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Apple iPhone 12 64GB / 128GB $1249 / $1329, iPhone 12 Mini 64GB / 128GB $1099 / $1179 + Shipping / Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


JB-Hi-Fi are doing $100 off the iPhone 12 Mini/ iPhone 12 starting at $1110

Deal ends 20 April

$2 cheaper at Good Guys.

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JB Hi-Fi
JB Hi-Fi

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    Officeworks price beat will get you an extra 5% off

    • do they do that for iPhones

      • +2

        Successfully price beat at Officeworks Ballarat this morning

      • +1

        Price beat is a price beat. There is nothing special about iPhone that gets exclusion from price beat.

        • -1

          Other than OW being jerks

  • -1

    Anyone had any success in getting a deal on a pro?

    • Isn’t the only major difference this year from the Pro a telephoto?

      • +1

        Pretty much, and the exterior look. (and lasers)

        • And 6 GB RAM instead of 4 GB. And higher storage options.

      • +8

        You won’t miss the telephoto until you get a phone without it haha

        • +3

          That's what has held me back from upgrading my XS Max which still takes decent photos and the battery life is solid!

          • @jace88: On the same boat still not tempted to upgrade from XS max.

            • @Dileep7777: After the XS Max there’s no iPhones with 3D Touch. It’s just a long press/hold now.
              I noticed the most on typing and trying to move cursor (have to long press space at)

        • +3

          The small telephoto on an iPhone not so much in my experience. I have an 11 Pro and have moved to a 12 mini, and the missing telephoto doesn't phase me because most of the time the 11 Pro used the main lens anyway since it's bigger and the phone determines it's able to get a better picture by using that lens and cropping. The pictures from the telephoto are a step down too.

          If you were talking S21 Ultra telephoto that's a different story, but something like a 1.8x telephoto isn't a big deal.

        • For the $600 or so more you're paying for the Pro, you can get a real camera with a big sensor and a real telephoto lens. Obviously I get the convenience factor - I'm just presenting a different way of looking at the price difference. Also, I've never gotten why it's called a telephoto, it's literally a ~50mm full-frame equivalent focal length, squarely in what I would call "normal" territory.

  • Tempting but I feel like we are getting that much closer to iPhone 13 announcement so I may as well wait.

    • +1

      Could be worth waiting the 6-8 months, but the price might increase substantially also given they are expected to put 120hz screens on all their models.

      • +2

        Ended up caving and just buying a 128GB iPhone 12 since my XS Max screen is cracked and has a bit of a sharp edge now :(

        • +8

          Can’t you just get the screen fixed for way cheaper? lol

          • +8

            @entrancefloww: If you want something new, you'll definitely find a reason to fool yourself. We all done that.

            • +7

              @Mi2: "Oh damn, got a crack, time for a new phone"

              "that's jsut the glass screen protector, here I have another one you can have"

              "NO! NEW PHONE TIME!"

          • +1

            @entrancefloww: Yeah, this is ozbargain after all

          • +1

            @entrancefloww: Indeed.. but an iPhone XS Max to get the screen repaired and maintain IP rating is surprisingly expensive.

            • +1

              @jace88: Fair enough but well if you are selling it, it's something you would want to do anyway.

    • +18

      Everyday is a getting closer to the next iPhone.

      The day after the iPhone 13 is announced, is a day closer to the iPhone 14 announcement.

      • Best comment ever to counteract the "I'll wait till the 2027 iPhone"

  • +2

    I recently bought a 64GB iPhone, barely getting by with this much storage. Your use will vary, but, load a few vids, music, photos and it's all gone.

    • Don’t forget iOS takes 10GB+-

      • -1

        That's not bad. Android on Samsung takes almost 30 GB.

        • Android 11 takes about 11-12gb.

          • @Mi2: 16 GB on Pixel 5.

            • @bsider: 11 GB on pixel 2 and 13 on pixel 3. Seems each phone is different, although they all run the same OS which is Android 11.

    • +1

      Cough up a few bucks a month for iCloud storage and the base storage is fine. I have over 10 years of photos and video at my fingertips that would not fit on a phone with storage maxed out. It works seamlessly.

      • +2

        Cloud storage is not seamless. When it's locally stored you can instantly open your things, cloud needs to load,1 second, over, and over for each photo in your case, not seamless!

        smooth and continuous, with no apparent gaps or spaces between one part and the next.
        "the seamless integration of footage from different sources"

        • +2

          I assume that'd be a diminishing issue though with 5G network rollout (and 12 supports 5G)

          • @butbargainexpires: Networking can appear to be seamless only when there is a cache of some time, this takes up space and eventually, it will need to load your uncached data.

            5G: Regardless of the speed, there will always be a latency/slight pause unless the data is locally cached, in which case, you are using local data.

            Apple allows you to store smaller, local versions of your photos, but, I would always rather more local storage with iCloud as a backup only.

            Having more local storage instead of the cloud is like going from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 12, in that you will notice the performance difference in many areas.

            Not gonna keep talking about this, buy 16GB if that's what you want…

            • @marchi: Not now no the technology is not mature yet. If 5G (or worst case 6G) lives up to its promise, all the data and apps will reside in cloud eventually and our devices are used for connection and user interface only (OS only)

        • Google Photos + 4G/5G makes it virtually seamless. I've got almost a terabyte in my google photos and only a 128GB iphone and i have near instant access to all 1TB.

          • +1

            @MrFunSocks: I use next cloud and it's seemless enough for me too. I've already got a server for media, so adding Nextcloud was a logial next step to save $2-300 on phones for extra storage model upgrades. Totally worth it.

            • @ONEMariachi: Did you just purchase external hd for nextcloud? I have a Plex/Blue iris server I was thinking of adding external 10tb hd for next cloud

              • @R3XNebular: I just utilised my existing Internal HDD's. I've got 28TB currently in my Plex server, so I've just put aside 2TB for cloud storage.

                • @ONEMariachi: Wow that's massive load of storage. My main concern is HD failure.. and high CPU usage on nextcloud vs cloud hosting such as one drive and Google photos. Tempted to buy secondhand Google pixel to upload all the photos and also use nextcloud

                  • @R3XNebular: Depends on your cpu as to power usage, you can always get a NUC(8th gen i3 cpu's are fantastic as servers for plex/cloud), and/or Synology server and run it on that. Hell you can even get a raspberry pi and run it on that. Then run your hard drives in raid.

                    You can also lookinto the WD Cloud Home range.

        • I meant what I wrote. Screen resolution images are cached so scrolling thumbnails and swiping through images is indeed seamless. I’ll grant some caveats: by the time you pinch to zoom, it’s usually fetched the high-res version but a Live Photo or video might take a moment.

      • How do you do that, may I ask? By default, if you turn on "iCloud Photos" your cloud storage merely mirrors what's on your phone. If you delete photos from your phone, you also delete them from iCloud. Are you just using the "Optimise iPhone Storage" option or is there another way?

        • +1

          That’s what Optimise Phone Storage does: local thumbnails of everything, some photos are local (favourites, recent etc) up to a percentage of available space and least recently used local copies are removed as space is required. All photos are in iCloud but it seamlessly works as if it’s all local (provided you have a network connection).

          I never have to think about storage even though I ‘only’ have 64GB. It all works so well that I use Backup, iCloud Drive, Messages in iCloud and App offloading etc too. This coming from someone who used to compile his own Linux kernels but now enjoys not having to ‘maintain’ computers.

    • Might worth to purchase iCloud, it's $1.49 for 50gb, at least saves you space for videos and photos.

    • $1.5 monthly for 50gb cloud storage

  • Pair this with a Telstra plan and $500 voucher deal and I’d be sold.

  • +1

    Anyone wanting a 256GB Black or Blue iPhone 12 mini - no dice, but Green, Red and White are available with the discount.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, I’ve been waiting ages for this. Bought using ShopBack gift cards which get 3% cash back and also used up a bunch of ShopBack credit.

  • -3

    Rumours say no charging port for iPhone 13.

    • Wireless MagSafe is still slow compared to the charging port. I wireless MagSafe charging it can be much faster as it slows down if your phone heats up

    • +1

      Other rumors say the charging port will still be present.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought the 12 128GB in Blue for my wife who's Samsung S8 has been on its death bed for months now. Used $1,000 worth (max allowed per month) of gift cards at 5% discount via Suncorp Rewards to save another $50

    • that max from Suncorp not jb I assume?

      • +1

        That's right

  • I was going to get the 12.pro 128gb from Jb this morning…..

    From the comments up the top I should not spend the extra on the pro…..

    • +1

      Nah not really worth the $370 price difference if you ask me. You basically get a Lidar scanner for AR and a bit faster low light focus, a different finish on the sides of the phone, and a telephoto camera that's not that impressive and the main lens generally takes a better picture (which is why the iphone usually uses it instead of the telephoto even when you tell it to use the telephoto).

      • You also get 6gb instead if 4gb ram

        • Will help for future updates

    • iPhone 12 is good enough.

    • +8

      Kind of surprised by the number of up votes for $100 off.

      Was anyone really like $1429 is too much to spend on a phone but $1329 is a bargain!

      • +10

        It's $100 off items that barely drop in price even when the new models release. It's definitely a "bargain" in terms of iphones.

      • My old telstra shop I used to run used to buy iphones for $29 less than sell price- Apple is annoying as all hell. So $100 off is quite reasonable for Apple products.

        • That's a crazy low margin for such an expensive product isn't it. You'd hope they have pretty generous terms on settlement of invoices, AND you'd really not want to have one unit stolen!

          • @DealhunterMelbourne: yeah it was pretty gross. We ended up pushing android/windows phones real hard because of it, as it was impossible to hit targets at the time. Then telstra took over purchasing of phones directly and made all phones that kind of small margin, but ended up pushing up revenue of plans to compensate. So worked out better. Focus on plan sales rather than moving customers to phones they likely didn't want just to hit your KPIs

      • For the cheaper iPhones, it's a more substantial discount as a %… and it's at a reputable B&M retailer which has discounted egift cards. That's what got my interest.

  • +1

    Great deal for those with Price Protection policies, it's a clear advertised unconditional price drop that will be simple to claim on.

  • Does iPhone have an international warranty?

    • -1

      nope they don't

    • +1

      You can get Apple Care Plus which covers you anywhere in the world.


    • I've had warranty service (during first year) in Hawaii and California with my Australian model (technically grey import off a deal from here) iPhone twice with no questions asked. First time they cleaned out the charging port - my lifeproof case leaked while using for snorkling, and the second was a screen change - though they did charge for that one as it was accidental damage.

    • Whilst anecdotal, I think Apple has historically provided service and support within the standard warranty period… this helped me when I moved to Singapore and was able to get support locally including a replacement.

      That being said, this only applies to the standard Apple limited warranty period and not the ACL consumer guarantees… good luck getting those honoured if abroad.

  • +3

    I just got the last black 64GB mini in the Officeworks warehouse with pricematch via a phone order. So anyone still considering might want to move quickly on the other models. They haven't dropped their price to match yet.

  • Good discounts for iPhones. Normally don’t have this discounts in April month. This will be as good as it gets with officeworks price beat. People want to get iPhone at this price should pull trigger rather than waiting for 13.

    • BUt will there be any more price reduction on the 12, when the 13 comes out?

      • Yes there will be price reduction when 13 comes out, and always had been like this for years.

        Nothing new

      • Officeworks have matched the Jbhifi’s price so won’t be able to beat 5% anymore.

        • They dont have the 256gb model lol, but JB hifi does.

      • +2

        Seeing Apple’s history, There will only be around $150 reduction. So it’s good to buy 12 series now. Take $200 max. For example iPhone 11 was $1199 when it came out now iPhone 11 is for $999.

        • I am hoping once 13 is out, XR gets dropped and 11 drops to current XR pricing.

          • @CheapandUsed: Yes. That will most likely happen. And it would be fine as long as you will be happy with few year older model with old chip etc.

  • +2

    Seeing Apple’s history, There will only be around $150 reduction. So it’s good to buy 12 series now.

  • Seems Officeworks updated their price same with JB Hi-Fi. No more price beat. 🙁

    • +2

      You can obtain discounted JB Hifi gift vouchers which makes the price a bit cheaper.

  • +3

    FYI Good guys also have these at $2 cheaper. My local JB didn't have the size/colour combo in stock so I checked GG and they did, I was going to price match mut they are already reduced

    • +1

      Yet they haven't reduce the 256gb lol, even JB HiFi have 256gb on sale for the mini.

    • Same company, yet different prices.

    • +1

      I've just got back home from my local OW which's price matched with JB.
      Paid $1099 for mini 64gb. could save $56.85!!

      • Should have price matched tgg. Would have been cheaper.

        • She said that the price should be cheaper than OW to get further discount.

          • @333te: Yes. The good guys have it for $2 cheaper so they should beat.

            • @fossilgem: It because I didn't mention TGG but did JB. didn't know TGG has better when I was at OW. It was a good lesson.

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