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[Kogan First] Xiaomi Dreame V10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner $249 Delivered @ Kogan


Despite the photo showing the combo version, the description made clear that you only get the upgraded carpet head and not the normal soft roller. Still this is a couple dollars cheaper than Gearbite's and is in stock so you don't have to dread the nightmare of Presale like last year.

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  • Anyone knows if we can just buy soft roller? And if this might be compatible with their new G10 model?

    Nevermind I found it:

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    Thanks for the deal

    But I don't like inaccurate product photo

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      … care to elaborate?

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        Their first and second photo shows soft roller brush but the item does not actually include this, just the carpet head.

  • The V10 compared to a dyson, which dyson would this be on par with?

    • Also interested in this. Our trusty V7 is on it's way out, would give these a run if they're similar spec. I'd imagine it's closer to the V10 given the names are the same?

      Edit - Just looked up the specs, Xiaomi has 140AW, a V7 is 100AW and the V10 Dyson is 150AW on max. The dustbin is 50% larger on a Dyson V10 at 0.76L compared to 0.50L as well.

  • Failed to find what plug it has. Anyone knows?

  • Does it include both carpet brush and soft roller brush? The description only mentions the soft roller brush.

    • No, it only has the carpet brush (upgraded version) but does not include the soft roller one. It's in the description.

      • The description mentions the soft cashmere brush? Is that the carpet one?

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          Yes, that's the one.

  • I have contacted Kogan customer service and they said this will come with both carpet head and soft cashmere head. Not sure if it's true or not, have ordered one, and it's on the way.

    • That would be great if that's the case but I doubt that . Do let us know if you indeed receive both.

      • I have only received one carpet brush head, there is no cashmere roller brush in the package. Very disappointed, their customer service team is a joke.

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