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Xbox Series X 1TB $749 Delivered @ Microsoft


It’s been a while but they finally drop some stocks , don’t forget 1.5% cash back from Cashrewards/ShopBack

Introducing Xbox Series X, the fastest, most powerful Xbox ever. Play thousands of titles from four generations of consoles – all games look and play best on Xbox Series X. Limit 1 console purchase per customer.

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  • OOS

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    Just ordered one.

    Can't thank you enough OP, thought I was destined to wait for a pre-order in weeks/months however you've made 2 kids extremely happy today. Mucho appreciated!

  • Oos already

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    No bloody chips in the world .

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    Still in stock.

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    back in stock on ms site folks

  • How much would I get for my Xbox one X these days?

    • $300 for the console & 2 controllers or $350 if you bundle some games with it too judging by a quick search on Facebook marketplace.

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    Thanks OP. Ordered one as well!

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    better buy this then a ridiculous graphics card

    • agreed but even this has issues with non compliant games and its recall loading.

      • What do you mean by ?non compliant games? and "recall loading"? Are you talking about Quick Resume?

        • yep

  • Sold out. Still lets you configure, but once progressing nudda. :(

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    Pulled the trigger last week on series s, great little console, does everything I need and more. And in stock pretty much everywhere.

  • How long does deliver I ordered says pending and Cashrewards was not tracked, but says I visited the site

    • 3-7 business days wasn't it

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      They use DHL which is alot quicker usually next day once it get shipped.

    • No surprise there with cash rewards. Good luck trying to get them to pay you.

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    Back in stock just managed to order one now 5:40pm

  • It's back in stock.

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    Yep also managed to order, missed out earlier so been checking back all arvo. Will have buyers remorse I’m sure 😜

  • Yay got one. Even managed to convert a $500 JB giftcard into 5 x $100 Xbox giftcards and still made it in time!

    • Didn't know you could use the Xbox gift card to pay for the Microsoft orders. Paid with credit card

  • Thanks OP. Finally got one :-) ordered at 4.31PM WST

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    Seems to be back in stock

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    Dammit missed again oh well out of stock

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    I just got one, I think they are making more available every 15mins.

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      Thanks OP just got one!

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    Ordered one but the status still says Pending, anyone else in the same boat?

    • Same

    • Mine says that but I also ordered mine in the first batch they released. They’ve also charged me on PayPal so I assume it will be fine.

      • Yeah I ordered in the first batch too. PayPal says Authorisation in Progress. Hope it goes through alright.

  • OOS

  • Back in stock.

  • It's such a difficult choice, I own a PS4 PRO. I've barely played any games because I simply just play Warzone.

    Definitely need back paddles for it, can't say I'm local to Sony but the Xbox does look like it's a better unit.

    It'd be nice if I could play both units, Game Pass looks great but I doubt I ever play more than a few games.

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    Just got an email from Microsoft that my Xbox has been shipped! Cant wait!

    • Yup, mine says shipped as well.

    • Mine still pending, I paid with PayPal

      • Same! Paid via PayPal aswell. What time did you ordered? Mine was 1.17pm.

      • In case you guys are wondering, i bought it around 1:40 pm yesterday and paid with a credit card.

        • Lucky you, I ordered before you and mine is still pending, looks like they are not processing PayPal orders yet.

        • I ordered before you at 1:19pm and paid via PayPal looks like there is a clear preference on payments made directly via credit card vs PayPal.

          Mine still says pending.

          I also wonder if Cashrewards will track this too…

          • @DanielR: My Cashrewards was successfully tracked about 15 minutes after the order being placed. $10.21 Cashback.

            Agreed, looks like they are leaving those who paid via PayPal last.

            • @mango-pudding: I paid via Xbox gift card and PayPal last night, mine was already shipped

              • @ozvictor: Wonder if it has anything to do with which state people lives in? Since the warehouse is located in VIC, they may be doing VIC orders last perhaps.

            • @mango-pudding: Mine hasn’t registered even though I did it via the Cashrewards app, I did have to login to PayPal within the Cashrewards app to pay. So unsure what went wrong here

              • @DanielR: No need to panic anymore, just received shipping confirmation.

                • @mango-pudding: Yeah same.. Monday ETA from Oakleigh VIC to Frankston VIC 😂 hoping it’s here sooner

                  • @DanielR: ETA Friday to Docklands, it depends when they actually pick it up, if they pick it up today, it may even arrive tomorrow.

                    • @mango-pudding: Ordered after 5PM, paid with Xbox Cards + CC. Already shipped, ETA Monday to SA.

        • Paid via credit card after 6pm and already shipped, ETA tomorrow to NSW yaay

          • @roshanrbb: Shipment have just been picked up, ETA tomorrow.

            • @mango-pudding: Did you guys have the same estimated delivery in the MS shipping email notification as shown on the DHL site? Mine says estimated today on DHL since the tracking appeared, but MS email says next Wednesday..

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    Wow… just delivered via DHL 1 and half days from order.

  • Well that was quick got my Xbox series x and just replaced the Xbox one x… disappointed with Cashrewards though didn’t track it even though I purchased it through the Cashrewards app

    • Can take up to 30 days to track, their tracking is quite slow if you are used to Shopback tracking. Wait a week and if it's not tracked just chuck in a "not tracked" request.

      • And after you've done all that, they will give you some crap reason how it was your fault it didn't go through and won't pay it out.

        I found this quite common on more expensive purchases with cash rewards. If you're lucky you may get it. But don't hold your breath.

  • Ordered on Tuesday night, arrived Thursday morning. Cant complain!

  • Back in stock, just ordered one!

    Also, if you happen to miss out, try checking again every couple of hours, as Microsoft has previously restocked throughout the day.

  • Just bought one, hopefully the AmEx Microsoft offer works with it. Easy $80

  • +1

    fk i just got one

  • Added to my cart, got an error, reloaded the page and… Out of Stock! Your cart is empty!

    Thank you all for deciding that I don't have to buy a new XBOX now.

    • They have 1 back in stock which is my cancelled order because I used the wrong payment method. Get in quick!

      • +1

        Thanks… :)

        And… I hate you!

        Everything was fine… I had accepted that I had missed the opportunity again, and that I don't need a new XBOX… Why did you do that, OP? :(

        I've only ordered because of Amex "Spend $400 or more, get $80 back". Already got the "Thank you for using your Microsoft Online Amex Offer" email.

        Now I have to sell my Xbox One…

        • No worries. You won't be disappointed haha

          Hmm, I haven't got my AmEx email yet, fingers crossed it comes through soon.

  • +1

    Finally got one… And got the email from Amex saying I've used my offer ($80 cashback) so it was successful… I’ve been waiting since Christmas for this to be back in stock at the same time as the Amex offer!

  • Back in stock. Just purchased.

    • OOS again lol

      • +1

        I got one just a few mins ago - it pays to wait and refresh the page every so often.

        • +1

          Thanks for your message, I just tried again and got one :) :)

  • I had to contact Microsoft today for my order, which was tracked by Amex and Cashrewards, was actually on "edit mode". Customer service said that happens when stock is low and they are not able to fulfil the order, but the "system" completes the process anyway. Customer support said I don't have to place a new order and they will fulfil the order when the item becomes available again as the amount has been pre-approved on my Amex (pre-order).

    • Where did you find it on edit mode? Via the MS store website (mine says "Pending" there)?

      • I couldn't find my order so I opened a chat session and she found the order in "edit mode" and explained what that means. I now have an order number, but still can't see it in my account.

        • Awesome, thanks.

          MSFT must be reading the Ozb forums because I just got a shipping confirmation email. Enjoy your Series X when it arrives :)

          • +1

            @bdl: Got the DHL SMS this afternoon but no e-mail from Microsoft. Delivery tomorrow.

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    Back in stock now. Go go go.

  • +1

    Microsoft has restocked Ladies and Gentlemen!

  • Back in stock

  • Thanks managed to pick one up finally!

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