What Is The Best Way to Keep Your Feet Warm When Working from Home?

I work from home, mostly on computer, sitting. The sudden cold weather is killing my feet & toes. I don't want to keep the AC running forever. The heat massage thing I bought from ebay is useless. It just uses infra-red and the effect is not noticeable at all. Currently I am blowing hot air from Hair Dryer into my socks every 5 minutes. Any better tips or products that could be useful?

I have got enough answers to try out. Please ignore this post and save your time.

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    WTF…what a waste of money.

    Wear some socks and wear a beanie.

    • I am wearing socks and other suitable clothing. Only the socks are not working. As others suggested I'll buy a thicker socks close by. I found thicker socks more colder than medium thick ones. Anyways, I'll try again.

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        Wear two pairs?

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        You could just climate control your room. If you're willing to pay the electricity cost them there's no reason why you can't set your room so it never drops below a certain tempreature by a thermostat or whatevers.

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        Get a hot-water bottle.
        Fill it up with very-hot water.
        Put it on top, or below, your feet whilst wearing socks.
        Replace the water every hour or so (they last forever).
        ….and lastly close this /thread

      • I bought some genuine sheep wool socks they are thick asf and they do the job

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    My everyday socks weren't doing much in the way of warmth. I pulled out my hiking woollen socks and my feat are toasty. So investing in a good pair of warm socks may assist.

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    Ugg boots, no socks. Get all up in that foot sweat.

    • Ah.. I'll try these if the thick socks don't work out.

      • Member since 2015 and hasn't bought uggies on one of the deals yet? SMH

        • Ugg boots are too rigid. I like to sit cross legged on the couch or even sometimes at my desk, and ugg boots are too much boot for this. I much prefer socks with little grippy things.

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        Actually I find that thick socks + ugg boots together to be far superior to either alone.

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      Ugg boots, no socks. Get all up in that foot sweat.

      Bamboo socks pretty much knock the sweat / odour issue on the head.

    • Fill them up with talcum powder to stop the sweat! Doing it right now.

      • I hear Peanut Butter works best - I've been using it for years and my entire family has switched from talcum powder to peanut butter.

        Just my 2c

    • arent ugg boots for girls? Should get a mini heater or fireplace under the desk for boys.

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      Having Ugg boots is patriotic.

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    Just buy some thick warm socks and slippers and get to work.

    Surely these forums topics have peaked?

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      Yep not sure how some 'adults' can't work out the simplest of problems. Imagine using a hair dryer to warm your feet!?!

      • Haha.. I know. I felt so stupid and hopeless, that's why I thought if asking here. I already wasted $200 on a foot warmer. I did not want to take another risk.

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      What if you forget them? Asking for a friend.

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        What if you forget them?


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        Username checks out.

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    What type of computer? turn down the fans and open up a panel…

    • It is just a Mac book pro connected to 2 monitors. Not enough heat.

      • Get an external keyboard and mouse, then put the laptop on the floor upside down, with your feet on top. I predict that this would work, although I guess you might start to thermal throttle it.

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    Tuesday Troll

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    get a pet. They will sit at your feet

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      I have a pet crocodile

      • pet croc

        or pet rock

      • Look at it this way, if it bites your feet off you have no feet to worry about getting cold.

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    It'll be to do with your blood circulation. How are your iron levels? You'll need to get a magnetic mat to assist with the flow of metal in your blood..

    Edit: What the.. it's actually a 'thing'.

    Explorer socks, regularly half price @ $7.50. Get up and walk around every hour for a couple of minutes.

    • Will buy these today.

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      @rompastompa you are on the right track there with improving circulation, exercise is the best place to start, but some might not realize you are taking the p… with the magnetic mats.

      Wherever there is some pseudo-scientific bs there is also going to be someone making a quick $$$ off it. So just to be clear, the minuscule amount of iron in our blood and body is not ferromagnetic, even the most powerful magnets on Earth have negligible effect on blood and no possible effect (good or bad) on health.

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    I find a nice small fire pit positioned directly under my feet while i work really does the job

    I mean sure, theres the occasion where I accidentally put my foot on the steel frame or dip a toe into the flames. But I would gladly take the burns over having cold footsies.

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    Currently wearing a pair of these, might look like a grandpa but my feet are warm.


    • I am already wearing something like this. May be mine is poor quality.

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      Thank you. Posted here for these type of comments.

      • You're welcome. Have the same problem now that am working from home on a tiled floor so bought these slippers for that exact reason.

        Make sure whatever slippers you buy cover your ankles and heel - I've found that made the biggest difference for me. Or wear thick socks if you buy the slip-on slippers.

    • :) I got that fixed after posting here. I bet I'll find a solution here for this one too.

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    Or just rub (hands or feet) them together and it's free.

    Doing some work too - tends to warm you up :)

  • Cut your legs off, you'll break even from the energy savings vs surgery costs one day.

  • I work from home, mostly on computer, sitting

    Move around more, doesn't your mum tell you this?

  • OK. I'll get the specified Socks from Woolies close by and if that doesn't work out, then will buy the UGG boot.. Thank you everyone.

  • I have trouble with my circulation and get Chilblains in Winter and suffer with very cold feet. I also ride motorcycles so I bought a pair of battery heated socks from MCAS to wear sitting at home in my cold office and also riding bikes.

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    UGG's. They do sales on here every so often.

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    Buy a PS4 Pro, a copy of Nioh, point the exhaust at your feet and leave it at on at the blacksmith's screen.

    If you don't know what any of that means then get a horny tortoise about two feet in diameter.

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    UGG boots and thick bamboo socks…

  • Wear a pair of these: https://www.heatholders.com/

    I guarantee your feet will be warm enough.

  • Yip musta been 20 degrees in Sydney yesterday brrrrr

    You could survive such bone chilling temperatures by getting a wheat heat sack for your feet.

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    This literally just got posted: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/616736.

    Bought these about a year ago from a previous sale for $30 so pricing has come up a tad, but they were super warm and easy to wear (compared to ugg boots).
    Perfect for around the house especially if your place has cold floors (like mine).

  • OP - Use down booties. I use these when snow camping and they're great, indoors you'll probably want socks as well as your foot will sweat and smell. Cheaper than uggs too usually!


  • Use a fan heater under the table blowing directly at your feet.

    • place laptop/pc fan at feet

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    wear more clothes on your torso, the reason why hands and feet get cold is because your body is using all its energy to keep your core warm. If it doesnt need to do that your hands and feet wont be as cold either.

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    How much did UGG pay this guy to post this, right before they create a deal on here?

    • Wish I saw this before I replied and referenced said footwear. I played right into their hands

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    Socks + blanket. You are working from home, no one would see you from waist down.

  • Would something like this work?

  • If the obvious answers like socks and blankets aren’t working then it’s time to upgrade to something more serious:


  • my mum has a small electric heating pad for feet, not sure where she got it from though

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    Hot water bottle?

  • Uniqlo heattech socks (ideally high socks so you can also keep your ankles warm) and some form of sock with those grips on the bottom for the outside (I’ve gotten some from daiso before).

  • Years ago, I had a pair of USB slippers. They had a heating element in each slipper and they plugged into any USB socket. They were borderline useful, perhaps the technology has become better over the years. One thing to be aware of is that your feet are plugged in, and forgetting that before you walk away from your desk could get dangerous.

  • Move further north

  • Go to a Daiso, they sells heaps of thick woolie socks for home wear at $2.80 a pair

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    I'm pretty sure this problem was solved thousands of years ago with the invention of socks. Also make sure you spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising and your blood should hopefully flow to your feet properly. Oh and if you are overweight that could also be a problem.

    • socks dont work if its cold, floor is super cold, so your feet are drawing the cold from the ground. Need some carpet or pillow from the ground

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    What does this have to do with WFH? Your home is cold, try a heater or a toaster oven.

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    This has to be parody lmao

  • Something that I learned from the Japanese. I have a small oil column heater under my table and in winter time I wrap any cloth around the table (front and sides only) so the heat escapes from the side I sit.

    This way I can set the heater at low setting keeping the electricity consumption low :)

  • As @s1Lence said, get 30 minutes of vigorous (gets you breathing hard) exercise each day to speed up your metabolism and improve your health and circulation. Your extremities will feel naturally warmer.

    If you are still feeling cold feet I can recommend wool lined socks, something like these at Aus Post for $19 should do the job https://auspost.com.au/shop/product/huggle-slipper-socks-803...

    Or as my grandfather would say, 'Cold feet? Put on a hat', the reasoning being that we lose a fair amount of body heat through our heads (although less hair = more heat loss)

    If conserving your own body heat is not enough, the most efficient warming you can have is with a heated throw rug. These are safe and cozy and great for the elderly or those who don't move around much. https://www.kmart.com.au/product/heated-throw---charcoal/293... $35 @ Kmart

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      I god damn shaved my head on Saturday and I've been cold everyday since. Had to start bringing a jacket into the office.

  • Bonds explorer socks and hot bean bag.

  • How old are you ? lol

  • My old man is crazy BUT he has taped double layers of foil underneath his desk and on the internal sides, and has a small heater under there (he’s claiming the foil is insulating and bouncing the heat back)
    Me personally, just a pair of ugg boots

  • Beanie. Keep your noggin warm, it’s where most of your heat loss occurs. Once head is warm, circulation can return to your extremities keeping them warm.

  • I work from home, mostly on computer

    You have a job, can't you afford heating in your room? After all it'd partially tax deductable.

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    People - this is the same user that had BURNING EYES when they played video games, but didn't want to go to the doctor in case they told them to stop doing the thing that was causing their eyes to burn.

    At some point I think it's our duty to not respond to these posts and let natural selection take its course.

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    You may like to use Electric heated throws. My partner uses them and finds them really good.
    Kmart has them: https://www.kmart.com.au/product/heated-throw---charcoal/293...
    Spotlight: https://www.spotlightstores.com/bed/bedding/electric-blanket...

    • I was just wondering why noone mentioned electric throws amidst all the other not very useful suggestions. This is probably the only thing you need if you're sitting at a desk and want to save on AC costs

  • Just put your desktop on the floor and rest your feet on that. The hot exhaust from the fans should keep you warm.

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