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BlitzWolf BW-VP6 LCD Projector US$172.99 (~A$226) Delivered @ Bangood


Apply coupon BGAUBVP6 at checkout. Ships from AU warehouse. AU plug.

Great budget projector. Native 1080p, 500 ANSI lumens.

Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R39wmq-JWSg
Budget Projector ranking from the same reviewer:

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    BGOPPJ88 is giving me a total of $174.79USD whereas BGAUBVP6 gives me $172.99USD.

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      Thanks. Edited

  • Can I use Chromecast with this?

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    • you should be able to put the chromecast in the hdmi port and get the power from the usb port. i am able to do it in another bw model.

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    How is the noise on this one?

    • Also curious?!

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        From last deal seems good, I think should be better than my QKK


        • From the previous deal people said "mobile software to test the noise and I am getting 38 to 41 db"

          I tested my QKK I got like 46-48db, is the difference a lot? I have no idea about db. The QKK is quite noisy for me.

          With app even nothing it show 42db

  • -3

    No HDMI out it seems. At what price point should I be looking at for budget projector with HDMI output?

    Edit: Maybe I'm thinking it wrong. Source goes to Receiver. Then HDMI out from receiver goes to projector. No need for projector to have HDMI out.

  • Does this projector need bulbs and if so where would I buy them?

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    This or VP9 for USD$220 with full android and LED shipped from AU?

    • The VP9 looks very nice indeed, especially given the reports of wifi being fixed in the latest firmware upgrade. Am I missing something?

      • SD Netflix only, no HD. Other than that it does seem pretty good.

        • So except Android and more expensive, everything seem the same?

          I already have long HDMI cable connected to the HTPC with my QKK, not really need android and the speaker on the projector not good anyway.

          • @superforever: Yep, more expensive, but for For USD$50 extra:
            Little Brighter
            Bluetooth v4
            Dual Wifi 2.4/5GHz bands
            2Gb RAM, 16Gb eMMC

  • Can you connect the sound bar via Bluetooth? Any delay to the sound?

  • Thanks got one…Any decent projector screens recommendations please?

  • is this good during the day or needs complete darkness?

  • I'm quite confused about the naming convention for these projectors. I was considering the BW-VP2 but is the VP6 better? Ideally I want a side by side comparison table if anyone knows where to find one

  • I assume it won't be good on daylight use, right? Beause of 500 ANSI lumens

    How to adjust the project screen size? I already have QKK setup to project to 100" white screen. So can I put at the same location as QKK to project to the same 100" screen size?

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      you'd want it in a room you can make dark I'd say

  • Guys, anyone have any experience with using this for 3D? If you plug this into a 3d bluray player will it "just work"? If not what is 3d ready projectors?

    • No, you need a 3D capable projector. The projector needs to decide the 3D video stream from your blu-ray or other source, plus provide infrared or bluetooth to your 3D glasses, which will have to be compatible with that projector

      • So what does this projector have to do with supporting 3d? It's listed as supporting 3d Red/Blue (which I take to be anaglyph).

        Edit: ok did a bit of research, according to this site: https://www.projectorcentral.com/what_does_3d_ready_mean.htm

        Frame packing is the default format used in the HDMI 1.4 specification, and any product labeled as HDMI 1.4 compatible must support this format. It is the standard output format of Blu-ray 3D players, though some have additional options. Frame packing requires more processing power on the part of the projector, since it must separate the two frames and then display them in sequence.

        This device also says it supports HDMI 1.4, sounds to me like it must support frame packing (the bluray 3d format). Would be great if someone could confirm before I put down my hard earned

  • Ordered, I think should be much better than QKK. QKK is OK but only 720p and a bit too noisy.

  • Does it work if I put in just in my bed side table (not mounted into the ceiling)?

    • +1

      This projector said support "Electronic keystone vertical correction + horizontal correction" so no need to mount on the ceiling and slightly left or right should be fine.

  • Arrived on Thursday, tested it found a short black line at the middle of the projection. Also fan quite loud not as people said very quiet not as people said in ozbargain or banggood user reviews.

    With banggood user reviews some said quiet some said loud I am wondering whether I got a faulty one and the front leg won't come out.

    • Finally follow some instruction from youtube and removed the black line (I think is like hair)



      Any suggestion what kind of screen is better but not too expensive? Still using the free one from QKK.

      • What's your opinion on this vs QKK? Is QKK one good projector and relatively reliable?

        I am looking at https://www.amazon.com/QKK-Projector-Supported-Smartphone-En... which currently is offered with extra 30% disc.

        • +1

          First of all that link is from US Amazon, so after import fees, currency conversion even 30% off doesn't really cheaper.

          Noise: they are around the same, BlitzWolf BW-VP6 not really quieter a bit more noisy than PC case fan, I couldn't understand why comments said noise "unnoticeable" even on youtube said that.

          Resolution: 1080p vs 720p, VP6 really clearer and sharper with 1080p native and both only OK for movie not TEXT.

          Brightness: VP6 is brighter a bit of light is still OK but QKK needs complete dark and not bright enough if project more than 100" (on my free white screen from QKK didn't try grey screen yet)

          VP6 can do vertical and horizontal keystone, QKK can't.

          If you don't mind bigger size and over $200 I would suggest VP6, projected image really better.

          • @superforever: Thanks for your feedback @superforever. Really appreciate it.

            My use case will be to watch in the bedroom and projected to white wall to make up about 50" if that.

            • +1

              @peuwayaqdq: You are welcome because VP6 from banggood, service/warranry/return will be more difficult if anything wrong. I have to removed that black line/hair myself by opening the small cover door under the label. If you search youtube quite a few people have the same issue but not sure they knew they could open the small cover door to remove it but cotton tips.

              • @superforever: Are you saying that if we have issues with QKK then we just contact Amazon?

                • @peuwayaqdq: If you have Prime, Amazon is easier to return within a month but not sure after that with 3rd party seller within warranty period.

        • https://www.amazon.com/Leisure-Upgraded-Portable-Projector-C... looks interesting as well. 22,500 reviews. Anyone has experience with Vankyo?

          • +1

            @peuwayaqdq: 720p Native and USD, I did see quite some reviews with Vankyo.

            • @superforever: Yeah I was aware of the USD which is still significantly cheaper even with the shipping. Understand the 720p vs 1080p but not sure at this price range that will make significant difference?

  • Mine just arrived and for the price this is amazing. I coupled it with a Westinghouse 100” pull down screen for about $300 and I’m over the moon with the result. A dark room is essential I think to get the best out of it. It might be a bit washed out if there’s ambient light.

    • Yeah, just a bit nosiy because I put it behind my sofa head level.

      • Oh and it blows hot air on you if you are next to it on the left hand side

        • Somebody on youtube trying to replace the fans.

  • Just received this today. Amazing picture quality in terms of colour and brightness. Playing 4k videos on YouTube is a treat. Hooked up Google Chromecast with Android TV and it works superbly. Unfortunately Netflix is HD only as is Prime video. Sound is of acceptable quality. Fan sound is bearable. For the price it's worth every cent.

    • Unfortunately Netflix is HD only as is Prime video

      Why? From Google chromecast TV?

  • VP9 Arrived. Has anyone else found VP9 to be ridiculously slow?
    Difficulty connecting and definitely underwhelming brightness, needs a dark room.
    Barely useable. Takes 2-3 mins to load YouTube and videos constantly buffering despite 100mbs NBN

    Suggest save the money for something better. Not impressed

    • Apps on this kind of projector normally is not good. That is why I just ordered VP6 and connected it to surround AV receiver with Google Chromecast TV.

      If you have Chromecast forget about the in-build apps.

      needs a dark room.

      Most projector needs a dark room, if you really need to use it with a bit of light you can consider use grey projector screen.

      • Great tips. Thanks!!! Will try

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