Are Caffitaly Pods Compatible with ALDI's K-Fee System?

I recently find this St Remio coffee pods in Coles (example link from OW) and they say K-fee and Caffitaly compatible pods.

A quick search online seems indicate that pods made for Aldi's K-fee Expressi and Caffitaly system are compatible? Coles starts selling compatible pods for Aldi coffee machine. I would like to hear real experience if anyone wants to share.


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    Similar but not 100%. Just minor dimension differences.

  • Yes they are generally compatible.

  • Each capsule contains 8 g of ground coffee.

    is this equivalent to a "level 8" that Aldi would sell?

  • I've found they aren't. They're the same size and shape so they go in but the plastic inside the capsule gets stuck on the Aldi mechanism and requires something to be poked in the top to force it off and detach it rather than just dropping off like the Aldi ones do.

    I found this so annoying that I just pay the 40c per capsule rather than the 20c Caffitaly ones I found on sale