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[VIC] 60-80% off T.M Lewin Closing Down Sale: All Shirts 4 for $100 In-Store Only @ T.M Lewin (Melbourne)

Ozbargains friends and family discount

One of Australia's favorite menswear stores TM Lewin is closing down. Everything is 60-80% off.

If you mention "Ozbargains friends and family discount" you will receive a further 10% above the existing discount.

  • ALL suits now $250 ($225 if you mention the Ozbargains F&F).
  • ANY two suits for $450 ($405 if you mention the Ozbargins F&F)
  • ANY four shirts for $100 ($90 if you mention Ozbargins F&F).

Prices are in-store only at the last remaining store 356 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000.

Stock won't last so get down to the store today. Final weeks.

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  • Can we please mark this with [VIC] as it's VIC only

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    FYI, that started over a month ago and there's nothing much left in-store.

  • Near future only people who control the digital world will be rich and others will go busted!

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    The store is fully stocked and we have 40 pallets of stock arriving each week. We've just extended the lease by an extra month and doubled our on-site warehousing. We have stock coming in from QLD and NSW, as well a full warehouse in VIC.

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      So you're not actually closing down? :)

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        It’s like the local rug store, closing down… in 5 years.

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          Our local rug store was closing down for 10 years. When they actually closed it was a big shock. Lasted longer than many neighbouring businesses.

  • Just in time, need suits!

    Although this seems like the usual sale prices. I picked up a suit about 1.5 years ago from TM Lewin on Collins for $150

  • Oh no, this is where I have been getting all my shirt, finally settled that they were the best fot for me. Are they really winding up or just losing the walk in stores?

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      The australian stores are winding up. Most ozbargainers would already have been shopping on their .com.au store where orders are fulfilled and shipped from the UK. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/549467

      • Oh that's a relief, I am already trying to slim down into my pre covid wardrobe

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    I really like the quality of the shirts, going to have to fly to London to get more in future

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    Interesting, might need to wander down even though i dont wear business shirts anymore….

  • What are the opening hours?

    • Open 8am-7pm weekdays, Saturday and Sunday are shorter hours so please check google.

  • Timings?

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    I just don't know how the retail operations in Australia were able to compete with the UK store shipping directly to Australia for around ~$25-40 for a shirt.
    Retail you'd expect to pay twice that.

    • Personally thats too much for a shirt for me. And when I see people in the street I just assume theyre all shoping at Kmart/BigW/Genericclothes shop for all their stuff since ""quality"" and ""cheap"" look exactly the same to my untrained and uncaring eye.

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        It's not only about appearance. Comfort-wise, there's a real difference between a cotton business shirt from TM Lewin and, say, this $12 polyester-cotton blend shirt from Kmart. Also, good for you if the Kmart shirt happens to fit you perfectly, but otherwise having a choice of fits makes a big difference.

  • the website posted doesn't work

    • Hi supersaintly - just confirming the closingdownsales.com website is working. The sale is in-store only so please come into 356 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000.

  • Remote working, say goodbye to a heap of business wear.

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    Collins St store will stay open until 30 June.

    Limited stock when I was in there, but they were bringing out more boxes of shirts and stocking shelves.

    $90 for 3 shirts was a good deal.

  • Thanks to all the OZ Bargains community that came down over the weekend. Great to see such a large number using the "Ozbargins Friends and Family Discount".

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    Is the sale still on?

    • Hi - L7 the sale is still on. Come down and see us at 356 Collins Street.

  • Just spent 30 mins waiting outside the store (11-11:30) and there was no sign of any staff despite a sign on the door clearing stating Anzac day hours were 11-4:30pm. There are no contact details or business hours posted anywhere online. Good luck getting in!

    • Hi LJW127 - Sorry to hear you couldn't get in yesterday. ANZAC hours were 1-4:30pm, apologise if the sign read more like 11-4:30pm. Please come down again.

      • Mon-Fri 8am-7pm
      • Sat 10am-5:30pm
      • Sun 11am-4:30pm
  • Is there a deal on for shirts? Much stock left?