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½ Price Mama Jumbo Noodles 90g $0.65, Streets Golden Gaytime $4.25, Pop Tarts 8 Pack $2.50 @ Woolworths

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    Anyone tried the noodles?

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      Yes probably my favourite Tom yum instant noodles

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      Yep the Tom Yum is spicy and sour, and the pork flavour is very mild. Both delicious and good value at half price!

    • Thanks. Might have to give them a go if theres any left whenever I go after two days.

      • I got the pork boys, might even have some tonight. They are alright.

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        Use half the flavour satchets if you wish to live long. Loses barely any flavour. Try throwing a whole egg. Either stir throughout or cook until its cooked and slightly runny for best results.
        Squeeze of Lemon, bean sprouts, spring onion or any meat works. Most versatile instant noodle

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          Just don't drink the broth or pour out half the broth after cooking. Doesn't have the same flavour hit if it's too diluted. I only have the oil sachet though since the noodles already fatty enough.

        • if you are going half-sachet, don't bother buying/eating instant noodles.

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      Yes it's a favourite in Asia, especially in Vietnam and Thailand.

      What we usually do (Vietnamese dude here) is cook it in a pot, crack an egg in there (works best with the pork flavour but also goes alright with tom yum) and it enchances the flavour lol

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      • ain't big in Indonesia nor South Korea, i tell you that.

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          Indonesia has Indomie and other local brands. South Korea has Nongshim and a bunch of other big Korean brands.

          Mama is big more towards Thais, Cambodians, Laotians, Vietnamese as the flavours suit the local taste and the price is much cheaper vs noodles that come from Japan or Korea.

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      yes, once you tried this you know you will skip all the other Tom Yum instant noodles.
      this is simply the best Tom Yum instant noodles ever.

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      I tried the pork flavour once and it wasn't particularly memorable, good or bad, but the Tom Yum is awesome.

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    Best instant noodle ever, feel sorry for those who only eat maggi/fantastic/mamee

  • Has anybody tried the Gaytime violet crumble or unicorn?

    • Yup. I tried VC. It's not bad but not enough VC for my liking but it was still decent. Never tried the Unicorn.

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      well for the birthday gaytime, it tastes near the same as a normal bloody gaytime so I wouldn't trust the unicorn

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      It's like normal Gaytime but during Mardi Gras.

    • I had the Unicorn, it's alright esp with the Crispy balls on top.

      Should try it at least once (note only 3 cones in the box)

  • whats the usual expiry on instant noodles? about a year?

    • I've found they last forever - they put them in army ration packs - but then again they put cheese in a can in rat packs. Although the oil sachet (if there is one) will go off after a year or so (rancid). The noodle cake will be preserved and is great to make in stir fries etc. In fact a lot of street stalls in Thailand use them and Mama is a kind of universal word for fried instant noodle, much like you might say hoover (vacuum) the floor.

      Also renowned as a staple in prison and the ingenuity put in to making different recipes - like pizza, is truly awe inspiring. The Mama noodle knows no bounds - it can be smashed up in the pack and eaten as a snack, or beaten into a dough and rolled up into little balls and fried. In fact I mind seeing this Iron Chef episode solely based on instant noodles.

      Yes, it is a poor man's food - but a poor man can dream and create a lavish banquet in a drunken stupor with just a few ingredients on hand - an egg, a sprig of spring onion a splash of fish sauce, sriracha; if they're feeling particularly grand a few fish balls.

      In short, when panic buying, don't rush to the toilet aisle, rush to the instant noodle aisle - but invest in a bidet.

      • Poor man food? For real? You pay 65c for 90g of noodles on special when pasta is around $1 for 500g which works out 3 times cheaper, 6 times when noodles are not on special.

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    How long have Woolies been selling pop tarts?

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      they sold chocolate forever and maybe strawberry?

      the brown sugar and cookies and cream are definitely new

      • Thanks. I thought only food importers sold them, had no idea they were sold in colesworth.

        • yea i've seen only Choc at ww, sugar bomb high time

          the other 3 flavours are defo new

  • For those purchasing the Mama Instant Noodle, check the expiry dates.

    A few of the Woolworths I've visited are either expired or close to expiry (<1 month).

    • best before vs used-by.

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