Woolworths Has Stopped Rainchecks, Dont Leave It until The Last Day

Last night I went to buy 2 of my favourite Deli Chips which would have saved me $4, but they were out of stock. So I asked for a raincheck and they said we dont do that anymore. It was then too late to go to another store as the specials ended at midnight. So my food plan and budget was ruined for the week. So I am just letting you know dont leave it til the last day or you will miss out

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                          @try2bhelpful: so you say please may I return something because its causing an allergic reaction and they say no change of mind returns?

                          you ask for a raincheck and say please and they point to a sign saying no rainchecks.

                          you seem to be an apologist for yank stores lacking recognition of printed signs.

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                @iNeed2Pee: Mate I experienced this ages ago. Whatever it is I will just shop at Aldi or Coles instead. Coles still does raincheck so tell Woolies you going elsewhere f them

              • @iNeed2Pee:

                Prior to covid, they hated giving rain checks out, I know this because I worked for them

                So who were they? The managers? The majority of staff? Since you worked for them, do you know the reason why?

                • @leiiv: Honestly, the majority of the time it was your typical mature aged worker being dicks.

                  The managers would pass the msg on to the check out staff to try and get the customer to come back closer to end of week specials end before rain checks would be given out. Sometimes the checkout staff would act like as if they owned Woolworths and play hard ball. I never understood why. I would always give customers a rain check for the max qty of 6. If they wanted all 6, good for them. If not they can use whatever and forfeit the others.

                  Its a mystery as to why some staff act up about this. If we didn't have stock, im not going to sit and argue over it. Nothing is worse then seeing an item on sale have an empty shelf, only for that item to be fully replenished on the 1st day after sale ends.

            • @avoidfullprice: Rofl Wechat is an arsenal from China corrupting everyone's minds. Hate that piece of sht Platform

              • @neonlight: which adds credibility to your assertion that Coles does but woolies doesn't, when neither have returned to pre-covid policies, because aussie laws no longer apply now ….

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    Red Rock deli is on special at Coles starting from today $2.32,first world problem solved

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    If there was a reality TV show about you Pam, I would very much watch it

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      I'd actually like to hear from the bf! 😂

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        You wouldn’t know him. He goes to another school out of state. I think his name is George, George Glass.

  • i'd like to ask seriously about your food budget and planning

    it sounds like you budget food down to the dollar
    do you plan meals to the calorie as well?

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    U could go home and buy them online before midnight with click and collect. Although there is a min spent (you could return some items)

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    Reading posts by Pam make me happy

  • I would have gone outside and rung them and asked them if they still do rain checks. If they said yes, I would have told them about the response from the cashier and gone back in for the rain check. Also, send them an email to get a response in writing, just in case. Hope this helps. 😘

  • Hahaha, Pam is back.

    Cost could have been an issue due to the cost of the flatmate's pot plant that was damaged.

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    I thought rain checks were consumer law otherwise retailers would take stock off shelves until specials are over?

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      7-Eleven keeps hiding stock all the time on specials and nobody sued them yet.

      Also, I am not sure if that law exists, but would be useless as shops can just slap "limited quantity available" on ads and call it a day.

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        many others do the same including other parts of woolies…

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        And IGA too..

    • I think the law is more around false advertising and having "sufficient" stock. Hence why some stores use rainchecks to avoid being accused of practices like bait and switch advertising.

      However it's the "sufficient stock" part that's debatable.
      Places like Aldi on their weekly sales will often sell out of selected items. But because they have records they can call on that say "we had X number of units nationwide at the start of the sale" they can show they had sufficient stock. But they don't want to have stock when it's left over, and that's part of stock management.

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    $4? LOL

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    I told you guys already couple of months ago was negged hard. Like I give a darn about it now

  • Hiii Pam! Hope you had a great Easter! Try not leave things to the last minute next time. You snooze you loose as the good old saying goes!

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      yeah ignore the dates in cataloques , ignore laws, ignore everything written on this site, and ignore this, because nothing has any meaning any more.

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    Go to Aldi and enjoy everyday savings ™

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      No thanks, I belong to enough cults.

  • Rainchecks on chips. Huh.

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      Is this a new entry for “these are a few of my favourite things”?

  • Genuinely can’t tell if troll post or not

    • Just look at the user name.

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    Complain under section 35 of ACL

      • exactly since 2020 but the usual crew always claim the opposite, because they are site related and its advertising monies.

        • ACL takes precedence over terms and conditions

          • @Tleyx: And whose gonna enforce it? and how long will it take, and how much time and effort?

            Not state fair trading, so you must be alluding to the accc who have a very long record of doing nothing.

            Maybe if you chant 'ACL takes precedence over terms and conditions' 3 times in front of mirror the accc will do something?

            • @petry: Fair trading enforces ACL, can be reported on their website in a few minutes

              • @Tleyx: more chance of the candyman appearing than fair trading in WA.l

                • @petry: With that defeatist attitude no wonder you had that experience

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                    @Tleyx: associated and blaming the customer? you're a laugh mate.

                    • @petry: I am not associated if I was I wouldn't be telling you to go to the regulator

                      • @Tleyx: your marked as associated - fair trading would do nothing and you know it, nor the accc. g'day.

                        • @petry: That was just my fat fingers pressing the x

                          As i said FT have worked for me. Ymmv

                          • @Tleyx: what decade was that? this century?

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    I had no idea such thing existed.

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      well no worries because they don't anymore - back to the stone age for oz in regard to consumer rights courtesy of our yank governments

      • You've just violated our rights here. Take your yank entitlements back to your yank bridge.

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    I'm confused about how someone's budget is blown by $4 but they have the time and energy to return to a store to acquire $4 worth of rainchecked chips.

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      rainchecked chips

      Good band name I reckon.

      • Haha… Penny Pincher and the Rainchecked Chips.

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    what's a raincheck?

    • Essentially buying something at a discounted pirce so you can pick up later.

    • When an advertised item is not available at the advertised price on the day it was advertised for, in the past you could ask for a raincheck.

      In this instance woolworths weekly promo's which were printed and still are.

      Since covid temporary store shortages both coles and woolworths have stopped issuing them. this allows them to advertise promotions but not supply them. False advertising or bait and switch.

      bigger profits at both companies in the last 12 months.

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    TIL that you can do/ was able to raincheck on supermarkets. lol

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    I find that if something is on sale Woolworths one week it will then be on sale at Coles the following week. I just wait a day.

    • maybe but since you can't get rainchecks at either whats your point? threads about ending rainchecks….

  • Could you have just done a click & collect order online before the sale ended, and picked up the next day at another store?

  • You realise you can just use WW click and collect and save the price on tuesday evening for pickup later in the week?

    • Maybe her internet data budget for the day was already used up.

      (Plus isn't minimum click and collect order $30?)

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        casual haters don't care about poverty - they feel entitled to mock.

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