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Amgrow Chemspray Ant Spider Cockroach Concentrate 500ml $13.83 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Back in stock, same price as in the last deal.

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    What is this? A spray for ants?

  • Is this suitable for apartment balcony ?

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      I'm no expert but my understanding is that low dose Permethrin is relatively safe as long as it doesn't get eaten and it's handled carefully.

      Worth noting that it's harmful to bees and other insects apart from ants though.

      • any safe/natural options to repel pests from inside the home?
        (roaches, mosquitoes, flies, spiders.. that aren't daddy longlegs etc)

        • boric acid?

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    Can vouch this stuff is amazing and great value

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      I vouch for David Grays, $1 more than this deal every day of the week and ~indentical ingredients.

      • How do you guys use these stuffs? They tend to clog my sprayers…

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          i just use a Bunnings 5L sprayer. Got it ~15 years ago. No problems with the liquid insecticides, although Coopex has clogged the nozzle on occassions.

  • This might be old stock as I'm pretty sure they changed the product name to Patrol, with different packaging artwork.
    Could not tell you if the product itself stayed the same.

  • Gone already

  • Hi OP,

    Just wondering if this works with ants repellant, my house tend to have a lot of ants coming in for reasons I am not sure of

    • It is an insecticide, not a repellent. But it would be safe to use indoors, and may help. Just be sure to read the directions.

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      I’m in SEQLD, the ants have been shocking lately.

      • Yes, I even spray vinegar near my door entrance, they still come inside

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    Twice the quantity and more than twice the 'per-litre' price but after trying a few different products over the years I now swear by this Bifenthrin based Hovex product. I apply it twice per year (April Fools & Halloween along with other 6-monthly chores) and just use the no-name Bunnings 5L sprayer @ 10ml per litre so the 1L bottle will last 10 years. No spiders, no cockroaches and no ants except for a few towards the end of the 6-months cycle or during an extreme weather event as per all the rain we've recently had in Brisbane. Very, very highly recommended but this is very powerful stuff so take note of all PPE requirements.

    • Do you just spray on the perimeter of your property at the ground?

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        It's designed to be used as a surface sprayer and a ground soaker as seen in the User Guide We live in a timber workers cottage up on stumps so it's very easy for me to DIY apply this stuff from under the house and let it soak into the perimeter timbers and the timber above each of the gal piers but I also soak a little bit into the earth around the areas termites have previously used to gain access (and severely damage) the timber structure above. I also pull the kickboards off the (IKEA) Kitchen cabinets, clean the area then shoot a small amount around under there then quickly replace the panels so the cat can't be exposed to it but that's all I do indoors. Absolutely zero Cockroaches since starting this 3 years ago and being inner-city we're in a major Cockroach infestation area so that's been brilliant. Other products I used worked OK for a month or two but the Cockys came back soon after.

        I really do hate 'poisoning the earth' but I hate cockroaches, spider & ants nesting inside the house more so as long as you're careful, only spray where necessary and don't be sloppy I've found this does the trick. It is really nasty stuff and as per the warnings in the documentation it will easily kill frogs, lizards & fish (but most pesticides will) so it's critical it's applied carefully. Luckily we've got a built in safety 'Canary' in the form of a couple of lovely blue-tongue lizards in our garden and they've handled it for the last three years so yeah, no problemo… but it will be a very sad day if I ever find one of them dead :(

        Oh and one other major benefit is the extremely low-odour. You can smell a slight 'wet timber' type smell initially (probably because I spray it on timber, duh) but it isn't nasty and seems to fade to nothing within an hour or two. It really is an amazing product.

        • I think I will need to do more research - we just moved into a house that backs onto a reserve and I didn't consider the local spider population when we moved in. I don't have a house on stumps like you so I can't spray underneath and I think just spraying around the perimeter at the ground may not cut it. Thanks for the link to the user guide this is a great help.

          • @GirlFriday: Yeah. I'm really not sure how good/bad it will be for all purposes but this is the closest thing to 'perfect' I found for our needs after trying quite a few others. I suppose it depends on how the spiders enter the house too. Maybe you need to figure that out first then go from there. Who knows, they may catch the breeze, jump/fly from trees onto your roof and enter that way! That happens at a place we have in the bush… but I don't want to use chemicals at that property so we just deal with it. Definitely had a Huntsman or two on my face while sleeping over the years but only realised it after I auto-reacted and swiped them off while I was sleeping but then my brain woke me up when I then heard the sound of something hitting the floor soon after. Yeah, not a good thought to have after the fact.

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              @SteveAndBelle: I was in our garage using a bench sander which was sitting on one of those Rack It shelves. There was an empty shelf above me and I guess the vibration from the sander woke up Mr Huntsman. Who promptly skittered onto my head and down my back. Surprised you didn't hear the screaming from Brisbane :)