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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G: 128GB $449, 256GB $549 with Telstra $99 150GB/Month 1-Year Plan @ The Good Guys (in Store Only)


To be eligible to purchase one:

Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA 5G 128GB (11901205009,11901205016) upfront for $449


Samsung Galaxy S21 ULTRA 5G 256GB (11901205012,11901205014) upfront for $549

  • New and port in customers must sign up to the Telstra $99 150GB Per Month over 12 Months Mobile Plan with a minimum plan cost of $1188 between 8th April – 11th April 2021 (Promotional Date).

  • Wait for the Telstra connection to be completed. Once connection has been completed the customer is eligible to purchase the mobile.

  • The Good Guys Telstra Plan - Telstra $99 150GB Per Month over 12 Months Mobile Plan

  • Offer only available in store. Excludes online, Phone Sales, Commercial Sales, eBay, Existing Boost, Belong and Telstra Pre-Paid customers. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

  • On the Telstra $99 150GB Per Month over 12 Months Mobile Plan, when you exceed your allowance, you can continue to access data at speeds and your speed will be capped at 1.5Mbps.

  • Embedded Widget Link, full T&Cs on the page and widget link.

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      Debit card can be used

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        Yikes! I asked Samsung CS yesterday and they said strictly Credit Card only. Well it does not matter now anyway since promo finished overnight. Thanks for the info though mate!

  • Is 5G included in the plan?

    • Yes for the $99 / month ones

  • The upfront phone fee can it be paid with GG gift card?

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    Are the phones locked to telstra?

    • Does anybody know?

    • No - phones aren't locked to any network

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    Also can anyone confirm that I will not get burnt if I try the cancel the same day deal please???

    • THIS. I want to take advantage of this deal but I want to cancel the same day. I want the phone. I don't want the plan. Can anyone confirm the final cost and walkthrough the process that would need to be done. Thank you.

      • I would think most of us are waiting to learn of this including me haha..

        • I'm probably going to do this after lunch. Still deciding between the 21+ through JB at ~$880 or this 21Ultra for $1143.
          Unsure if its worth the $250 extra..

          In regards to the cancellation of the plan on the same day. In the promotion T's & C's there is no mention of a 'voucher'. It simply say's you are eligible to purchase a product at that price. If they want you to pay a ' Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee' they should state you receive a voucher to put towards a new phone.

          • @Wickadz: So for simplicity am I better off avoiding the port-in and getting a new number as part of the deal and just cancelling it the same day and then use my active pre-paid SIM from another provider? Have we confirmed the phones are not locked to Telstra?

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              @coolrunnings: If you're going to cancel same day, your best option is to just act like a new customer and get a new phone & number. Cancel the new service when you get home on the same day and put your existing sim into the new phone.

              I can't comment on whether the device is locked - I was under the impression Australian Consumer Law & ACCC prohibited this in new devices?

              • @Wickadz: Thanks, let us know later how the purchase went for you.

                • @coolrunnings: When I decide on which device! :) The camera & ram are the main selling points for the Ultra. I'd like it to last minimum 3 years before another upgrade.

                  • @Wickadz: Those are the things that made me go for the Ultra. I take a few photos of the kids and I figured $100 a year worth for a better camera and a bit extra ram was worth it. Now I am thinking on jumping on this deal for the Mrs

                    • @aquie5t: Ah you went out and got this deal? I've cut out the 21+ in the last 20 minutes. Its a repackaged S20 … The ram will certainly make it last an extra year or two.

                      Can you confirm Telstra aren't charging the voucher reimbursement fee that others are concerned about? I still don't think they legally can.

                      I think I'm set on the Ultra 256gb.

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                        @Wickadz: No I got the Trade up deal and was trying to make that decision.

                        I am thinking for going and picking up this deal for the Mrs though as I didn't have another phone that met the trade up requirements. I will be going there hopefully this afternoon once I get out of the office.

                      • @Wickadz: I'm inclined to go for the Ultra 256GB also…

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            @Wickadz: Spot on mate! Can you let us know how it went and if you were able to pull this off? Thanks in advance man!

            • @BargainHuntahh: In store now. They think that Telstra will charge the extra 500 but they didn't sound like they knew what they were talking about. I decided not to risk it and will try another store tomorrow maybe.

              Let me know if you here different.

              Here are the t&c pages which mentions nothing about an additional fee.


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                @aquie5t: Was just about to message - I bought the phone, on with Telstra chat now - they're saying there's an additional $500 'voucher reimbursement fee'

                Buckle up! I wont be paying ;)

                • @Wickadz: Let me know how you go! Did you end up getting the S21 or the Ultra?

                  • @aquie5t: Ultra 256 :)

                    21+ is just a repackaged S20, same camera & ram etc. I want this to last me 3 years minimum, so the extra ram & camera should do that for me.

                    I'm still sad about the headphone jack & SD slot though.. :(

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                      @Wickadz: Okay folks!

                      I gave up with fighting the ETC - they were going to submit a ticket request and I'll likely be back to square 1.

                      I did the maths, my $49/m plan is $588 for 12 months + $594 (ETC) + $549 (phone) = $1731
                      Changing my existing mobile number to the new $99/m is $1188 for 12 months + $549 (phone) = $1737.

                      $6 extra over 12 months for an additional 130GB of data. They're allowing me to keep my old number and port it to the new plan.
                      Winning. ♥

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                        @Wickadz: Thanks for giving it a red hot crack @Wickadz and biting the bullet for the rest of us!! You're the real OzB hero <3

                        • +3

                          @supacheap: ♥ Just sharing the love for this beautiful community! I've definitely taken my fair share of bargains.

                          Someone had to bite the bullet - it didn't work out as planned, but if I look at the total cost over 12 months it's the same.

                          ** and I keep my current mobile number. Sorry if that wasn't clear above.

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                        @Wickadz: You should see if you can get the monthly charge dropped to $89 with $10 port in credit as mentioned in some of the earlier posts. That will put you ahead by moving to Telstra.

                        • @aquie5t: Likely too late for that now!
                          New plan & same number already applied. I'll give it a shot though

                      • @Wickadz: @wickadz, what about the $500 voucher fee? Did Telstra mention anything about that? I realise you already were on a $49 contract…

                        • @coolrunnings: they wanted me to pay $1094 to exit the contract. I decided to cancel my existing one (transfer my existing number to new $99 plan) and avoid the ETC $594 & $500 voucher fee.
                          I still end up over 12 months paying the same amount staying on my existing phone plan and cancelling the new one.

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      I took one for the team. I bought the phone and cancelled the same day via chat with Telstra. I was charged a $594 ETC and a $250.01 charge for the phone, which in mycase was the S21 Ultra 256. 549+844.01= 1393.01 for the S21 Ultra 5G, free and clear of any other charges. I'm still debating whether to go back and argue with Telstra over the $250.01. I guess there is time for that later. Considering I am one of those people who pays $10 a month for my mobile service, breaking the contract with Telstra was totally worth it.

      • +2

        What is the reason they charged the $250.01? They can't just make up charges, that's illegal.


        What was their reasoning for the $250.01? I am being charged 1094 and they won't budge.

      • Thats still good progress bro, better than what most of us have been able to achieve. You should still query the $250 charge you have been slugged with.

        If its not too much of a trouble, could you maybe send or post up your exit charge summary (without your personal deetz) so I can use it as a reference if Telstra decides to play hardball? :) TIA

      • +2

        Mate, just wanted to let you know it's possible to fight the $250.01 you got.

        The $250.01 is what they call the MRO fee which is the fee they charge for not returning a device in a plan.

        You have to clarify with them that you did not purchase the mobile on the plan but rather you purchased the phone with a discount from TGG in conjunction with the $99 p/m plan.

        You will be charged $594 ETC and $0 any other fees.

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    Anyone know if you can pay the ETC fee in store? I want to use my CBA offer for $50 off, I need to use my Explorer for the phone for the insurance.

    • +1

      ETC is charged by Telstra and comes as phone bill, unsure if the CBA offer you talking about is also for Telstra in store payments.

      • Damn, the CBA offer is $50 off $250 spend at TGG so it won't work.

        • can't you use it to pay the upfront fee for the phone?

          • +1

            @svk: Not unless I want to forgo my Explorer card's phone insurance.

    • An earlier comment mentioned that this needed to be done online directly through Telstra

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    I bought the phone and am canceling the plan.


    "Thanks for your patience. As per checking cancelling the service will cost total of $1,094.00 for early termination fee."

    They won't budge, despite me clarifying at the store and on the contract before I signed that I would not receive any vouchers and thus the maximum cost to me was $594 ETC and the cost of the phone ($549).

    • I dont see how they can still push to clawback after you having confirmed those details prior to signing? If its not on the contract then how can they enforce this?

    • +8

      Guys, I have sorted it out.

      It took mentioning a few Australian laws/rights but they have admitted that the contract I signed means that I will only be charged $594.00 ETC to terminate my plan early and $0 in MRO (device fee) and $0 in voucher reimbursement fee as I have not received a voucher.

      Took almost 2 hours, I haven't passed the bar but I know enough to save me paying that extra $500.

      $250/hr but it's worth it I guess.

    • Good job, I did similar in past with the s20+ deal a while back.

      It sounds like a PITA to do deal with this and aggrevating. I think I'd rather buy from ebay and be done with it.

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    Awesome. What do we need to know to do the same?

    • +7

      Main thing is to explain to them that your contract only specifies a fee of $594 ETC and a voucher reimbursement fee of maximum $500 (pro-rata) but that you are not receiving a voucher so the maximum amount is just the ETC.

      They will try to make you pay an MRO fee of $250.01 but explain to them you didn't get this phone on the plan, you got the phone with the plan together. The device was not purchased as part of the 99p/m contract so they cannot charge you any device related fees.

      • Good going brother! So which device did you buy and whats the final total ETC do you owe? Also, did you sort this out via Telstras live chat or over the phone? Cheers!

        P.s. did you buy from JB or GG? only asking so i know that I would be provided the exact same contract as yourself if i decide to go ahead.

        • 256GB Ultra for $549 upfront + $594 cancellation of plan = $1143, from TGG. Was on hold for an hour on phone so I tried the chat, had to be transferred to a supervisor (make sure you ask if they won't budge).

          • @Yanoflies: Thanks for the information.

            I was looking at TGG Critical Summary document in regards to this offer and they do stipulate a "Maximum Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee" of $500. So I'm still perplexed and more so amazed at the fact that you were able to wiggle out of it. I so want to give this a go but the very thought of them potentially not budging afterwards scares me to shit. Aren't you one lucky bloke! Haha

            • @BargainHuntahh: You do not receive a voucher, its a discount on the phone.
              You only sign a contract with Telstra, they specifically say only the ETC is chargeable, capped at $594. While this there is a clause re:Vouchers, See point 1.
              Once this was clarified with Telstra (did it via their only msg). They happily cancelled it with the ETC fee.
              Just applying the friendly but firm stance, and they work with you well enough.
              (AKA they also tried to charge me, and they let it go)

              • @FlowerRobot: Thanks for the reassuarance mate. Looks like I'll be heading down into JB to grab this tomorrow. Fingers crossed Telstra go easy with me afterwards lol.

                Thanks again. 😊

                • @BargainHuntahh: I'm not convinced it's worth the subsequent battle with Telstra support to save a few dollars…
                  You aren't really saving roughly 250/hour if you spent two hours with Telstra Support as no one buys Samsung phones at RRP.
                  Lots of EPP deals and JB staff get them half price to promote the phone
                  Also, I would imagine theres a hard limit on how many phones you can terminate, so you are using up you quota. If there are no better deals and you have time and not bothered by stress, why not..

              • @FlowerRobot: Out of curiousity did your tax invoice say you paid the original price on the phone or just the sole $549 upfront fee?

                • +1

                  @supacheap: My reciept says there was a deposit applied of $1400.

                  Order total $1949 for the ultra 256 while I only paid 549.

                  Looks claimable to me

                  • +1

                    @Wickadz: Thanks mate! Telstra chat happily reduced ETC to 594 - rest of you must have worn them down haha. I used TGG 5% gift card and total price for the 128GB came to 594 +427.55 = 1020.55

                    • +2

                      @supacheap: I finally bit the bullet and got one. But then had to spend around 4 hours with support trying to get $594 ETC charged as opposed to the inflated amount. It was well worth it in the end though. Huge thanks to everyone of you who supplied me with enough optimism to take this on. Thanks again guys!


                      • +1

                        @BargainHuntahh: That's awesome! For those that didn't get offered the $594 ETC … I'd highly recommend pushing for it - but only if you see the value in doing so … but I mean this is OzB so you should :P

      • Thanks so much @Yanoflies.. you saved my life!

        Telstra did exactly that, and finally got there and only payed the $594 ETC

        • Glad to hear! :)

  • Once these 12 months Telstra plans expire what do most choose for a new plan if keeping their handsets?

    • Either Amaysim, Boost or Kogan depending on your needs.

      • Can't use Optus network as its unreliable at home. Don't really want B-grade Telstra network either.

  • +2

    Damn, I was dealing with Good Guys Auburn… Man they were a nightmare to deal with! Rude, unhelpful.

    I gave up on them and won't buy from them out of principal. I'll wait for the next deal at another company.
    Don't know how some stores stay in business when they treat their customers so bad.

    • That sucks, what happened? All they need to do is sign you up to Telstra contract and get you to pay for the phone :/

    • +2

      Sorry to hear mate! They are all individual franchise after all. TGG near my place are super awesome and go over and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Dealing with them for more than a decade with no issues.

    • +3

      Same experience down here in Hobart… The sales rep seemed genuinely disinterested in helping me, told me that my drivers licence and passport wasn't enough points for id and just generally rubbed me up the wrong way. Completely hopeless.

  • Just an update, I still haven't been charged my $594 ETC charge so far …

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