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DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo $469 in-Store or C&C Only @ The Good Guys


Editing as looks people have trouble reading, or don't know how to use a phone :)
Stock availability in website is wrong.
Call (with your phone) your store or sales and they will tell you nearby stores with stock.
Worked for me.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    I think their non-combo version is on sale as well for about $329 but no stock near me

    • Looks like it's $599 now.

      • maybe they just changed the price it was $329 when I received my $299 one from ebay deal. And based on the pricehipster they changed the price 2 weeks ago.

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    No stock within 500KM, dam

    • +1

      And yet poster said, "Much more friendly from the impossible to catch eBay Tuesday deals"…

      • +2

        As I mentioned call the over the phone sales they will give you correct stock availability.
        E.g. for me the closest one online was 150KM away, they found one for me in a store 10 minutes drive away.

      • Wasn't impossible, just had to be quick. I got one.

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    Closes store with C&C to postcode 2000:

    • Maitland East, 2323, NSW
    • Tamworth, 2340, NSW
    • Albury, 2640, NSW
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      I called and they found me an available ones in Artarmon and Chatswood, the closest stores to my postcode

  • Sorry, we are unable to check store stock at the moment. Please try again later or contact your nearest store.

  • do i need a license to operate this DJI Mavic Mini in SA for private use?

    what about commercial shooting, do i need a license?

    • Don't need a license for this (<250g)
      You do need a license for commercial shooting.

  • Insane price but no stock anywhere in metro VIC

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    so what difference with this and Mini 2?

    2.7K vs 4K video?

    Can i use android and apple app on Mavic mini?

    • Yes and yes

    • +1

      The mini 2 also allows you to shoot photos in RAW while this one doesn't.

    • +1

      Mini 2 also has better range

    • Mini 2 also has more powerful motors so can fly in stronger winds.
      The remote control mounts your phone above instead of below the controller which makes it easier to see and you can get adapters to use a larger tablet.

      • +2

        However the Mini 2 is nearly double the price and on youtube, the 2.7k footage is kinda pretty good to be honest?

    • DJI Mini 2 versus DJI Mavic Mini from the reviews I read:
      shoot video in 4K v 2.7,
      distance 10 km v 4 km
      Weight: 240g v 289g
      2 times better wind resistance for mini 2 at higher altitude or coastal area with strong winds. Mini 2 better drone if you like coastal view video shooting.
      Lesser noise volume when flying for mini 2
      Photo; RAW v nil
      Battery: 31 mins v 30 mins
      Weight of Mini 2 battery are 15% lighter. Mini 2 drone is also downward compatibility to Mavic Mini battery.
      Controller are different size and design. Mini 2 controller are better looking and easier to hold.
      Ocusync Software for max video transmission up to 10 km distance, less problems of losing video transmission/feeds for Mini 2 in windy environment or block by hills, buildings etc.
      Mini 2 uses the new USB-C cable and charger, so faster charging times v micro-USB for Mavic mini.

  • Can I price match this with officeworks or any other store?

    • Anaconda will beat it by 10% if they have stock.

  • Tempting but will wait for DJI Mini 2

    • I mean special on DJI Mini 2

      • +4

        You also meant stripper.

      • But isn't this only this great cheap price, due to the Mini 2? Could be years before it drops in price?

      • +1

        might as well wait for mini 3 then the price for mini 2 will drop

    • +1

      Also waiting for a good deal on DJI Mini 2

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    Why so many likes if no stock?

    • +17

      I once knew a guy who wouldn’t eat chocolate unless it had been in the freezer.

      I guess you just can’t always understand why people do what they do. Some people like chocolate from the freezer, some people like out of stock drones

      • This 😅😂🤣

      • Thank you, Ron Swanson :)

    • +2

      Because it's a good deal that people have found stock for?

  • I actually saw this TGG online Mavic Mini fly more combo clearance sale the night before. I searched through 5 NSW locations but no stock anywhere except at Chatswood c/c so I didn't bother posting.

    Would be interesting to see how many units TGG has and which stores.

  • this is better than the $299 ebay deal (which i managed to get)

    • With lack of stock, not really.

  • +3

    I called and they are posting one to QLD from Vic for me ($10 postage). Sounds like it was one of the last ones in the country. Thanks OP, I have wanted a decent drone for years and kept missing out on the Ebay deals etc.

    • +1

      Same for me. No stock locally so they arranged delivery. Let's hope it works out!!

    • Did you get a tracking number or anything yet?

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    Cheers OP, managed to get one in VIC. Just got the text that it's ready for pickup.

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    Just got one jb hifi price match going to pick up now

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    I feel not much point using a drone these days due to restrictions every where especially POIs.

    A lot of parks also don't allow drones to fly + CaaS boundaries everywhere

    • Isn't this thing ok cause it's sub 250 grams?

      • For national parks in most states (but not QLD) it's still illegal to fly (they're concerned about you losing your drone and potentially having it start a fire if it's lithium battery is damaged).
        You are however allowed to fly within 5.5km of aerodromes / airports with this drone (but still not in airport approach / departure paths, and not right up against the fence or over airports obviously).

        • Is there a database of valid flight sites in Aus?

  • Are the extra batteries and all the things included in this pack, so necessary to buy? I notice it's a pretty common one to have deals on.

    I would love a drone, the $299 price for drone alone (occassionally) is great. I'd rather not spend near $500 but if it's super necessary, useful and actually a bargain to get that stuff??

    • +1

      Hard to say, but the batteries aren't cheap and you'll likely want at least 1 spare battery. The propeller guard isn't too important, the battery charger kinda is however (otherwise you just charge via the drone itself, which isn't possible if you want to fly with your second battery); the case is only important if you don't already have a camera bag or some other method of safely storing it (they're not super duper fragile, but you don't want it in the bottom of a backpack without a case).

      • how many batteries come with this drone?

        what are the costing of each of these extras here?

        • At least $50 per battery (but a drone comes iwth 1)

          • @hamwhisperer: in regards to this deal..
            is there 1 or 2 batteries total?

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              @pinkybrain: I think it's a total of 3 - 1 that would normally come with the drone and 2 extra.

              • +1
              • @hamwhisperer: okay so $100 (batteries) off equals $369
                if the drones normally sells for $299

                then the other extras $69 is for
                -2 spare propellars (not sure how often we need to replace these)
                -1 extra usb cable (negligible cost)
                -12 spare screws
                -360 propeller guard (do people actually use this or need it in real flights?)
                -two charging hub (what is this used for?)
                -DJI 18W usb charger
                -carry bag

                From those extras, not sure how much each those parts cost, but it seems like it could cost a bit more than $69..


                Not bad value for money for those extras..
                but it does then push this item close to the mini 2 price. And also the $500 range which somewhat expensive..

                If this was sold at the $299 price range this would be much better than deal

                Not sure if the mini 2 is worth the extra cost though..
                is the main benefit of the mini 2 the higher resolution?

                • @pinkybrain: The spare propellers are ultimately up to the user - DJI drones are relatively easy to fly, but the Mavic Mini doesn't have any obstacle avoidance, so it's a little more prone to flying into trees or buildings, etc if you're not careful.

                  The propeller guard is (in my opinion) only useful for flying indoors, as it increases the impact of wind and makes the drone heavier (leaving less breathing room for the motors to overpower any wind).

                  The charging hub lets you put up to 3 batteries into it and charge them all (although it only charges one at a time). Without this charging hub, there is no way to charge the batteries outside of the drone. If you buy the $299 drone-only package, you'll have to place the drained battery into the drone, plug the USB charger into the back of the drone, and wait until the battery is charged. With the charging hub you can be flying the drone with a fresh battery while another drained battery is being charged on the ground.

                  If you don't buy the 18W USB charger you'll have to use some other USB charger, which I'm sure you have plenty of, but I'm not sure what quick-charge standard it uses to get 18W; I suppose though if you get a QC 3.0 + PD 3.0 charger you'll be basically guaranteed to get quick-charging. Also yes I do recommend quick-charging here; you'll never fly the drone frequently enough that you'll run into noticeable decreases in battery life (especially if you're evenly wearing out 2 or 3 batteries).

                  The carry bag is up to you; you can find plenty of 3rd party ones on Ebay, but it's up to you if it's too big or too small, or whatever.

                  As for the Mini 2, I never bought the Mini 1, I went straight from the Mavic Pro 1 (released I think in 2017) to the Mini 2.
                  I avoided the Mini 1 because:
                  1. I wanted to keep shooting 4K video.
                  2. I wanted Ocusync (with its much longer range) because the max transmission range figures that DJI advertises are usually around double what you'll actually be able to achieve, even in remote areas.
                  3. The Mini and Mavic Pro's controller has a somewhat limited battery - it's enough to fly through 3x drone batteries if the controller starts out fully charged, but at least on the Mavic Pro there wasn't much battery left in reserve at the end.
                  4. The Mini 2 uses USB C, meaning that I can have something like a single USB C cable / charger and charge my phone, my drone, my drone controller, my spare batteries, my wireless headphones, etc.

          • @hamwhisperer: Original battery RRP is $69.
            Can buy compatible batteries for ~ $50 but won’t be able to clock the 30 mins flight time.

      • Yeah I think I saw the batteries on sale here around $50, so I guess 2 spare batteries is worth $100 alone. Bringing the value up from $299 (minimum) to $399 - I guess all in all, not a bad deal.

        Wish it was like $399 - it's gotta reach wife target pricing

        • if the 2s is coming soon as mention below
          i would probably wait for the 2 to drop in price..

          • @pinkybrain: Google the difference, the Mavic Mini and Mavic Mini 2 spec sheet difference, is very small.

            The Mini 2 is $600 to buy.
            The Mini 1 is (as low as) $299 to buy………

            • @hamwhisperer: Any idea how long the battery last on each model?
              also are the batteries interchangeable for all the models?

              • @pinkybrain: About 20-25min

                • @BoughtTSLAat200: are the batteries interchangeable for all the models?

                  does it auto return to us when the batteries are low e.g. 10%

                  else it could get lost somewhere if it has flown far or drops somewhere.

              • @pinkybrain: Batteries are interchangeable for Mini 2 but not Mavic Mini.
                So, if you upgrade from Mavic Mini to Mini 2,
                Just keep the original spare batteries.

  • Any good deals on drones with object avoidance/sensing out there? That tech seems to be getting better

    • +2

      The new Mavic Air 2S is coming out in <24 hours; it's going to make some of the other higher-end DJI drones semi-redundant, so some people might start selling theirs at a reduced price.

      • That's a $1700 drone - dunno how I feel about buying a used one.

        • -1

          $1700 is that for which model?

        • +1

          I don't think DJI sells anything cheaper with sense and avoid other than the Air 2 ($1499 MSRP without the fly-more combo) - AFAIK the Air 2S is meant to cost about the same [edit] No it won't, leaks indicate a $1299 USD for the fly-more combo vs $988 USD for the normal Air 2 fly-more combo [/edit], plus it'll have more advanced avoidance - leaked unboxing videos show full up/down/left/right/forward/aft obstacle avoidance cameras (the Air 2 only has down/forward/aft), and the Air 2S is meant to be DJI's first drone with an ADS-B receiver built-in, meaning that it can detect the transponders of airliners and some (but not all) other full-size aircraft and presumably either show you where they are, and/or automatically land or manoeuvre to avoid those aircraft.

          Edit 2: Also as for buying drones second hand, so long as they can demonstrate that it works, they'll generally be fine - generally the only thing that has any real chance of being worn out are the batteries (for the drone battery that just means buying another, for the controller battery that can be a problem however), and sometimes worn out / decayed rubber that's used for the gimbal vibration dampening. You can also get DJI Care for used drones so long as you can send in a video and log files verifying that the drone is fully functional when you apply for the DJI Care.

    • -1

      don't these old drones have object avoidance or sensing?
      so it just lets you fly into objects with these older models?

      • The Mavic Mini and even the new Mini 2 don't have object avoidance because they couldn't fit the hardware into the weight or (for the processing) power / thermal budget

    • +1

      Wait for DJI Mini 3 in 2022, I reckon.
      I am sure object avoidance will be a useful functions for Mini 3, but consume more batteries.

  • Managed to score one in Newcastle, cheers OP!

    Btw does the controller use a battery or just use your phone's?

  • Picked one up at Blacktown store this morning - there looked to be one still left.
    As stated in post, showed no stock online but had two in store.
    Cheers OP!

  • The product "3074457345620116669" cannot be ordered.

  • +1

    Just an update I called in to tgg on my way to collect one from jb as price match and manage to get one at tgg for $400

    • What!

    • what do you say to TGG?

      since I am assuming you Pricematch TGG with JB, and do you just price match the jb price again to the TGG?

      won't the TGG can check JB online price to see it is higher?

      • No price match I just asked to pay $400

        • wow…so you just said
          "Can I pay $400"
          "What is the best price you can do?"

          Should have ask $299 etc..

          • @pinkybrain: I walked in ad said can u doo better as I’m looking at $400 he said no problem
            I’ll put up receipt soon

      • Can go on forever and then you get it for free 😂

        • Jb said we will price match. $469 tgg
          But at the good guys I paid $400 then went to get the one at jb showed $400 tgg reciept and got $69. Off so $800 for two

          • @Dex38313: Good on you!!!
            Can you post the receipt here?
            Maybe JB-HIFI online receipt link?

          • @Dex38313: why get two?

            this is still the model 1
            so would it not be better to save the money for model 2 or 2s etc?

            The most important thing is the camera
            since most of these drones are pretty similar except for some flight improvements or object sensing etc.

          • @Dex38313: Can you upload your receipts so others can also get this? Thanks!

  • Just got one from TGG in Auburn, they still had one more on stock

  • Web page stock reporting is definitely wrong, best to call. Thanks OP, great price :)

  • Hey guys, noob question but it is ok to use the wall charger for the handset as well as the batteries?

    I thought it probably is but that I'd better check first. Didn't want to fry it.

  • So many up votes, so many comments, zero stock in WA, yay

  • New DJI Air 2S coming out tomorrow but the Mini 3 wont be out for a while.

    Id get the Mini 2 over this one for the Occusync remote.

  • just got one in blacktown as well, seems to be stock around if you call

  • Managed to get the last one at TGG Clarkson rang at 1pm and received payment link. None at Joondalup or Malaga.

  • No stock in SA.
    Nailed one in Vic + $15 delivered.

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