Which COVID Vaccine Should I Get?

I'm 32, I work in private practise health care (part of 1b) and I'm not sure whether to get the AZ vaccine, as I'm planning to have my second child later this year. i'm in regional NSW and we haven't had any COVID cases here for the last 9 months

Should I play russian roulette with the AZ and try to dodge a blood clot (higher risk as I'm female)


Wait for more Pfizer imports


Wait for either Novovax or Johnson & Johnson to be approved and available.

Poll Options

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    Roll the blood clot dice with AZ
  • 531
    Wait for Pfizer import for 1b
  • 10
    Wait for Novovax imports
  • 13
    Wait for Johnson and Johnson
  • 235
    Stay unvaccinated and wait for herd immunity


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    Ask your GP

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      If they refer you back to ozbargain I’ll vote in the poll

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        ask ur xiaomi smart toilet


        Ha, I was just thinking how OzBargain is the place to go for medical advice!?


      Ask your Swedish Chef

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        At IKEA?

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          You… Muppet.

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      I think this 'advice' should automatically be removed from all posts. 90% of GPs I've come across are either useless or don't care or purely transactional so the only thing I'll ask a GP is to refer me to a specialist where there's a somewhat higher likelihood of competence.
      Source: 25+ GPs across several states over 30 years.

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        They gotta keep swiping those Medicare cards

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        This is ridiculous. Goto a specialist if you need a specialist consultation. Otherwise GP is perfectly fine for general medical advice.

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        The important word here is "your" GP.

        The common assumption is that you have a regular local GP who you regularly visit who has good knowledge of your particular medical history.

        If you have visited 25+ GPs over 30 years you cannot expect them to have comprehensive knowledge of your specific medical history.

        They're medical doctors, not psychics.

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        The specialists are doing it for the money, too…

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        I also think that there could be a problem as well .

        Either there is a problem with 25 independent practitioner GPS who went to uni and then went through a fellowship exam, or a single annoying patient with zero understanding of healthcare.

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        Wonder why you’ve had so many GP’s if you think they’re useless.

        Is it them or is it you?


          Ur still alive. Gps must be working right ?

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        Dr shopper… enough said

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        Seen 25+ GPs in 30 years. Thinks it’s the doctors fault.


        Perhaps some introspection is warranted.

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        When you find a good one, keep their contact details.

        I've been to my one since I was a kid and she's great. Some of her patients travel 1 hour (her practice moved a few times) just to see her.


          I actually found a GREAT one eventually (hence my 90% comment) and he decided to move about an hour away. I'd happily make the drive. I even flew my mother from interstate to see him. Diagnosed after one consultation something 6+ other GPs couldn't figure out for over a year.
          Funnily enough he works out of a bulk billing clinic which is a bonus.


      GP said he would wait for the time being.

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      On matters such as this why would I seek opinion from an individual who may be misinformed or incompetent?. Information should be easily accessible for all through official channels.


      When I expressed concern over it in the earlier days my GP literally said to me, "Why worry about it? If you're gonna die from it you can't stop that. There's nothing you can do, just accept it." His attitude was literally 'meh, if you die you die, no big deal'. I never went back to him.

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    Take placebo

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      This placebo?

      "Half the volunteers will get ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, Snape explains. The second group will be given an existing licensed vaccine called MenACWY (either Nimenrix or Menveo), which is used to protect against the causes of meningitis or sepsis. This vaccine is a “control” for comparison, and was chosen instead of an inert placebo so that the control group experience the effects (and side-effects) of a real vaccine, preventing them from working out which group they are in."


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    Whatever the health professional at your clinic recommends.

    I have to hope that my GP is informed enough to give me the most suitable vaccination.

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      Do you actually get a choice? Pretty sure in UK you just get whatevers in stock that day. No clue how it works here as no Medicare, don't even know when I would be eligible to get it, if at all…

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        Everyone in Australia is eligible to receive the vaccine for free, regardless of immigration or Medicare status.


        And it seems, if you are under 50 you will be able to opt-in to the AZ vaccine (or wait for Pfizer or another competitor).


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          That's great information to read through, thank you.

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            @Hybroid: Some is patently untrue though.

            "COVID-19 vaccine is free for everyone in Australia"

            It seems so far that you must pay your way by providing a swathe of private, personal information, and agreeing to have it stored & shared with world+dog.

            So not free, only provided at no financial cost, and with strings attached.


            A good move in the meantime is to take lots of Vitamin D, get lots of sleep, exercise, fresh air, fruit, veg… good diet.

            Boost your immune system as this has been clinically shown in the UK to reduce the chances of contracting Cov-SARS-2 by 30%, and if you do, reduces your chance of dying from it in hospital by 100%.

            Note: If you spend a lot of time in the sun and have a great diet, YMMV. If you're at home, gaming, or slaving on Zoom, this will help (though in the long run you may need to get out some)


              @resisting the urge:

              It seems so far that you must pay your way by providing a swathe of private

              Anything other than the information you provide to your current doctor? It's the same information you would provide for any other medical proceedure.

              Do you really think it's anythign they (assuming you mean the government) don't already know about you?


                @dizzle: If it was as simple as this, the swathe of legislation (new, modifications, etc), let alone your assumed agreeance to mass-sharing would not have been necessary at all. And no, not all of us use fb. Not all of us allow our docs or govs know things beyond what they need to know, or can be trusted to keep private.

                Instead of paving the way to vaccinate everyone, the legislation is mostly about data sharing and removing existing controls, not development, production, distribution, or effectively managing the ongoing delivery of vaccines.


                  @resisting the urge: I can't get the vaccine yet, but helped my mother get hers. The only information provided, was exactly what her doctor already knew.

                  I really don't understand what information you think they're collecting. High blood pressure? That she had an eye operation 3 years ago? That she had a hip replacement? That's the type of information they asked for.

                  Your issue seems more about them sharing the information. I can understand that. But you getting the injection isn't going to make it easier to share. They can share it anyway if the legislation allows it.

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                    @dizzle: Noone can lawfully share your PII unless at some point you agree, so if you don't consent, they simply can't store and share.

                    According to the commonwealth form, this is what is collected and shared:

                    Vaccination providers record all vaccinations on the Australian Immunisation Register, as required by Australian law. You can view your vaccination record online through your:
                    • Medicare account
                    • MyGov account
                    • MyHealthRecord account

                    So after you sign the form, your PII is added to the AIR register, and is never removed. It gets linked to the other databases, too, and these are accessed by numerous other parties, for an ever increasing range of purposes.

                    What information? This:

                    Medicare number:
                    Individual Health Identifier (IHI) if applicable:
                    Date of birth:
                    Phone contact number: e-mail:
                    Language spoken at home:
                    Country of birth:
                    Are you Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander?
                    Next of kin (in case of emergency) / Relationship:
                    Phone contact number:
                    Guardian/substitute decision-maker’s name:
                    Guardian/substitute decision maker’s signature:
                    For each injection:
                    Date vaccine administered:
                    Time received:
                    COVID-19 vaccine brand administered: Batch no:
                    Serial no:
                    Site of vaccine injection:
                    Name of vaccination service provider:

                    By doing this, you publish all that forever to at least one leaky honeypot (An Internet-connected data-store). If you cannot imagine it being a problem, you are in the majority.

                    But the moment we see how 24x7 access to this weakens us to attack, for instance by looking at just a few of the thousands of methods attackers have used to date to make money en-masse, and how they get away with it, we begin to see just how wide our door has been opened. And when we realise how many times it happens, and the attackers are barely ever found, or the incident is kept quiet. Let alone how many times no-one even notices the data was stolen, lost, or actively leaked.

                    To me it seems a lot of private info. How wide open need it be before you care?


                      @resisting the urge: BTW, the Fed.gov's Privacy Impact Assessment made a lot of bureaucratically written recommendations acknowledging the Emergency and suggesting that responsibility be mitigated by making it necessary for the Vaccine Providers to responsible for explaining the complexities around the harvesting and use of all this personal information. Has this been complicated so much that they can't rely on a single form to explain what will happen?


                      The PIA's recommendations lack any detail, any onus to verify and certainly no obligations to comply. Most appear to have been ignored, and others talk about (but make no attempt to inform about) best practices. And ignore the fact that mandatory collection, storage and sharing of PII online in 2021 is more than impractical without serious planning, ongoing care and a keen focus on practices, ownership and maintenance.

                      An example is related to the collection of personal information, under the modified Acts, and how it should be accompanied with information explaining "that if they consent to receiving the vaccine, it will be mandatory for their personal information to be reported to the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)"

                      The form we are given does not make it plain that simply filling receiving the vaccine is all the consent that is required.

                      Absence of any check option to confirm the subject's consent makes this abundantly clear. Without any check option, the form reads more like a vague, high level summary of existing laws relating to (part of) the collection and sharing, itself. The only choice is to sign, or walk out.

                      Yet the PIA had called for options to "opt-out from having their information disclosed to other entities from the AIR (and they should also be made aware of how to do so, and of any consequences that flow on as a result)" To date, there no way to opt out in the first place, no mention around how to do it otherwise, and very little about any of the practical consequences could be.

                      Also disguised is the onus on the Vaccine Provider to provide additional information on what it and the various other agencies and bureaucracies will do with the provided data (bordering on obfuscation as they can't possibly be expected to know). Plus an unsaid requirement to withhold vaccines from anyone who wants to opt out of paying with their own PII, on a completed form.

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              @resisting the urge:

              A good move in the meantime is to take lots of Vitamin D, get lots of sleep, exercise, fresh air, fruit, veg… good diet.

              Don't be silly mate. It's been clinically proven since 2019 that the only way to be healthy is to stay away from people, lock yourself indoors, and listen to whatever the media says.

              Why would the media lie? They clearly have our bests interests at heart so only a fool would question them.


      My gp only has AZ stock. That's it

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        All GPS only have az stock.

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      Op is a medical professional themself but prefers advice from ozb

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        Yeah I was kind of mind blown by that. Surely there is better access to medical wisdom than the know everything, account for nothing anons of OzBargain

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          I think they're looking for peoples opinions rather than medical advice in this case. Sometimes you just want a good brainstorm to check the pros/cons. And sometimes ozb is the best platform for that 😁 or maybe I'm just biased.


          I think the OP wanted a vote of confidence rather than a medical advice. Like "should I take the vaccine or nah".


            @Scythic: Medical advice from medical experts
            Bargain advice from bargain experts

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        OP said she works in private health care but that could also mean admin, a cleaner or food staff.

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        To be fair half the medical professionals are useless.

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          Half of ANY professionals/trades etc are useless. Humans are very fallible and very prone to thinking they're not.

          "All professions are conspiracies against the laity" - George Bernard Shaw

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        Never said they were a medical professional. Could be a receptionist, podiatrist, oral hygienist etc.

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    At the moment having difficulty in believing any news/data as the vaccine world seems warped by politics and nationalism so hanging off but if forced I'd say Pfizer.

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      is there extra hate on AZ due to politics and nationalism?

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        My comment applied to all vaccines…and that is my point, who know what works, what doesn't, what is the (best) target group for vaccine X if applicable.

        To me it appears all vaccines were "pushed" by the governments where they were made/available for reasons other than efficacy…in Japan a mention was made that people would be able to choose their vaccine by being told clinic A would get vaccine B, clinic C would get D etc so go to whichever clinic and be guaranteed the vaccine of your choice. Apparently there was instant interest… almost as fast was the government backdown saying this would not be done.

        As for AZ you only need to look at this - true results, tested, who knows - one rule for the UK, no rule in OZ is worrying and what I meant by outside non-medical interference - and I am NOT targeting AZ specifically, it is purely an example that mentions AZ


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          AZ is fine in UK because whilst there may be a slight increase in the rate of thrombotic events, the likelihood a <50 y.o. will get complications secondary to COVID is much higher.

          In Australia, the above statement is not true as we have pretty much eliminated COVID. Hence, the government has advised against <50s getting the vaccine. It's logical, there's no need to cite hidden agendas or nationalism for a reasonable government to adopt this policy. I don't understand why there needs to be a hidden agenda.

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        All hospital staff are getting AZ (in NSW at least) so if it's good enough for them it's good enough for me.
        can't wait to get 5G on iphone 8.

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          Depends on the hospital. All Pfizer here.

          If under 50, wait for Pfizer. There will be enough. Contracts now for total 40 million doses.