. Budget, Hertz,Avis etc charge at least $10 a day.

    • That's a really good tip re travel insurance. I went with Avis Noosa a few years ago and I couldn't believe how they sting you. From memory the excess was about $3.5k regardless of fault.

      I even clarified with the woman at the desk, so even if I'm sitting at the lights and say someone bumps into me who I can identify, I'm still up for the excess? Yep

      From that moment on I vowed never to support Avis again and spread the word of what a rip off they are

      • They are l exactly the same mate. All a bloody rip off.

      • Yeah it's crazy! They are mostly like that!

  • +3

    I was more interested in that bridge in the picture (had to google it).. not from NSW so never seen the Sea Cliff bridge before.

    • Having driven in that bridge, it's a great feat of engineering.

      About 2-3hrs south of Sydney, on the coast, I believe.

      • +2

        Sea Cliff Bridge is around one hour drive from Sydney


  • QEEQ might be cheaper

  • Why not Car Next Door?

  • Is GoGet cheaper?

  • Need some discount codes for july. Avis, thrifty or budget. Going to east Kimberley 🤩

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