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Garmin GPSMAP 66i $672.22 (RRP $900) Delivered @ Ryda eBay


Found what appears to be a mistake. Ryda online (outside of eBay) has it for $790 on special as well as on their eBay shop front, but their eBay store also has the PAPR15 code which knocks it down even more.
Given the price trends of anaconda etc, this is a great price. Can't speak for the unit itself yet but I'm excited to test it out.

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  • What is it again?

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      A pocket GPS. Fantastic for hiking, camping, 4WD, geocaching to get your location without mobile reception. Great for if you want to go explore anywhere 30 minutes out of a major city.

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        Much more than that, it has satellite communication for SOS and general messaging/weather updates (through subsciption).

        If you just want a GPS there are much cheaper options

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          Yep , Like a free app for your phone .

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            @troyww: The phone is not a very good gps when it's outside of reception range and when the battery runs low. A phone is also not very good as a phone when the battery is almost gone because gps functionality has been used for a while. So for overnight hiking, or long day walks a dedicated gps is good as a gps and a phone is good for when a phone call needs to be made. If hiking outside of mobile reception range then satellite emergency beacon functionality can be a good thing. Or get a satellite phone for some hiking because it's pretty hard to ask for help when outside of mobile range and not a lot of people are around.

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              @g1: I’ve done multi day hikes using my phone in airplane mode and offline maps on apps like AllTrails and Suunto. 3-4 days with very reliable gps signal no issues whatsoever. Obviously having two separate systems is better though

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      It's two things. A handheld GPS that has all the mapping functions you could want for navigation including satellite topo.
      The other side is it has Garmin's InReach tech, so it can be used as an emergency beacon (think boating epirbs) also uses iridium sats so you can text people in the middle of nowhere.

      All these technologies are common but it's the only one where Garmin has out everything in one unit. Only drawback is battery life (35hrs/100hrs depending on mode).

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        Inreach Explorer also has both functions in one unit, pros are it has way better battery life, cons are Inreach Explorer mapping sucks

        • Almost impossible to get waypoint and track data on and off the explorer. Better off with a separate GPS and an inreach mini.

          • @md333: So we're in agreement then?

            • @Gonltruck: Yes, I was agreeing with you. Just ordered a GPS66i to replace a very frustrating inreach explorer.

  • Got mine on eBay a few months back for $667 used giftcards and cashback though so total price was approx $600

    • Oh damn, well played mate.

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        Through Ryda ebay though - would recommend the store!

        • There are 2 near identical listings on ebay. I meant to buy from Ryda, but accidentally did the other one , No Frills Electronics.
          If you search "No Frills Electronics" on Google though, it comes up with streetview of the Ryda store. I suspect theres a good reason the listings were almost identical.

  • The last time I bought a Garmin device, you had to pay for map updates after a couple years. Is this $700 device going to be out of date and next to useless after a few years?

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    Got one. Been looking at these for a while. The communicator function is a plus.

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    Great unit. I bought it for $629 when Bupa had deal with Garmin last year. Works great but to be able to use the Inreach/Iridium satellites incl SOS you need to have a subscription. Plus SAR ops might cost you if you're really stuck😎

    But can recommend!

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      When you purchase the inreach subscription there is an optional add-on to include insurance to cover any global SAR extraction costs up to $1M USD

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        I know, still costs $100pa to add to it. But apart from that, it's great. Probably a little overkill for outback, but I like the messaging and tracking functions 👍

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    I use one of these as a backup to my chart plotter and epirb when fishing outside. Loaded with g3 Vision bluechart maps and with the satellite SOS and texting it backs up two devices on the premise that one is none and two is one, when something goes wrong. Also use it when going hunting where it is a backup for Rino 750 CB radios.

    Yes, Garmin maps are expensive but if you know how you only have to buy them once to use in most Garmin devices (even got the g3 bluechart, city navigator and topo maps in my Fenix watch). Free maps aren't bad and you can use shonky or openmap.

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    Snatched InReach Mini for $393. Long Live OP!

    • haha thanks man, I didn't even think to put the other units in the post. Well played

  • Grabbed the 66i. Thanks OP!
    I was tossing up between the mini and this and was struggling to justify the price difference, but with this I can ditch my etrex and run one device for mapping and emergency duress.
    Absolute bargain!

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