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[VIC] Hotpot Package $47.50 Delivered to Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne @ Little Hotpot Heroes


Hi Ozbargainers,

My siblings, partner and I have been working on a new business during lockdowns, with many delays and hurdles to get over, we are finally ready to introduce Little Hotpot Hereos.

We are a hotpot delivery business that aims to provide customers with everyting you need to enjoy the hotpot experience, in the comfort of our own home; including the pot itself.

To celebrate our opening, we are offering Ozbargainers 5% off our set packages, as well as free delivery within the eastern suburbs of Melbourne (we are testing our capacity at the moment and aim to service the north and west in the near future).

For $47.50 (with the discount code OZBARGAIN) you will get:

  • a little hotpot for you to keep
  • 3 hour fuel for the hotpot
  • a choice of our signature hotpot soup base
  • a choice of meat/soy/tofu pack
  • a second choice of meat/soy/tofu pack
  • vegetable pack
  • mushroom pack
  • noodles
  • matches
  • sauces
  • a bowl
  • chopsticks
  • a reusable shopping bag

Order before 8pm for next day delivery.

Delivering to these suburbs

Please check out our website for full details.

Thanks in advance for your support. Happy to answer any questions you may have.


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  • +13

    Not in Vic, but this looks like a nice idea.

    • -11

      Just try with a Melbourne postcode. Works for me.

      • +3

        That's hilarious.

    • +1

      Thanks, hope we get to a point where we can expand to wherever you are :)

      • +1

        Just ordered vegan pack for tomorrow delivery. Assuming vegan doesn’t include any meat, we are vegetarian family. always looking out to support local businesses. Good luck with your initiative and looking forward to our first experience.

      • The phone number on the website doesn’t work seems incorrect one. Placed order for today evening delivery, no update on map that was opened vis sms link, no response on messenger too.

  • No luck~
    Your zip code is not eligible for delivery, please choose other methods.

    • +3

      Hi Nathw, where are you located? We are working hard to expand to other areas and can add your postcode to that list. Thanks.

      • +10

        You should log the postcode searches if you're not doing that already

        • +1

          I'm not sure if the shopify app does that. Thanks for the advice though.

      • Can you deliver to 3201 :(

        • Hi diazepam, we havenpartnered with Doodel and now deliver to 3201 through their website. https://doodel.com.au/collections/little-hotpot-heroes

          • @LittleHotpotHeroes: $7.50 more…
            I really do appreciate the effort though.
            Was more thinking if I could meet one of your drivers at one of the suburbs you've listed on the website. I work in that area on weekend on my other job and would be driving through

            • @diazepam: We would pass on the savings if we could, unfortunately as they are a third party delivery service they do charge us for the service; even though it is much better than the bigger companies.

              In regards to meeting one of our drivers, it would be a bit difficult to setup an exact time as we deliver in bulk between 12 to 4 and 5 to 8.

              We are thinking of other ways but thought we would reply to everyone who showed interest with our first solution.

  • +15

    Not in Melbourne, but love the idea. Best of luck with your new business!

  • +3

    no luck for 3196

  • -1

    Can you beat dragon hot pot flavour?

    • You will have to order to find out :). I love Dragon Hotpot myself and can say the experience is very different.

  • Do you deliver to 3149?

  • Do you deliver to 3205?

    • Sorry Slappie, not right now but give us a few weeks. We are doing our own deliveries and are working to expand.

      • +1

        Look forward to it. Good luck with the new adventure.

    • Hi Slappie, we have partnered with Doodel for orders outside our normal delivery zone. For a flat shipping fee of $5, they can deliver to almost anywhere in Melbourne including 3205. https://doodel.com.au/collections/little-hotpot-heroes

  • +2

    Love the idea, hope you find success.

  • 3978 please… :)

  • +1

    How big is the serving?

    • +1

      We say serves 1-2 people. Please check out the product page for a better indication.

      • +10

        1 or 2? What's the point of having single serve hotpot?

        • +2

          The idea came about during covid, so the germs aspect. But now its more so everyone can enjoy their own soups at their own pace, with their own ingredients.

        • +12

          for single people or couples who like hot pot?

          • +9

            @Shazarella: We have hosted a few hotpot parties where guests had their own pots. Everyone could enjoy their own pots and add their own ingredients while still keeping that communal hotpot experience.

        • +5

          Everyone can have their own flavour. Good for where some can handle spice and others cant.

    • this. I would like to know as well

  • Can't wait till you can cover the North…

  • There are a few different package to choose, which one is on sales?

    • Any of the set packages that include the pot. So the "favourites set package" or the "vegan set package".

  • +1

    This is a really good idea… presumably the hotpot is reusable so future hotpots can either cost less or have more ingredients. Hopefully expands to Sydney!

    • +5

      The pot is stainless steel so definitely reusable. We are coming up with different packages so that existing customers who already own the pot can reorder with more sides. Expanding to Sydney is a dream at the moment. Hope we can get there.

      • Yeah love the idea! Hope you make it to Sydney eventually!

  • 3220 et all local in future please.

  • +5

    Not worth it if it only serves 1-2 people. I would expect at least 2 people minimum

    • -1

      Think of the package as a starter set. Add your favourite extras from the menu to suit your needs.

      • Any rough guide on how many KJ in the meal provided ?

    • I guess it's the price for paying for a do it yourself at home kit. I always wonder why people pay so much to eat at these restaurants when you can buy all these hotpot ingredients for a fraction of the cost and cook it at home. So many choices of soup mix available too. A portable gas burner costs around $15 and you can use any pot or large saucepan you have at home already.

      • +3

        This is a very fair point, but for poeple who don't cook often, preparing for hotpot means you are left with a lot of unused ingredients. As with any take out option, it is often much cheaper if you can buy your own ingredients and make it yourself. But many are willing to pay the price for convenience.

  • This looks awesome, hope you are able to supply Adelaide one day, love the idea!

  • Thanks OP! Been meaning to buy me a hotpot set for ages so this is awesome

  • Hi, can you substitute the mushroom pack for something else as I have an allergy?

    • +1

      Yes, leave a comment on your order and we will definitely cater to your needs.

  • How to find out if you deliver to our address? As long as the postcode works in the shopping cart page?

    • That is correct, if your postcode works, we will deliver. There is also a list on our about us page.

      • When I put in 3020, it let's me go through to checkout

        • We have done a few trial deliverys to the area, you should be able to place the order but the free shipping might not work.

  • Thanks OP - ordered for tomorrow night

  • For the soup base, can you choose half spicy and half non spicy ? Thanks

    • Our pots dont have a middle divider. We have found that some of our customers will order 2 pots for this purpose, one for a spicy soup base and another for a milder option.

  • -1

    Please deliver to the Northern suburbs of Melbourne
    3044 Pascoe Vale
    3061 Campbellfield
    3064 Craigieburn
    Maybe twice a week delivery will do.

    • We are trialing Northern suburb deliveries at the moment as well as through some delivery partners. Keep an eye on our social pages for updates coming soon.

    • Hi gstfree, we have done just that. Through Doodel, we are delivering to anywhere in Melbourne on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The postcodes you have listed all fall under a flat shipping rate of $5. https://doodel.com.au/collections/little-hotpot-heroes

  • +1

    Would totally try this if it was available in qld :)

  • Interesting location you have - surprised there isnt a restaurant or similar there!

    • +5

      We are running the business out of a cloud kitchen. No dine in, deliveries only. It made the most sense for our business model. No idea if it is going to work, but thats what makes new businesses fun right?

  • +1

    Looks like a great idea - good luck. Hope you can expand to 3204 shortly!

  • Do you have a gluten free option or is it naturally gluten free?

    • +2

      Our favourites package is naturally gluten free except for the noodles and vegan packs. We can replace these with gluten free noodles if you leave a comment on the cart page.

  • +1

    As other have said, surprised the portion isnt a guaranteed 2 ppl amount. 1-2 seems ambiguous and more likely 1 person for dinner?
    However, the pricing is good considering a hot pot set seems to cost around $30-50 at best! (just saw you guys sell it for $25 separately!)
    Only thing i think you need is more info on the individual ordering pages - how do i choose the right soup base and sauce for me if i havent had it before? Where are the ingredients? These things should be right there as im clicking through my order.
    Anyway, good luck with the business!

    • +1

      Thanks for the comment JuryWheel. We have recommended our packages for 1-2 people as hotpot meals are usually drawn out over a few hours and people do have their second winds. But that is a fair comment. With regards to the order pages, we are working on it. We are using shopify for the first time, and are slowly figuring out how to display everyting. We take every bit of advice and suggestions very seriously as we want to learn and improve. Thank you again.

  • Such a great idea! Wish you all the best and hope to see you out in Sydney one day!

  • Will try it tomorrow but seems like the set menu doesn’t include any meet balls

    • The packages do not come standard with meat balls but can be added for $4. We have fish balls availabe but other meat balls are being developed and will be on the menu soon. Thank you for your support.

  • It's always worth a shot to ask.
    Any of the meats you use halal?

    If not, Something worth thinking about :)

    • +5

      Hi Hashstrid, you are not the first person to ask this question. This is something we will definitely look into. We are all about inclusion and hope our food can be enjoyed by all. I will have to do some research as I'm not too familiar with halal options. Leave it with me and please follow our social pages as this is where wil will announces changes like this :)

  • +6

    Hi, it would helpful if you could include the weight of the product.

    • Thats a good idea, I will try to get these updated with weights soon.

      • +3

        thanks i was looking to order $4.00 beef but without knowing weight or portion don't know what order lol.

  • what's the recommended portion size?

    • Hi squidz, the packages feed 1-2 people. We are working on the kj details and will update on our website soon.

  • You need a Brisbane franchise!!!

    • +2

      That would be a dream. We just have to make sure we get things right in Melbourne first :)

  • What herbs are in herbal soup base?

    What's in the soy and tofu packs when ordering the vegan set? I can pick up but would like more information on this before placing the order.

    • +4

      We will update the website with ingredients soon. The herbal soup contains: ginger, goji berries, red dates, shitake mushrooms, cooking wine (your classic herbal broth). The tofu packs include: frozen tofu, tofu puffs and fried chinese doughnuts.

      • +1

        Thanks. What's in the soy pack? Also the set says it includes noodles but which kind (udon, ramen, etc)

  • what's with the youtube instruction video looking like it was made in 2008?

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