Which COVID Vaccine Should I Get?

I'm 32, I work in private practise health care (part of 1b) and I'm not sure whether to get the AZ vaccine, as I'm planning to have my second child later this year. i'm in regional NSW and we haven't had any COVID cases here for the last 9 months

Should I play russian roulette with the AZ and try to dodge a blood clot (higher risk as I'm female)


Wait for more Pfizer imports


Wait for either Novovax or Johnson & Johnson to be approved and available.

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    Roll the blood clot dice with AZ
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    Wait for Pfizer import for 1b
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    Wait for Novovax imports
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    Wait for Johnson and Johnson
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    Stay unvaccinated and wait for herd immunity


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    A nice and concise well-compiled article for anyone interested. Article contains questions everyone should be asking/aware of.

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      Written by a "health coach", that uses too many "quotation" marks around "words" where they aren't "required", with no "scientific" or "medical" education……

      Background and Education
      - Certified Personal Trainer and Life Coach
      - Certified Nutrition Coach
      - B.S. Communication - Calvin College
      - M.Div. - Fuller Theological Seminary
      - Full-time coach since 2003

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        Can you tell me which of the links he used as evidence for his POV were incorrect?

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      I actually read this article. And wow! I have never seen such a flimsy case. Surely the anti-tax crowd can do better than that?

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        yeah, but can they include larger line spacing?




    Brisbane man hospitalised for clots days after receiving Pfizer vaccine

    Health officials have launched an urgent investigation into how a Brisbane frontline worker developed blood clots days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine.. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/bri...

    Nothing to see here. Just keep repeating after us; ‘’The vaccines are safe and effective"..

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      Let's all stop driving everytime there's a report of someone having a fatal accident.

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      It was later revealed the man had also recently undergone knee surgery, which is believed to be the more likely cause of the blood clots.



        'Of course' it was. Lols.



          Even when proper prevention measures are taken, it is estimated that 3 percent of orthopedic surgical patients will develop DVT, and 1.5 percent will develop PE.

          If course its a 0 % chance it is related to the invasive surgery with a statistically significantly higher chance of blood clots being caused.
          it has to be 100% related due to the much lower chance of a blood clot from a vaccine.


          You think the man didn't have knee surgery?

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            @Eeples: I think it's a quick and dirty reaction by the powers that be to divert the blame onto something else. Did ALL the people with blood clotting issues/death right after the vaccine have knee surgery?


              @EightImmortals: Probably not.
              But this man did have knee surgery which does carry a risk of DVT and PE.

              No-one is saying that other instances of blood clotting were associated with knee surgery just that this one may be; as there was indeed knee surgery.

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                @Eeples: Sure, it's a possibility, but as there are many people getting clots from taking the vaccines that is also a possibility. I would like to know how they can tell the difference?

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                  @EightImmortals: I guess it needs to be investigated. I think brain or stomach clots would indicate AstraZenica as the cause.
                  Certainly I think there has been under reporting of clots with the JJ and AstraZenica vaccines.

                  Having said that I got AstraZenica 1st jab 7 hours ago. (No side effect symptoms… yet). For me its about travelling to New Zealand later in the year and feeling comfortable on the plane and in airports.

                  Every individual in my opinion has the respectability in making the most informed decision they can whether to have the vaccine.

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    Another one bites the dust.

    A big Indian actor died from a 'massive heart attack'….2 days after getting the vaccine. Maybe he had knee surgery too?


    "Now to the moot point that is at the crux of the debate in Tamil Nadu. All kinds of firm views are being debated by reputed doctors. On Thursday, when he took the jab, Vivek in the company of Health Secretary Radhakrishnan and other officials, gave long and strong arguments in favour of the vaccine. He was roped in for his obvious reputation as an effective and popular communicator.

    He collapsed the very next morning and was brought unconscious to SIMS hospital. He passed after midnight. Health officials and the doctors immediately sought to dismiss any connection between the vaccine and his heart attack. However, they explained the causes of his death in great technical detail like they normally do in every such case. Questions arise. Was Vivek fated to a fatal heart attack anyway, vaccine or no vaccine?

    Doctors who don’t see a link are however evasive and unconvincing, glossing over uncomfortable queries. They keep harping on the heart attack but make a vague claim that there is no data or research to prove a connection or at best, say that it is a rare occurrence."

    Meanwhile, the government arrested his friend for daring to suggest it was the vaccine (that as we all know is 'safe and effective' lols).


    "Bollywood actor, Mansoor Ali Khan has been arrested after blaming fellow actor, Vivekh’s death on covid-19 vaccine.

    On Friday, while addressing the media outside a private hospital in Vadapalani where actor Vivekh was admitted, he claimed that there was no clarity about the ingredients of the vaccine and blamed the Health Secretary for misleading people.

    Mansoor Ali Khan also stated that mediapersons should not wear masks. He said that the government is forcing people to take the COVID-19 vaccine."

    I guess that's what happens to people who tell the truth in an age of deceit as Orwell wrote.

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    Meanwhile…in Australia.

    "Health authorities are investigating three more cases of a rare blood clotting disorder thought to be linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine.."


    These "rare" blood clotting disorders seem to be becoming less rare..

    And let's not be distracted by the fact that blood clots can lead to heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms and other thrombosis events. How many hospitalisations and deaths following vaccination are still going unreported?

    We don't know because health authorities worldwide still refuse to release any data comparing all cause health outcomes of the vaccinated compared with the unvaccinated. Why would they persist in hiding from the public the only way to definitively show that the vaccines are safe?

    Damn those knee surgeries!

    OK, I'll behave for the rest of the day…… neg away!

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      These "rare" blood clotting disorders seem to be becoming less rare..

      Australia did start very conservative, but the rate has certainly been getting worse by magnitudes. The govt's changing advice on the risk has been:
      1. Starting at 1 in 10 million (first announcement for expected rate of serious side effects).
      2. Then 1 in a million or more.
      3. Then 1 in several hundred thousand to a million.
      4. Then 1 in 250,000.
      5. Now 1 in 166,667 (the current latest for all ages).
      6. And 1 in 25,000 to 50,000 (the current latest for <50YOs).

      Some countries were more accurate with earlier info, estimating 1 in 100,000 several weeks ago for other countries. It took Australia longer but we've finally got down to that range, and even exceeding it for <50YOs.


        australian government stats are largely inaccurate by design - its all about deception. But when you point that out to people trained by murdoch propaganda reporting, they attack you ala the woke deception.

        At the end of the day if you want to believe liar's and lose your life or your family or your job or your kids or your freedom or your health or whatever that's because you were stupid, really really stupid.

        Trusting liars is just reckless and stupid and the coalition lie. labor lies as well but they ain't in charge of this bloody mess.

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        1. Now 1 in 63,636 people across all ages.

        That's based on 11 clotting cases out of 1.4 mil AZ jabs given, and everyone needing 2 jabs to be fully vaccinated.

        If noone took 2 jabs and if everyone only had to have 1 AZ jab each, the rate would then be 1 in 127,272 people, which is still worse than the previously reported rate for all ages.

        Limiting AZ to over 50's wasn't just meant to stop the clot rate from increasing, it was meant to lower the overall rate of people getting clots. Seeing the rate continue to worsen isn't good.

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    Tldr. Typical fighting between factions. Do your own research, make your own choices. If you get stuck then simply follow the money.


      nope nowadays most people refuse to even follow the money….


    amusing that option "Stay unvaccinated and wait for herd immunity" is ranking second here.
    How will herd immunity be achieved?
    Can it be achieved?

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      sheeple covers it


      How will herd immunity be achieved?
      Can it be achieved?

      It's assumed it'll happen through vaccination, as it has been successful with essentially eradicating other diseases. Tho the influenza vaccine has been much more complicated and something we've never been able to eradicate yet, and there's also so much that's not known with covid or the covid vaccine yet.

      Pfizer had mentioned this month that ppl will probably require three jabs for protection within the first year, plus possibly yearly jabs similar to the flu vaccine, which was something they didn't know (or at least didn't share) at the time the vaccine was approved.

      The new info comes with a lot of questions as to its long-term effectiveness. And not just with the vaccine itself but also with the human element. E.g. with ppl generally having no side effects to the first jab but with many having quite severe side effects to the second jab, would people be fearful in getting a third and fourth and fifth etc jab after already having a bad experience on the second?

      amusing that option "Stay unvaccinated and wait for herd immunity" is ranking second here.

      Agreed, but it's also amusing that "rolling the blood clot dice with AZ" against health advice is ranked third - local vaccine clots are currently doing more harm than local covid infections this year for <50YOs in Australia.

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        2 more deaths - at least 1 az but government advice continues that az is safe for over 50's despite the fact that clotting issues increase with age.

        the pfizer update jab is to deal with the newer mutations, as are the projected annual updates/ boosters.

        az is being used up on older people because scomo cares nothing about australian lives - he is only interested in his holy war against the godless chinese, and he is placing Australia out in front because he believes he is talking with his god.

        since he's busy filling parliament with his apostles i dunno how long australia can stay covid free, because covid is way down on his agenda, as he has made very clear.


    I'm perplexed why someone in the health industry would be asking an internet forum about this tbh


    They're not serious about delivering the vaccines, are they?
    Vaccination centres that close at 4.30pm, serious?
    No booking system, just a mobile number to call, serious? Not even a calendar/scheduling system where you can book a 10 minute slot, really?
    Cant just rock up.
    emails from ServiceNSW about wearing masks, second item "Get a Job", not get a jab. Then "Safety at Work" and "Energy rebates", not book a jab.
    It's like they dont really want you to show up at all.

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      I think they are just being careful, like the federal govt is by not making it compulsory, so as to not be liable for any injury.

      Will I be compensated if I have an adverse reaction to the vaccine?

      While the Australian Government strongly supports immunisation, it is not compulsory. People, parents and carers maintain the right to choose whether to receive a vaccination.

      That's the first paragraph of the govt's response. It's everyone's right to choose to be vaccinated, which is strongly recommended, but if you get injured by it and was hoping for compensation to help with any lifelong disability just for doing what was recommended, then the first thing you get told is that the vaccine wasn't compulsory and it was your choice to be vaccinated.

      The next paragraph then tells you that you won't be compensated if you get injured. But hopefully the govt changes this to provide better long-term support to ppl who've been injured by doing what was recommended.



    Got my jab yesterday, had a pretty crap reaction to the az. Whole arm hurt, aches in pretty much every joint, nautia, headache, no appetite etc. Got sent home from work as I wasn't functioning well, slept all day.

    I realise my reaction is a lot worse then most my family, but (profanity) me I wouldn't have gotten it if I knew how I'd feel today.


    If you're eligible and refused to get it, and live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne… Good luck now.


      That is where roads are clogged up with SUVs.


    For those who have made a booking over the phone in Melbourne at one of the large public immunisation hubs, did you receive an email to confirm your booking? I was told I would receive an email confirmation but received nothing. Now the 1800 675 398 hotline is dead.


      anyone's guess. the process is a bit of a shitshow really. 2021 and they can't even get an online booking system up and running. The tagline should really be "Victoria the inept archaic state"…. meanwhile our friends in NSW….


    Couldn’t get a Nsw covid jab even if i wanted one. News reported there was a direct link that avoided the covid checker bullshit but it didn’t link to it, which is not helpful to people.


    A week ago today my brother's 13-year-old son had his 2nd covid shot. Less than 3 days later he died.
    The initial autopsy results (done Friday) were that his heart was enlarged and there was some fluid surrounding it. He had no known health problems. Was on no medications.

    Your life, your choice. Sadly for Jacob, his parent made the wrong choice.


    Out of 141 in NSW hospitals 140 are vaccinated and 1 received one dose recently.
    Source: Yesterday's press conference, https://youtu.be/N-k9m9hKP5o?t=406

    Do whatever you want with this official information.


      Do whatever you want with this official information.

      I'll apply some logic/reasoning, and also context from his previous sentences
      as per the other thread you posted this in.. this was a mis-speak

      considering the age brackets mentioned in the sentence below, its more likely a mis-speak. (1 teen, 7 in 20's, 3 in their 30's etc)
      Its unlikely that those in the younger age brackets are vaccinated, so more likely that he meant to say none are vaccinated and one had their first shot.
      But yes, this will likely make conspiracy posters happy :)

      7 news report

      NSW Deputy Chief Health Officer Dr Jeremy McAnulty on Sunday said of the patients in intensive care - one is in their teens, seven are in their 20s, three are in their 30s, 14 are in their 50s, 12 are in their 60s, and six are in their 70s.
      Eighteen of those require ventilation. All but one are unvaccinated, one of which has received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

      sky news report

      “By vaccination status of those 37 people in ICU, 36 are not vaccinated, and one is partially vaccinated, having received the first dose of AstraZeneca.”