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[eBay Plus] DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo $439, Sennheiser GSP 350 Gaming Headset $39, Lenovo C340 $319.20, 100e $235.20 @ eBay


Upcoming deal for eBay Tuesday

Lenovo C340 $319.20 - 95 90 total units. Launching at 10am AEST - PLUSLC10

Lenovo 100e $235.20 - 125 total units. Launching at 10am AEST - PLUSLE10

DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo $439 - 250 total units. Launching at 10am and 4pm AEST - PLUSMV10

Sennheiser Gaming Headphones $39 - 500 total units. Launching at 10am and 4pm AEST - PLUSSG10

Mod Note: Added the Lenovo 100e - Credits to domo653q

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    • +1

      get it and then return it lol

    • how can you do it? did you add both to cart at the same time?

      • Added both links in separate windows(one normal and other one incognito) and BAMM!!

        • +1

          I had time to checkout the drone (had it in cart from night before) at 10am, come back here, find the link in this thread for the gamer headset and grab one of those as well in the first drop.

          • @MorriJ: you mean checkout and paid for the drone then do a 2nd transactions for headset?

            • @samehada: Yeah, I had enough time to complete the drone order (had it in cart from night before). Completed the checkout for the drone, got the confrimation page, then I came back here looking for the headset link, found the link, ordered the headset in first drop as well.

  • that's quick!

  • damn, ppl are so quick, missed out the drone :(

  • +1

    Got the headphone!

  • YAYYYYY Finally got the Sennheiser (this time, no food around to distract me). Unlike the 10am release, I was sitting there 10mins before, ready and all but was distracted by food and didnt realize it was past 10am (OOPS). :D

  • Got the drone. Man I reckon I was so quick I didn't even make the last 100 page!

  • Thanks all. I missed out on the drone again.

  • -2

    Got the headphones!

    What are they for?

    Edit: Guys stop downvoting me, I'm just joking. I know what they are for! They are for selling at a profit on facebook marketplace right?

  • +1

    Got Gaming Headphones, thanks OP

  • i have the drone checked out code applies but hesitate.
    most likely collecting dust after 1 month

    • +1

      Mine is collecting dust after 2 weeks. It's not an exciting thing to fly, great for video. Do you have much content you can record is the question?

      • username checks out :) sorry cant resist.
        anyway, agree. unless you are into it already, i guess. at $299 non flymore maybe i get one for fun

  • Got the headphones but it seems I'll need an adaptor to use with a console. Any help on what to buy?

  • +1

    I tried about 5mins after 4pm drop and all the headphones were sold out oh well you snooze you loose.

  • Hope it gets delivered on time..

  • +2

    My drone has an estimated of tomorrow. AusPost has it and it's on its way to Brisbane now.

  • Drone back in stock !!!

    • but Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

      • but Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order.

        The code seemed to work until around 11pm last night when i checked, saw around 10 disappear at that time, can't imagine people paying 749 for them.

        • people who arent ozb members will pay……

        • nah… they paid $439 using the code, I m one of them

  • +2

    Whoa, my drone got delivered this morning. That was quick!

    • My drone and headphones are ready for collection at the local post office as well, faster than most sales that's for sure. Quicker than Amazon who take 2 days to deliver to me out here in the stix.

  • My tracking number for my Mavic mini just says it's being prepared? Anyone who received theirs did they're thanking number say where stock was coming from

    • Sydney WEST.

      Tue 13 Apr • 6:51pm

      Column, event details,
      Item processed at facility


      Column, event details,
      Shipping information approved by Australia Post

      Column, event date and time,
      Tue 13 Apr • 4:55pm

      • This is frustrating, all I've got is that Australia post has received and approved shipping details

        Did you buy at 10 or 4

        • I bought between 10:00:00am and 10:00:20am, had it in cart from night before; one of the first purchasers I would imagine. Having said that, there are others who have received them as well chatting in this thread; so maybe first batch left, 2nd still wiating for pickup?

          I got two notifications that they have received and approved the shipping details in the Australia Post tracking.

  • My phone or myself weren't quick enough to get it at 19 but second time around at 4pm I was lucky, but now seems unlucky compared to some who already got theirs

    It's being prepared
    We'll let you know when it's on its way – usually within 3 business days – and when to expect delivery.

    Most recent update
    Shipping information approved by Australia Post

    Date & timeWed 14 Apr • 2:42am

    Tracking history
    Column, event details,
    Shipping information approved by Australia Post

    Column, event date and time,
    Wed 14 Apr • 2:42am

    Column, event details,
    Shipping information received by Australia Post

    Column, event date and time,
    Tue 13 Apr • 7:40pm

  • My headset was delivered earlier.

    Also managed to get the UNP Console Cable from JB for $10.


    Should be all set with a $50 headset for the PS5.

    • +1

      Got a link to the cable from JB?

      • Unfortunately couldn't see the cable on their website and the guy was surprised to find it on the shelf.

        FYI, it was on the racks with all the Sennheiser gaming headsets.

    • I’m struggling to find the cable on JB’s website.

  • Headphones back in stock

    • Yeah but no discount. Or did they just recently find out and remove the discount code?

      • I was able to get them at the reduced price. Looks like a number were purchased this afternoon. Appears to be corrected now

  • just received an email from Post that my drone has been delayed

  • received the headset, a little oily mark on the cushion…

    • Was the package sealed when you got it?

      • Yes, it was but the seal of this headset didn't like premium electronics, it was a loose plastic bag sealed with stationary tapes. It will be hard to tell if it was opened and resealed.

        Overall I am happy with the headset, except for the tiny oil mark others look brand new, all cables were in their original package as well.

  • Man eBay need to come with something good next time
    their two laptops still not all sold yet
    that voucher expires on the 26 April 2021.

    Ridiculous discount gets punished, eBay customer's response to this stupid bullshit discount

    DID anyone even buy those retarded laptops