This was posted 7 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Halo: The Master Chief Collection $24.97 @ Steam


Around $4 more than last time (it was $20.64 before the slight increase), but still another great price for 6 highly regarded games. Historically lowest (official) price as per Lysander below.

Includes Halo: Reach, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4.

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    Anyone know what happens if you pay through a different Microsoft country page? Microsoft Brazil works out to ~AUD$15.

    • You will be very unlikely to get past the payment . Error payment does not match region. If you do, it will work like normal.

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      It should actually work fine - deals like this are on many other deal pages and people there report no issues with payment or playing.

      • Redeeming a key works but purchasing is a different beast. Most people doing these deals are doing so using US gift cards. Most US deals have posts confirming payment issues. Have you tried it yourself? I've never been successful with any payment

        • I have a Turkish steam account that works fine

          All I do is purchase an Australian gift card with my first account and gift it to my Turkish account, it gets converted into Turkish Lira and then I just buy the game that I want

          I mainly use it for football manager every year but I have used it with online games no problem

          There is a website that does list the region locked games, but I forget what it's called

          • @BigTone: That's for Steam. OP question was for Xbox/Microsoft. I have a Steam ARG account and just buy gift cards online. Used to buy them locally and redeem them. Can no longer do this as Steam gift cards are no longer global. May not be the case for all regions though.

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    I think its worth noting that 343i is constantly adding content to MCC and the user base is expanding. So it is a good time to buy as you will find games in multiplayer and there is lots of cosmetics new and old to grind for. Even CE has skins haha.

    • Yep. I wouldn’t be surprised if Halo 5 is added soon.

      • I really hope they do. Halo 5 shaped up to be a great package and it is a fun game. Heavily gimped by the xbox unfortunately. I think it deserves a PC launch.

        You can play 5 on PC with the Halo 5 Forge app. But its customs only, no match making. It is also locked at 60fps…

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      i have lots of trouble finding games on PC unless i enable crossplay/other regions. what playlists are popular in AU?

  • The same price at Microsoft Store.

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      Or free on Game Pass Ultimate (except the sub cost, obviously)

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      I tried getting it on Microsoft store previously and it would error out every time when downloading. Had no problem with Sea of Thieves or AOE but MCC wouldn't work so I got it on Steam.

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        Yeah you have to download it from the xbox app for windows (not console companion). MS store is the worst

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          The Xbox app is an abomination of a thing. It's constantly bugging out, failed to install, failed to uninstall, failed to update and then recently, just decided that a bunch of Windows modules weren't installed (which they were) and now refuses to show any of my games

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            @chartparker: tl;dr - stay away from the Xbox app, buy on Steam.

            I had the game installed on an external drive via the Xbox app, and a game update (when Halo 4 was released) seemingly didn't install properly and broke the game files. However, the Xbox app refused to uninstall the game, as did any of the built-in Windows uninstall tools. I couldn't even reinstall the game on the internal drive or a different external drive. Errors 0x80073cfa and 0x80070141. Searching the Windows support forums, the only solution would have been some dodgy registry editing, or to reinstall the whole OS. I emailed Microsoft support, mentioned our consumer law, and they gave me a full refund (even though it was about three months after purchase). Bought the Steam version after that, works flawlessly.

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              @Procyon: 100%. Hence why I'm going to buy the steam version now, even though I already have access to it via game pass. MS really needs to get their thumbs out when it comes to the Xbox app

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          Xbox app is just a different GUI. The download was still starting in Microsoft Store in the background.

          • @ozbargainer88: Yes, but with the xbox app you can target each specific game's download files to stop some of the errors. Steam's just works

  • yeah I got it for this price during the christmas sale in 2020 :D on steam

    Haven't played it at all but I have installed it.

  • Can all platforms play together?

    • Yup!

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    Misread the title and was thinking "What does Halo have to do with MasterChef? A new type of crossover? Player can cook stuff now in Halo?"

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      Hey! Why all the negs? I mentally misread Master Chief as MasterChef all the time.

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        Guess the pun was a bit… undercooked?

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      I have a Master Chef shirt with Master Chief on it, in a chef’s hat.

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      "Master Chef, you mind telling me what you're doing in that kitchen?"

      " Sir. Finishing the fries."

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    To OP: this is actually the lowest historical price for this game. Unofficial and illegal resellers are not factored in there as keys can be dodgy and risky.
    So, well done and thank you.

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      Thought it was pretty low, considering CDKeys was only a few dollars cheaper, didn't realise it was historically the lowest!

      Thanks for the heads up.

      • can always check at for deals on keyshops and official retailers

  • This is awful tempting, just wished I had the time to get into them.

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    No custom server browser for halo ce, like the one released originally on pc years ago

    • i'm still seeking a Halo CE playable? like back in high school

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    Also you can buy just Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary for $5.75 if you just want that hit of nostalgia.

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    I thought I will buy this, but I know I will never play! :D

  • Great deal! If only they could add split-screen multiplayer to the PC version…..

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    Can you play co-op story mode on 2 separate computers?

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      Yep you sure can. Its cross-play now too so if you have a friend with an xbox and the game already you can play together.

      • Cool thanks!

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    Been replaying though the coop campaigns with my brother the last few weeks and it is so much fun, we've been playing them together ever since the original game came out 20 years ago ^_^

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    Hi Guys,

    If anyone has this and wants to play together send me a DM and I can share my xbox username with you (at least if we can get local players we might be able to do custom and therefore ping should be lower).

    I have it on both PC / Xbox but will be playing on PC.

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    Bought this last year and ended up getting a refund. The multiplayer is extremely broken in Halo 1 and 2 (that's all I tried before giving up) and given that it's been over a decade, they don't seem interested in fixing the game. If you want to play single player then sure, but if you want to play online co-op, don't get your hopes up

    • you can also get them individually at the low price i think

  • Can you play Halo on PC? When did this happen?

    • I think Halo CE came out on PC in 2003

    • end of 2019 and over the course of 2020 titles in the MCC were released for PC in chronological order, and now the entire thing is available for PC. finally, right?

      • For sure! Guess I know what the next series of games I gonna played is.

      • The PC ports of the original trilogy came out in 2003 (Halo), 2007 (Halo 2) and 2020 (Halo 3) respectively.

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    Sweet! I can finally find out what happens after Halo combat evolved.

  • Anybody know if i purchase this on the windows store I will be able to play it on xbox as well as pc?

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