How Much Does It Cost to Build a 4 Bedroom House in South Australia? (Adelaide Region)

Looking to knock down our old house and build on our block. Anyone done a build in the last few years and what did it cost you?

Basically wondering what the cost of a Metricon on decent branded build, 4 bedroom home with 2 and a half baths would cost from scratch on an empty lot?

Also wondering how much extra a pool would cost on top of the house.

Thanks for the advice OzB familia.


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    Why don't you ask them?

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    Single story? anywhere between 190k (this will likely be shit) to 300k.

    Some where in that range. Allow up to 20% for contingency and extra fees (as always with any builder).

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    How long is a piece of string?

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      Sometimes shorter than needed

    • House made of sTrInGs?

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    $250-300k for the house. Depends what you want like bigger rooms, higher ceilings, refrigerated cooling, more lights per room, data points etc.

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    Also wondering how much extra a pool would cost on top of the house.

    Rooftop pool ?? Very much extra !

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    Don't put a pool on top of the house. Structural engineering nightmare.

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    Also wondering how much extra a pool would cost on top of the house.

    Here is a better suggestion for a pool on the roof(top). Won't cost much to install I hear but would most certainly be extremely high maintenance…

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    $2000 per sq metre for mid-range

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    The price for you my friend for a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom house with a free kitchen, lounge, laundry, single lock up garage and dining room is $274,590 based on a floor area of 240m2. For an inground pool around 9m long and up to 1.9m deep will be $37,240 which includes some mood lighting and all filtration. Price is valid for 7 days and subject to site inspection. If you wish for me to do the demolition of the existing house, then please add $18,580 which includes for a demolition permit.

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      Sorry, just double checked my figure for the demolition and can knock off another hundred due a discount offered by my private certifier if I do both house and pool together in one building application.

      • Define 'mood lighting' …

        • We install LED lights into the concrete shell of the pool. Fully programmable RGB colours with dimming function. Enjoy a night swim with some nice lighting to suit your mood

          • @Logical: What if my mood changes while I'm swimming?

            • @oscargamer: Too easy, all linked with Google Home/ Alexa, so when your mood changes just make the announcement

    • Sounds great, I'll buy 2.

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    Basically wondering what the cost of a Metricon on decent branded build,

    What did they say when you contacted them about one of their designs you liked?

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      They said ask OzBargain for the price we only build it.

      • They say they’ll price match their own prices.

    • I haven't contacted them, was hoping to get a figure from someone who's been through whole process to get an idea of how much we'll need without the builders harassing me like car salesmen- if that makes sense.

      • Have you looked at other builders then? Places like list the price on the website but looks like they don't cover SA at this stage.

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        How to show you're using multiple accounts without trying… 😂

      • Are you the OP?

  • Cheap and nasty $1200/m2.
    Standard spec. home $1500/m2.
    Good quality fitout $1800/m2
    Premium fitout $2500+/m2

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    You can get a quote from any of the builders but be aware they work on ‘standard footings’. Standard footings require ‘standard soil’, so if you have slope, clay, sand etc expect them to charge a decent amount for this. And yes, they will make a fair attempt to screw you on this
    If you live near the foothills there is a treasure called Bay of Biscay soils. Expensive to manage.

    If you intend to rebuild, please educate yourself about aspect and get a design that takes this, and local conditions into account. It may not worry you for a start, but you will wonder why you put your outdoor area facing the wind after a while and you are wasting space that you have paid for.
    Your builder won’t care at all, despite all of their platitudes about energy saving…..

    Good luck. 👍

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