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[eBay Plus] SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker $19 Delivered @ KG Electronic eBay


UPDATE: Listing went live early. Sold out before 4pm drop. Will see if more gets added

Upcoming deal for eBay Tuesday!

Launching at 10am and 4pm AEST - 430 total units

Link and code will be added when available

Mod Note: Out of Stock for 10am. Next drop is at 4pm.

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    Nice, I thought dealbot beat you by 4 seconds but this is different, good price on this.

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      typing out 3 deals takes more time than typing out 1 deal ;)

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        Bots don't physically type though

  • The truth about sodastream is unless you already burn money on bottled carbonated drinks, this thing will end up costing you in the long run.

    • 100% - You'd be getting one of these for the convenience. They in no way save you money.

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      The truth about sodastream is unless you already burn money on bottled carbonated drinks, this thing will end up costing you in the long run.

      So what you're saying is that buying this costs more than buying nothing? 🤔

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        I'm saying that it will be cheaper to just buy cheap soda from supermarkets as you will get a superior taste overall and better price.

        If you or your family consume enough carbonated drinks, it might be possible you might 'break even' or be ahead price wise, but in a lot of cases most people don't. Unless you are the type to just buy unflavoured soda water.

        The main advantage of this is reducing the amount of plastic one goes through and convenience of having carbonated drinks available as you like. However a lot of the syrups won't taste as good as most people's favorite drinks

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          +1 on the syrups. I use mine for just carbonated water, or sometimes with those cold infuse tea bag things.

          Tried the pepsi max syrup, absolutely terrible. I imagine the others are similar.

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            Tried the pepsi max syrup, absolutely terrible.

            We normally just drink carbonated water from the Sodastream, but we tried the Pepsi Max syrup once and it was pretty good.

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              @ShortyX: I really dislike it, I can't put my finger on it but there's something about it that just tastes off.

              • @knk: The amount of syrup used comes into play, you can make it sweeter if put at the higher mark on the cap. I think around the 1/2 to 2/3 mark is as close to the real thing as you can get it but never spot on. The cost for the syrup though coupled with the gas bottles makes it a false economy and even a slight loss if you value your personal time.

                • @BargainKen: Yeah I tried different concentrations etc thinking I'd done something wrong but even when it was about right in regards to how sweet, it still has this taste i can't put my finger on.

            • @ShortyX: Yeah I stock up on it. Tastes like the bottles if mixed properly. Don't go over the middle line for a big bottle, 3 puffs and it's perfect.

          • @knk: I find the lemon and lime to be ok

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            @knk: i use my soda steam for sugar free drinks rather than syrup ….if you want cola, the supermarket stuff when 1/2 price is better, but being able to make carbonated tea infusions with no sugar is something you can’t get at supermarket.

          • @knk: Couldn't disagree more. After years of just having the carbonated water I finally tried to Pepsi Max syrup and the Mango and Orange one and enjoyed them both. Both are also better value than the cans would be.

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          I'm saying that it will be cheaper to just buy cheap soda from supermarkets as you will get a superior taste overall and better price.

          Ahh, right. I think it depends on your consumption habits too. People who only want some soft drink every now and then would waste a whole bottle as it goes flat when you leave it in the fridge. That drives up the effective cost as you throw out the unused portion.

          With a sodastream you can make 440ml of soft drink at a time for a lower cost than a can of soft drink.

          If you're throwing a party or are a heavy consumer of soft drinks, then it's probably cheaper to just buy large bottles when they go on special.

          Unless you are the type to just buy unflavoured soda water.

          I am that "type" of person, and it's way, way cheaper to carbonate my own water.

          However a lot of the syrups won't taste as good as most people's favorite drinks

          Some people don't care. I mean, there are people out there who prefer Pepsi over Coke! ;)

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          I add 100 ml of spirits to the Sodastream and carbonate it . Gives a nice kick. Much better then selzers and premixes from bottleshops

        • Yes good saving plastic and lugging around all those bottles from the supermarket. I find it convenient and don't usually bother with the flavours.

      • +13

        That’s not right. Refills are $19. Also each bottle is 800 something millilitre, so use those figures instead.

        0.8L x 60 = 48L. That’s about 40c per litre.

        You don’t get quite 60 bottles per tank, so it’s more like 50c per L. But you’re not wasting plastic which is a bonus to the environment if you care about that sort of stuff.

        • Refills are $19.

          Thanks - where is that? I was basing off of the BigW / SodaStream for $35.

          Also each bottle is 800 something milliliters, so use those figures instead.

          SodaStream says 1 Litre.

          1 Litre Fuse PET Carbonating Bottles

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            @rompastompa: Coles express and other petrol stations can do cylinder swap for $19, you give them your empty one, they give you a refilled one.
            You are referring to brand new cylinder, which is more expensive.

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            @rompastompa: A new cylinder is $35, a “refill” (swap) is $19 at supermarkets etc.

            The bottles are 1L but you only fill them to 800ml when carbonating.

            • @tombarbera: Ahh, right. Thanks all for the input. Did my maths wrong too - Need a coffee! ;) Put my number in for the lottery tomorrow! ;)

          • @rompastompa: 1l bottle yes, but the fill line for water is 840ml. The rest is for flavouring if you are adding it.

        • +2

          Yeah normal price of exchanges is $19, on sale often at spotlight for $14

          Much cheaper in the long run if you buy a giant c02 canister and refill using that.

        • +2

          That's 50c/L for carbonated water without flavouring. When you add the cost of flavoring, the cost of water the price becomes comparable to store bought carbonated drinks.

          • +1

            @Aneurism: Not a fan of flavouring personally maybe a squeeze of lemon or lime

        • well…
          turns out i only can made 26 bottles with this tank, it cost more buying soda waters from woolworth.

      • +8

        That's basic level. Go next level with kegland and the savings add up.

        • +1

          It depends on where you plan to refill.

          Some refillers only refill keg king, kegland or both. It's best to plan ahead based on where you live and what refillers are available in the surrounding location.
          This could influence which brand you purchase.

        • Another method is to refill yourself using dry ice, I haven't done it but it looks pretty easy going off YouTube.

      • This model doesn't use electricity.

        But people tend to need to pay for
        - tank refills. I probably over carbonate things because the tank it came with lasted me 10 days.
        - syrups or flavors
        - water

        I decided to also buy the following which increases you initial outlay costs.
        - a water container with filtration to filtrate water before using it in my drinks
        - a larger c02 tank and adapter hose.
        - extra bottles (I find it useful to have a few extra bottles)

        That being said receiving one of these at $19 instead of the normal $89 means your initial outlay is significantly lower.

      • +4

        I was just doing the maths - $35 / 60ltrs(bigw.com.au) = ~$1.70/L

        Incorrect. You calculated L/$. For dollars per litre, it is $/L therefore $35/60L = $0.58, irrespective of the other comments on how you can get the refills cheaper.

    • +3

      I guess if you use the bottles of gas and supplied?
      But if you go to Kegland, and spend $150 you can get a 6kg CO2 bottle and adaptor hose and change it once a year or so.
      * spelling

    • +4

      Here's my recent experience of SodaStream and reducing the cost of using it

      I got the 6kg annual CO2 rental from BOC for $79:

      BOC have depots in most major centres so easy to pick up cylinders

      I already had an old SodaStream machine sitting a cupboard unused so no need to purchase

      I initially got an adaptor from Brewmart (Kegland supplied) to refill the SS bottles but struggled with it so got a hose from Brewmart that goes direct from the CO2 bottle to the SS machine https://www.kegland.com.au/freedomone-sodastream-adapter-hos...


      A 6kg CO2 cylinder is going to last a LONG time. It's not easy to judge how much cheaper this method is but it's going to be significant - I reckon under 10c a bottle (which is 840ml of carbonated water) plus no need to cart bottles from the supermarket and virtually no plastic waste. I'll know the true cost when this cylinder is empty

      This setup is kind of ugly so I have mine installed in our store room. In a kitchen, you'd probably want to plumb it in somehow - which may involve drilling a hole in your benchtop - something I'd not be prepared to do. You may have success with the filling adaptor. I couldn't get it to work properly, but you may be able to

      I like my water extra fizzy so carbonate more - which needs to be factored in to the cost

      I find that water that is colder, carbonates better. I fill my bottles and put them in the freezer for an hour before carbonating. We drink a lot of sparking water so I do probably 8 bottles every 2 days. Takes me about 10 minutes to do that lot

      • +1

        I got the 6kg annual CO2 rental from BOC for $79:

        Wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a 6kg tank from Kegland? They were $83 on sale plus $19 shipping, although the price has now gone up to $105 plus shipping.

        • Maybe. What's the refill cost for a 6kg? $83 is a good price, $105 not so

          There are also different types of CO2 cylinder. Mine draws the CO2 from the bottom of the cylinder, so it can be kept standing upright. Other types don't have this facility and need to be used inverted. This entails having to make some kind of stand - which would be a hassle. It would be interesting to know what type Kegland supply

          • +1


            What's the refill cost for a 6kg?

            $60 in Brisbane. Not sure about other states.

            I think BOC is $5/kg. If 6kg lasts you two years, with BOC the first 2 years will cost $79x2 (I assume the first tank comes filled?) = $158 while Kegland will be $102 or $123.

            Over 4 years, BOC will cost you $79x4 + $30 = $346, while Kegland will be $123 + $60 = $183.

            If 6kg lasts a year, with BOC the first year will be $79 while kegland will be $123, but the second year, BOC would have cost $79x2 + $30 = $188 while kegland would be $183. By the third year BOC will have cost $79x3 + 30 = $267 while kegland would be $243. The savings then increases over time.

            If 6kg lasts less than a year, then BOC will be cheaper. Serious home brewers who have to fill kegs would probably opt for that.

            Other types don't have this facility and need to be used inverted.

            That's the type sold by Kegland - it has to be upright.

            This entails having to make some kind of stand - which would be a hassle.

            You can just screw two chains (top and bottom) into a wall stud or the side of a cabinet. Should be no problem in a garage or hidden room.

            • -1


              That's the type sold by Kegland - it has to be upright.

              Sorry I quoted the wrong part so it looks confusing. The Kegland cylinder is the same as your cylinder in that it doesn't have a dip tube so it must be kept standing upright. That is how beverage-carbonating cylinders are.

              Mine draws the CO2 from the bottom of the cylinder, so it can be kept standing upright.

              It's actually the other way round. Yours draws from the top of the cylinder which is why you can keep it upright. If it drew from the bottom of the cylinder when upright, you'll get liquid CO2 coming out as liquid settles to the bottom of the cylinder.

              • @eug: Fair enough - chemistry was not my best subject at school

    • +1

      Have you perhaps missed the ozbargain deals on the giant CO2 bottles?

  • +6

    We've got one of these. I told the wife when she bought it that it was obviously cheaper to just buy sparkling water from coles/woolworths.

    Turns out it's pretty convenient, I go through a fair bit of it and I end up drinking more water overall. Beats carrying / storing a heap of bottles aswell.

    • +2

      I agree. It is very convenient and reduces the amount of plastic waste one goes through.
      - My setup involves having to buy some brita containers with water filters to prefilter my water before I use it on the soda stream.
      - Also I bought a 2.6kg co2 tank and had to plan where to get my refills.

      For me it is definitely useful.

    • +2

      Yeah, I find the replacement for sparkling water is more than worth it, has already paid for itself in that regard (even compared to buying 75c no name brand soda water).

      I'm finding I get through at least a bottle a day with a bit of lemon/lime juice thrown in on top (and adding some bitters in the evening). Also seeing tonnes of people at work with them, they just keep a bottle on their desk for drinking water through the day, works great for the "I hate drinking water" types.

      Even ignoring cost, the convenience, space and plastic savings are well worth it. Only downside is it really doesn't hold carbonation well, but that's not too bad if you get through the bottle the same day.

    • -2

      obviously cheaper to just buy sparkling water from coles/woolworths.

      It’s cheaper but payback period is a little while (variable on consumption volumes).

  • gas bottle refills cost $19

    • the gillette model

      sell the machine for $19

      refill canisters are $19

      for me at least, i'd be hard pressed to go thru $19 of fizzy stuff in say…. 3 months

      and i consider myself to drink too much of this stuff as it is

  • +2
  • +1

    Guys probably worth saying that I got one of these last year from the ebay deals and it is NOT worth it in terms of satisfaction. It just doesn't do the drinks near close to what you get from cans or bottles in shops. Not to mention the taste is completely off. You'll use it a couple of times and wonder why you ever got it. Unless you like sparkling water and want to use it for that reason, just go for it. That's my 2 cents…

    • +1

      I agree, if you are attempting to exactly match a brand name drink it won't taste as good. However, if you just like the taste of carbonated flavoured water then it will do the job.

      I guess if you aren't sure, this is an easy way to find out.

    • Does anybody care this is going to go fast .
      And Mousey isn't it logical for all these deals to be on one page for OZB ?

    • -2

      Lol, drinks makers should be paying you to drink their sweetened, carbonated swill. Hook, line and sinker… 😂

  • Definitely what I was needing, thank you OP

  • I assume this is the spirit model with starter pack? Can I use boiled tap water?

    • +2

      C02 transfers better in cold. If you are using boiled tap water, you will need to leave that water stored in a container within the fridge til it is cold.

      • Thanks mate. Will do that as easier than getting a water filter.

        • Yep, the sodastream (plastic) bottles are only rated to 50 degrees or something

  • +2

    In WA you can get cheaper refills at IGA with Soda Swap. $12 for a swap (must be their bottle) and $19 for a trade in (I.e. exchange a soda stream one to sodaswap one)

  • Thanks OP I've been wanting one of these for ages. I think I actually have an addiction to Soda Water!! This will save my arms when I go shopping and buy the half a trolley of 2l bottles I normally buy in the warmer weather. And think of the space I'll have in my cupboards :)! Thanks again :)

    • +3

      Yes, this is the other advantage.. Not having to lug multiple 2L bottles from the supermarket..and not having to do late night trips just to obtain said bottles due to carbonated drink addictions.

      Although my cupboard space is consumed by syrups now.

  • +4

    The one thing not mentioned yet is that you can control the amount of flavouring/sugar in your drinks. I love being able to put in a minimal amount per drink as its a lot less sugar than a pre made. I find things like coke and bundaberg too sweet now, I never put flavouring in the bottles (topping it up to 1L since to me that's an enormous amount of sugar to put in) and sometimes a squeeze of citrus in a glass is enough.

    • -2

      or just buy diet drinks and put 0 sugar in your drinks

      • +1

        I can't stand the aftertaste with diet drinks. Even if I was craving a soft drink, if the only option is a diet drink, I wouldn't drink it.

        • -1

          i think i felt the same about them until i made the switch. and the taste varies between brands. aldi's diet lemonade and cola are top notch. coke no sugar has a harsh aftertaste that works well with some foods but is bland af by itself

  • +4

    Best used with milk.

  • I have a Sodastream that needs a new air canister as mine ran out and the plastic bottle id due for a replacement this month, does this one come with 1 air canister and a bottle or is it more or none?
    Would be a good bargain to swap out with my old ones

    • +2

      I believe it's the starter pack based on previous ebay plus deals. Most likely from kg electronics

      The Sodastream drink maker comes with a carbonating bottle and a CO2 cylinder*, making up to 60 bottles of sparkling water.

  • Sorry if mentioned above but any idea how many will be available?

    Edit: 430.

    Hope to get my hands on one.

  • I've still got my 99c sodastream from the ebay plus deals a couple years ago, nothing feels the same anymore

  • Just FYI - the first can i got that came with the sodastream went a lot further than all the refills I've got so far..

  • +1

    Great price for a SodaStream but would highly recommend that people get the 6kg/2.7kg CO2 cylinders from places such as Kegland. If possible also, obtain a few 'older' style SodaStream 600g Cylinders (as they valves they have are MUCH easier to refill than the new system)

    Then, once you are finally out of 6kg of your CO2 find a brewer depot or google CO2 refills near me for someone who can refill your 6kg bottle. I am from SA and can get about 6kg of CO2 for around $50 if I remember correctly!

    • +1

      I've never seen a 600g SodaStream co2 cylinder. I know the North American market had a larger co2 cylinder, but I've never seen it in the wild in Australia.

      Notwithstanding that, Kegland also sells 400g cylinders with the easy fill valve. You can also buy the valve on its own.

  • Are there any glass bottles that are compatible with the sodastream?

    • There is one obscure SodaStream model that uses glass bottles, the bottles super expensive, small and hard to find.

      This is not a glass compatible model.

  • This is cheaper than the cost of a cylinder!!!

  • I’ve moved to sparkling water to curve my soft drink addiction. I remember I did the numbers and although it’s slightly cheaper to carbonate your own, decided for 75c a 1.25 bottle of sparkling mineral water is much more convenient, don’t have to filter and chill the water before hand etc

    • And even at 75c you can get 10c back via recycling in state /territory, so only 65c

      Soda stream is only good for convince/ease

  • can anyone confirm if this actually comes with a cylinder? or just the shell dispenser?

  • Whats the discount like?

  • These are one of the best things if you like sparkling water, just the convenience and space saving, not buying and storing heaps of sparkling water as well as the disposable is amazing.

    If you are trying to save money through sparkling water I would have other concerns. If there are any savings it is nominal

  • damn, they changed the time to an hour later than the previous deal. I waited for half-hour and found it was 10 am instead of 9 am

    • +1

      it's always been 10am, you're likely a queenslander like me and forgot that daylight savings ended for those lads 2 days ago :P

      • I am from WA

        • tomato tomato

  • +17

    Deal link here for those that want to add to cart early and apply the coupon, 215 units releasing at 10am and 4pm.

    • whats the coupon code or where can i find it thanks

      • Can't find the coupon code until it's released, but add the item and checkout and keep the item page on a separate window or tab to enter the coupon and pay at 10am.

        • thank you doweyy

          • @smeng: PLUSOD10

          • @smeng: thanks for the link doweyy, i was lucky enough to score one of these before it was sold out Thank You !

    • Thank you so much for the link!

    • Thanks! Got it :)

  • +1

    PLUSOD10 soda

  • Code PLUSOD10.

    Your order's in!

  • Sold out within one second?

    • Took about a minute from the sold history

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