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[Club Catch + UNiDAYS] PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset $123.30 Delivered @ Catch


Club Catch Required - Free trial available.

10% off Catch.com.au - Some Exclusions @ UNiDAYS and Student Beans - Need a code? Ask here

Extra 6% off with Catch gift cards - Delivered instantly and you can choose exact amount (minimum $10)

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  • I managed to get a Ps5 from Amazon yesterday so I might grab this headset, have any Ozb people bought it and can recommended it?

    • I have bought it and I can recommend it. It is such a good headset for the price and the 3D audio just sounds magnificent. Definitely worth a go if you have a ps5

      • Oh wow I didn’t think the 3D would be that big of a thing , I thought it was a gimmick from my very little research haha. I’ll give this headset a go then, thanks!

      • Agreed. It's so good. Feels surround sound. I've got mine lpay promo for $120 or $130. Also fits nicely around your ears Doesn't get hot. Make sure if you play warzone choose home theater options

  • Do these headsets work with mobile or windows computer. If i can make it work. Cost qise they are cheap compared to other wireless headsets.

  • I have xm4 …is it still worth buying these for PS5? …for now I have no problem with audio jack connection as I anyway hold the controller while playing.

  • Unidays code doesn't seem to work on this product for me? anyone else have this problem?