LG Shuts down Mobile Business Worldwide

We are truly grateful for your support of LG mobile products.

LG has announced that they are exiting the mobile business worldwide. Fair to say that this was coming.


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    Sad. :+(

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    Given they couldn't make a phone that didn't end up in a boot loop it's probably overdue by a few years.

    • This!

      (profanity) LG.

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    But, but my V30+ is only 2 years old and they still have the only? quad dac for audio quality? Or have other brands caught up now?

    (on the other hand, runnout sales on the V40? )

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      The Quad DAC wasn't the main reason you bought the phone though. The main reason you bought it was because it was 50% of the price of competing smartphones of that generation.

      And that's the problem LG has. They aren't making profit selling high-end phones at mid-range prices. They also stumbled pretty badly in a lot of other areas — value retention, customer loyalty, phones that lack stand-out features and naming conventions that are consuming for the average buyer.

      • Yeah it was around $450 when I bought it which is about the upper limit that would spend on a phone and only went that far because it has the quad DAC onboard. Having said that though I now mostly listen through a pair of BT headphones so the DAC isn't that much of an issue anymore.

    • My V30+ is nearly two years old as well and I’ve just had the main camera replaced under warranty. Pretty bad customer support experience and I even told them I’d never buy an LG phone ever again, looks like I won’t be able to anyhow!

      Absolutely love the DAC and hope to use it exclusively for music purposes only and just buy a new Samsung for everything else!

    • Don't they need to have spare parts for 10 years?

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    Had only good experiences with v30 and v40. It's a shame

  • Using a G6, endless stream of problems. Well, couldn't expect too much out a phone that costs $180 on eBay.
    Was kinda wondering why it was that cheap, considering that it was a flagship phone only a few years ago, figured it out now.

    • figured it out now.

      that you bought an $180 phone on fleabay?

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    Would never buy an LG phone since the one with the rotating camera for video calls on the 3 network pinched my facial hair/sideburns with the speaker grille.

    My oldest mobile phone grudge.

  • It's a shame that LG didn't understand what it had going for the company.
    I think they had a few good ideas and a lot of misses.

    I bought their phone once aeons ago, had a bad experience and moved onto other brands.
    All that said I don't think having one less company is ever a good thing for competition.

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    No opinion never purchased an LG phone as they never really appealed to me.
    They did have some pretty cool concepts though.

    • LG Wing was their coolest/latest concept I reckon

      • I think Boeing might buy that.

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    Sad very sad news
    Nexus 4
    Plus for the missus a couple of K series over the years
    No issues with any of them in the 2-3 years use

    Some ridiculous savings 4 - 6 months after release

  • Had a few LGs over the years. I always liked them, but there was always something nagging on them, that always made me use another phone. Dunno if it was software or hardware.

  • Damn. I've had a couple of LG phones, never had a problem, only got laggy when the phone was truly past its time. I think they had something with the G5 parts concept, but they never spent the money to market it like Samsung and Apple does with their phones.
    Less competition in the market now that Sony and LG are out :(

  • Had v30+ which ended up just not turning on. Also had a shockingly bad camera. The DAC was good though.
    cya LG.

  • I guess it doesn't help that Samsung is throwing out their s21 range at ridiculous prices especially for those who have Epp or government portal access, or those who took adventage of the $200 bonus credit stack on tradeins

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    They should've reduced their line up to basically a single phone, it would've made their line up sustainable like Sony has. But instead they continued to play around with mid-range and multiple 'flagships' that all required software updates (arrived too slowly).

    For Android in Australia you now basically have Samsung or the Chinese alternatives. Huawei would've been good but the brand has been poisoned by the politics.

    • it amazes me how big co's don't listen to their customers/what the fans want year after year
      then successfully drive their own brand into the ground.

  • RIP

  • +1

    any discounts on stock clearing?

  • Briefly used the one that had the 3D display, forgot the model name, yeah not great for people like me who would get nauseous after looking at it

  • Had the og: lg viewty, Renoir and arena. Never touched their android as didn't like their in-house ui.

    Thanks for the memories.

  • Lg Velvet still $799 on JBHiFi.

    What price do you think will be sufficient a discount for you to buy even if now there's going to be almost zero customer support?

  • The LG Windows phones were the kids first phones 10 years ago or whatever it was.

  • I'm still using my Nexus 5, bought new for Xmas in 2013. Still functions well if a bit slow. Screen is cracked in a few places now but still a nice bright functional screen. A year ago, in order to keep the external microphone working, I had to take the back off and stick some packing over the ribbon connector to keep the connector tight (see youtube). And that worked well, otherwise it was speakerphone only. Battery still good. My wife moved on from her Nexus 5 but I kept it and have been using it for 3 years in my car as a dashcam with the Autogard app. It does that job really well. No OS updates since Android 6 though so planning to upgrade to a Pixel 6 in October, probably. Thanks LG for a wonderful phone, sorry to see you go. Admittedly this was made by LG to Google specs, so not purely LG.

    • Do you ever worry that while it's good as a dash am it's value is offset by making your car a target for a smash and grab?

      • No, I have the phone positioned on a simple holder that clamps to the dashboard, between dashboard and steering wheel immediately in front of me. Whenever I get out of the car I ALWAYS unclip it from holder and lay it flat on its face on a ledge infront of the speedo. Very very hard to see there from outside the car, you would have to be looking very hard to spot it, not impossible though, pending contitions. Phone back is black, speedo ledge is black, recessed into the shadows, tinted windows, reflections and glare.
        If it was left sitting in its holder as when in use then yes, I could fully expect a smash grab.

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    Soon it will only be Apple, Samsung and an assortment of Chinese brands, likely followed by further nationalist actions (anti-trust, tariffs, quotas, spying & spyware) to protect / kill off remaining competition

    • I think it will end up just being Apple and Google (sent from my Samsung device).

  • I think I had one LG phone 20 years ago or more, that didn't have a camera, had keys, was a flip phone, that was CMDA and had an aerial that had to be put up and down.

    Those were the days… had to be careful that in certain areas it didn't go out of range (lived in the country back then).

  • Good

  • Sad news.
    I had a Nexus 5, great phone, and a G7 Thinq. In fact, after stints with others in the family, I still have them.
    Both excellent devices, the camera on the G7 and the sound is as good as any high-end phone of the day.

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